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Whatever interesting people write here.
Whatever interesting people write here.

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We’re exploring bringing Fiber to Dallas. This means working with city leaders to understand local requirements and challenges – from roads and infrastructure to permits and utility paths.

It will take time to make sure we can build this network. And we’d love to keep you updated on our progress. Check your address to be among the first to know when we have more to share:

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#AWS or @Azure? @heroku or @googlecloud? Take the @DevEconomics survey and rate the best (and worst)

Man, the FBI needs to start a task force to watch YouTube videos. Do you have any idea how many people have posted videos showing crimes being committed? I accidentally clicked on a Play Store app review by some guy that had linked his G+ profile. It took me to a page of video posts showing people "swanging", driving recklessly, popping off shots from cheap handguns & people using drugs & gang banging. I don't know, maybe the feds figure that a good chunk of these morons will kill themselves or each other off, so they don't bother, but all you got to do is find one & then look at the list of people that comment or follow & it leads to more & more videos of idiots committing crimes. 

At any rate, I think my "Law enforcement Darwin theory" may be correct, because I notice many of them just abruptly stop posting. Incarceration? Pine box? I mean I doubt you are destined for greatness when not only are you a criminal, but one dumb enough to publicly post videos of crimes.

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All of you listed are being used, including the names of many of your reporters, are being used in conjunction with a scam website that may have once been a legitimate business, but is now ripping off consumers.

Do a simple search for Cardpool Scam, or cardpool fraud & take a look at the complaints. They have a support portal linked on their website that is non-existent & I can now also count myself amongst those that were also defrauded.

Check my posts, you will see some praise for companies, you will see some gripes, but you will never see anything like this from me in the past. Want details? What you read from hundreds & hundreds of people on-line not enough? Contact me or comment below for details. People from legitimate fan & hobby forums from bow hunting to technology lovers have evidently been ripped off by this company. I tend to believe them, because I can now count myself among the growing number of consumers to be supplied with fraudulently obtained goods.

This company list many notable people as investors, including: +Jeff Fluhr of +StubHub , +Mitch Kapor of +Lotus, +Max Levchin of +PayPal, +Ron Conway of +Altos, +Alfred Lin of, +Ravi Kumar P, +Chris Dixon, +Chris Sacca, +Josh Feslesr of +Crackle, +David Samuel, +Paul Buchheit, +james hong of +Hot or Not, +Ramit Sethi & +Y Combinator 

I highly suggest all of you mentioned  check out this website & then look at the complaints out there on a plethora of websites & forums & then decide if you are really comfortable having your names & your companies associated with people being defrauded & scammed. Here you go current & former investors, here are your names & pics:

All of you, the companies listed, the individuals & the news agencies listed as promoting this company at one time, people see your brand, they see your names & they believe it is something you endorse, that it is a safe place to conduct transactions.   

+NBC News  +CNN +CBS News +ABC News +Fox News +NPR +The New York Times +The Huffington Post +Fox Business +Bloomberg News +Wall Street Journal +Consumer Reports +Today in the Bay NBC Bay Area +CNET +MSN +The Boston Globe +TechCrunch +Lifehacker +Mashable +VentureBeat +Los Angeles Times  +gigaom +The Seattle Times +Kiplinger +The Post and Courier +Technorati +KOMO News 

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Really cool effects created with a camera, PC,  six axis control arms & a pair of flat panel LED's. Pretty neat demonstration of effects.
Important mind-brain-eye training!  This artist video is - at one level - stunning and beautiful magic — waving two big LED screens around at the end of a pair of 6-axis arms and presenting stunningly well-planned visual illusions.  At another level, it’s pretty important that you be able to, with a mental turn, choose to SEE that it’s just a pair of flat screens.  The illusions never leave the boundaries of those screens, which would be plain to viewers at any angle except that of the camera.  We need to immerse ourselves in these grand new arts.  AND we need to be able to spot that man behind the curtain.

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This is what the cool riders do to pass time at red lights.   #motorcycles  

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Conan recommends “stiff and rigid” Samsung over “flaccid” iPhone

Samsung: It's a "raging phoner."

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There's a "six" in your name, so you have to be cheating, lol... In fact, I'll bet you are Rainbow6 too. 
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