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George Miller
Putting it all together for you . . .
Putting it all together for you . . .


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Great time for you all to get involved ...
#GMinteractive #ALifeVirtual #SorinTodys #PremiumAccount
Alife Virtual Is A World Similar To Second Life!
Premium Account Subscription Now Availible!
Value price of $5 USD per month includes a full region land 65000 SQM 15000 PRIMS and S$500 gift.
VIP zone for quality items such as clothing, building, club items, adult items and more, plus 24 hour help.

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#GMinteractive (LIVE) . . .
... FIRE SHOW . . . in Paris . . .
+Euro Maestro

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Putting it all together for you . . . #GMinteractive

Can you believe this ? What is going on ? Sick future awaits . . .

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R.I.P. Don Rickles . . . You will be missed . . .
#GMinteractive #DonRickles

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Create Your Free Account Now!
Get Your Currency And Avatar Gift!
Get Your Promo Full Region 65000 SQM 15000 Prims For 1 USD!

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Are you a builder or developer and can not afford the high rental costs to get the large amount of prims you need to build anything?
Well now you don't need to worry. Come and join us as this new virtual world
You can rent a region with 15000 prims for as little as 10US$ per month.
Yes that price is correct you will even receive a small cash gift when you join to enable you to buy your first avatar skin.
Let me be honest here guys, the place is not buzzing with people but that can sometimes be an advantage.
How many times have you tried to build something and then the im start coming thru disturbing you.
This place gives you a great starting point in which to do your own thing and learn to do stuff along the way.
All uploads are free so no need to worry about the costs of textures and stuff.
There is a freebie mall that is packed with all the stuff you would need to help you.
So there is only one thing left for you to do, sign up log in and start to make your dream world.
Please feel free to add me Sorin Todis as a friend when you log in.

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Lets take some time to Make it happen . . .

#GMinteractive   #LetsTalkAboutIt   #TimJones   #MiddleTennasseeMusic   #CBretCampbell  
As you many know, there have been a lot of issues in the studio lately. The machines that run the Tennessee office of +Middle Tennessee Music  and +C Bret Campbell  's Small Barn Sound studio are done for.

+Tim Jones  has stepped up and volunteered to help!

On Saturday August 6th at 9:30 CST He's hosting a private Hangout Concert with his original and traditional country music

If you love Tim's tunes as much as this humble streetsign does, I know you'll want to grab a seat and enjoy an intimate private setting with a true balladeer.

There will only be eight seats available and each ticket is only $15 and all proceeds go toward rebuilding the obsolete computer equipment that makes my work possible. Details right here:

I can't thank Tim and all my friends enough for what they are doing! All the details are on the link below. If you wish to attend this special concert and chat, just click through and make your fifteen dollar donation - don't forget to leave a comment that says "Tim Jones Show" so we will know to send you your private hangout concert link to join on Saturday.

Thanks and I hope to see you there! Here's the link to get your ticket

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Listen closely to the language they use . . .
Always on top of their scale and lets you learn to stay up with what they are saying . . . This is like jumping into a work season or project learning and developing season . . . Please take the time to listen to the full video to understand the complete message . . .

Thanks for taking the time to learn with an open mind . . .

#gminteractive   #letstalkaboutit   #interestingthoughts   #lifeatgoogle   #productionengineers   #handlingoverload  
On this #workwednesday  learn more about the work of our site reliability engineers (SREs).
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