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How is the world changing? Where do you find yourself in the bigger picture?

I've expressed my thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship and why I started building this community. My belief is that all together we can move mountains.

We are all citizens of the world and when the Internet is giving us so many chances to connect and combine our power, there is no stopping us. We need to harness and use this power; we need to collectively change common mindsets and shift our behaviour - it will undoubtedly generate a massive impact!

Follow the link to read more. As this is my first post in LinkedIn I wanted also to share some background info about me.

#socialimpact   #socialenterprise   #SocEnt   #SocialInnovation  
Most of you probably already know me and my story. Born and raised in Athens, Greece I moved to Manchester almost 2 years ago for a PG research degree in corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. From there I started working for a startup ISP and organising Manchester Social Entrepreneurs, and that’s my story in a nutshell.So what is Social Entrepreneurship?The UK Government has a set of rules to define Social Enterprises, but ...
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Great teams build great companies, not the other way around! Trust and transparency 

The only thing I would add to this brilliant quote from +Simon Sinek is transparency!

I've been working with a small team in a startup at some point, and although we trusted each other, there was no transparency. One of the team members had a hidden agenda, and I think this is one of the worst things that can happen in a team!

So yes trust but transparency is crucial for a team to succeed and achieve some great things.

Would love to hear your opinion, do you agree?

h/t +Telcom 
A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other 

Thank you +Simon Sinek :)

#startup   #teamwork   #trust   #transparency   #quote  
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George Konsta

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Manchester joins a Global Design Thinking Weekend Event

Manchester Sustainability Jam is a crash course in Service Design with a sustainable twist. This is part of a global event held in more than 40 cities at the same time. The event is a cross between a hackathon and startup weekend, where we'll be creating tangible sustainable services/products that will be shared on a global platform.

Be part of Manchester’s community: Why should you participate?

As a participant in the Global Sustainability Jam, you'll be jamming for 48 hours on a concrete idea. You'll move through the whole design thinking development process in one weekend.

And you won't just be talking about design or sustainability, you will be working with others on developing ideas, designs and initiatives which could become real.

Whether you are experienced or completely new to the field here are some of the things that will happen: 

- You will pick up a load of new ideas and work practices.
- You will meet a lot of interesting people at all levels of experience.
- Your work and ideas will be reviewed by your peers, and presented to the world, where they can be seen by potential customers or employers, or by people who could make them real.
- You will create something that might make a real difference.
- You might get rich and famous.
- You will certainly have a blast.

Time schedule:
Friday: 18.00 - 20.00
Saturday: 9.30 - 18.00
Sunday: 9.30 - 16.30

+David Amerland I know you're a proud Mancunian, could you help us spread the word? Anyone you believe would be interested to participate? Thank you!

Head to the link to read more & book your tickets ->

#sustainability   #designthinking   #event   #cource  
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+David Amerland you're most welcome, I know how busy it can get!
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George Konsta

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MBS team at Entrepreneur of the year award! 
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George Konsta

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While most of us see waste some see opportunity!

Recycling & upcycling offer a broad range of business ideas. Recycling can give you dog food, tax breaks and more but in Beijing they took it a step further simplifying the idea providing credit for your train ticket! 

#recycling   #upcycling   #businessopportunity  
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George Konsta

Motivation  - 
“You don't learn to walk by following rules.
You learn by doing and falling over.”

~ Richard Branson ~

#entrepreneurship   #quote  
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The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience

Frank Herbert, Dune

#life   #quote   
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George Konsta

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Semantic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Explained 

Well, the man to speak about Semantics in the era of social web and search engine is +David Amerland (at my humble opinion)!

After all he's the author of Google Semantic Search book!

Now when David recommends a slideshare it's something that you should read!

