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Strategy, Innovation, Marketing
Strategy, Innovation, Marketing

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Hi, I’m George and I'm in the Chairman's club at the Etihad stadium right now taking part in #hackmancity.

Our team is trying to figure out how to improve Manchester City's fan engagement.

Could you please spare 2 minutes to complete the following survey?

Note: I am not working for Manchester City, just taking part in a hackathon as a member of the public.


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Are you an entrepreneur or passionate to make a difference? 

Interested in social impact and sustainability?

No matter your background, experience or current field of work, If you care about social impact, you are one of us, join us and if you are around Manchester come in one of our meetups.

During the meetups we focus in adding value by bringing like-minded people together to discuss their projects, ideas, opinions and help them make a change, find a passion, or enable their willingness to help. 

#SocialEntrepreneurship   #SocialImpact   #Sustainability  

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This year in Paris it is the first time that the aim is to achieve a legal binding on the Sustainable Development Goals in the 20 years history of the UN! 

Really looking forward to see what is going to be outcome! 
We have the tools to make change happen!

The meeting that is taking palce in Paris about Sustainable Development Goals is critical, about all of us! 

#SDG   #CSR   #sustainability   #Innovation  

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The visualisation of how nations approach science

I know a portion of the questions and thoughts (expressed at end) are already naturally processed. As we evolve through a connected world we collectively share our knowledge. What if we could manage and improve this natural process?

What is this infographic?

Over 10 nations are analysed (USA, United Kingdom, France, China, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, Spain and Japan) among 23 scientific disciples such as Astrophysics, Math or Biochemistry, and  to reflect The Strenghts of Nations in scientific research through references. The result is useful to understand which areas of science are most closely connected to one another, are most and least intellectually vital, or which scientific areas produce the most patents.

It is constructed sorting about 800,000 scientific papers into 776 scientific paradigms based on how often the papers were cited together by authors of other papers

Questions/ thoughts that came up to my mind... 

How is the scientific focus influenced from nation's culture? Is this reflected at the industry level of each nation?

Is there a chance to create knowledge transfer opportunities (not just at the level of science) combining strengths and innovate for a more sustainable world? How can nations collaborate at this level? 

I know you've touched many aspects of this +David Amerland with your analysis on the propagation of information through the web. I would really like to have your thoughts on this one.

The research is published in many online journals but was first posted in Nature Science journal. 


#KnowledgeTransfer   #Internet   #SocialWeb   #Science  

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Every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life

These are the eleven words on the wall of the Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation visitor centre.

Under these words yesterday (Sept. 8th), a group of 24 environment, religious, student and parenting groups launched a campaign calling on the world's richest man to put his money where his mouth is and divest the $1.4bn his charity has invested in the fossil fuels companies polluting the planet. They plan to return every day until he divests.

#renewable   #LeadByExample   #MakeChangeHappen  

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How is the world changing? Where do you find yourself in the bigger picture?

I've expressed my thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship and why I started building this community. My belief is that all together we can move mountains.

We are all citizens of the world and when the Internet is giving us so many chances to connect and combine our power, there is no stopping us. We need to harness and use this power; we need to collectively change common mindsets and shift our behaviour - it will undoubtedly generate a massive impact!

Follow the link to read more. As this is my first post in LinkedIn I wanted also to share some background info about me.

#socialimpact   #socialenterprise   #SocEnt   #SocialInnovation  

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The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience

Frank Herbert, Dune

#life   #quote   

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Great teams build great companies, not the other way around! Trust and transparency 

The only thing I would add to this brilliant quote from +Simon Sinek is transparency!

I've been working with a small team in a startup at some point, and although we trusted each other, there was no transparency. One of the team members had a hidden agenda, and I think this is one of the worst things that can happen in a team!

So yes trust but transparency is crucial for a team to succeed and achieve some great things.

Would love to hear your opinion, do you agree?

h/t +Telcom 
A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other 

Thank you +Simon Sinek :)

#startup   #teamwork   #trust   #transparency   #quote  

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Semantic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Explained 

Well, the man to speak about Semantics in the era of social web and search engine is +David Amerland (at my humble opinion)!

After all he's the author of Google Semantic Search book!

Now when David recommends a slideshare it's something that you should read!

+Gianluca Fiorelli  is the author of this detailed piece of content and (I couldn't agree more David) it is well worth your time!
+Gianluca Fiorelli has a great slideshare on semantic search and SEO that is well worth your time. 

h/t +Bill Slawski for surfacing this on my stream. 

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Friday After Work Drinks Unites Manchester's Startup Community

So if you are close to Manchester any Friday of the month, you don't want to miss this Silicon DrinkAbout MCR! I've been in many events and this community is a live and growing project. 

Three main reasons you should come on board

1) Speak with people who get what you say and care. Not a common characteristic among our friends when you talk for this new API you managed to make work :), no really! 

2) Network with like-minded people is great opportunity with many aspects! You might find your next co-founder or the designer you were looking for!

3) Most Fridays there are local startups sponsoring the event so you guessed right! You will get all of the above combined with free drinks!

+Gabrielle Iskandar  is the usual suspect running the event, always smiley and willing to help together with +Beth Rowan, and +Ash Moran is also a contributor to the event and moderator of this community!

+David Amerland  I think you've been missing from Manchester lately! :) I can't really blame you, I know how much you love Greece's weather! But keep an eye, some great things take place in the city centre, and in case you come along drop me a line, please! :)

#Manchester   #Startup   #Community
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