+Gianluca Fiorelli  is the author of this detailed piece of content and (I couldn't agree more David) it is well worth your time!
+Gianluca Fiorelli has a great slideshare on semantic search and SEO that is well worth your time. 

h/t +Bill Slawski for surfacing this on my stream. 
Since Hummingbird was silently rolled last year, Semantic Search has become the new black of SEO. However, many people have a confused idea about it, which can lead to very dangerous misunderstandings about what does Semantic Search really means. Gianluca Fiorelli, SEO & Web Marketing Consultant at, will show you how we can implement Semantic SEO strategically and correctly with actionable practices.
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appreciated your posts!  I've got 8,000 total Google+, 15,000 Twitter followers, and several blogs. Are you open sharing each other in Google+?
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George Konsta

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Friday After Work Drinks Unites Manchester's Startup Community

So if you are close to Manchester any Friday of the month, you don't want to miss this Silicon DrinkAbout MCR! I've been in many events and this community is a live and growing project. 

Three main reasons you should come on board

1) Speak with people who get what you say and care. Not a common characteristic among our friends when you talk for this new API you managed to make work :), no really! 

2) Network with like-minded people is great opportunity with many aspects! You might find your next co-founder or the designer you were looking for!

3) Most Fridays there are local startups sponsoring the event so you guessed right! You will get all of the above combined with free drinks!

+Gabrielle Iskandar  is the usual suspect running the event, always smiley and willing to help together with +Beth Rowan, and +Ash Moran is also a contributor to the event and moderator of this community!

+David Amerland  I think you've been missing from Manchester lately! :) I can't really blame you, I know how much you love Greece's weather! But keep an eye, some great things take place in the city centre, and in case you come along drop me a line, please! :)

#Manchester   #Startup   #Community
Silicon Drinkabout MCR
Silicon Drinkabout is a global regular after work drinks evening for startups every Friday
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+George Konsta lol, yes, sorry on that one. I can hardly believe the weather myself and also yes, you're right. Things on the ground here are still a little behind the curve. 
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George Konsta

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Brilliant ad from +Honda 

Completely agree with you +Nectarios Economakis
By far the coolest video I've seen in a while. Good job by Honda and W+K cc: +Adam Green +François Haguel
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Wow! Impressive!  Best Youtube action ever
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George Konsta

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Google Glass Selfie

Had a short experience of +Google Glass yesterday! Not much to express a robust opinion but it is surely an interesting product that I keep my eye on as it's being developed!

Have an interesting idea on how this can shift user experience to another level but the product is yet not fully integrated with other +Google products, so I'm just patient.
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Nice selfie picture 
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George Konsta

Market Research  - 
Social Platform & Publishers' Sentiment with keyword analysis

Based on social network sentiment analysis I'm happy to know that Google+ is among the most positive social platforms after LinkedIn and Pinterest.

+LinkedIn is the most positive social platform which makes sense for me. Looking at the keyword analysis people talk about ways to achieve success, habits of successful people, leadership, fortune, and more.

+Pinterest is all about experiences and feelings consumed in a visual way. From the keyword analysis it is apparent that women obviously dominate this social platform talking about nails, manicure, hairstyles, kitchen and more. The most used keywords refer are about life-hacks, health, decorating ideas, healthy food and recipes, workouts, DIY, yoga and more.

On the other hand +Google+  has a bit more weird keyword analysis with keywords like introvert, pillow, whistleblower and more.

Moreover, it is evident that publishers' sentiment has a direct impact on the social platform sentiment analysis as shown in the social network sentiment analysis graphs.

It's nothing new that most News organizations tend to publish more negatively toned articles than any other type of outlet but I'm glad to see highly consumed publishers being more neutral and/or positive such as +BuzzFeed and +Upworthy with +Mashable ranking first as the most positive publisher.

Read the full report -->

Don't miss: click the black arrows on the bottom-left corner to reveal  more graphs!

The report is made by  +Contently 

#sentimentanalysis   #socialmedia   #publishers  
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Highly interested in marketing, technology, entrepreneurship & social impact. Recent postgraduate researcher in Manchester Business School having focus in Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Entrepreneurship.

Up to date I have helped several startups and small businesses to better understand their unique value and improve their business, marketing and communications strategies. Fields I have worked are telecoms, data analysis, crowdfunding, e-commerce, digital marketing such as content marketing and social media..

Specialties: Marketing, Communications, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.
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