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Google+ With 39.2 million visits in the US last week. Traffic jumps 79% in three weeks. Google+ now has twice as large traffic as Linkedin.

Maybe you are getting tired of the Google+ growth story. But fact is that the broad media and even the tech press have not gotten it yet. So I keep on publishing: In the week ending 11th of August, Google+ had 39.2 million visits in the US, according to Experian Hitwise. Compared to 21.9 million in the week ending 21th of July, this is a growth of 79% in three weeks. The last four weeks, the weekly numbers have been 21.9, 26.9, 32.9 and 39.2 million visitors.

Let us be clear: The Experian Hitwise weekly numbers are visits, not visitors nor logged-in users. So it is quite possible that the increasing traffic is a result of Google+ developing into an open content hub, with increasing content sharing FROM Google+ TO other platforms in addition to the engagement ON the platform itself.

Safe ahead of Pinterest and twice as large as Linkedin

In market share, Google+ now has 1.44% of the total visits, compared to 0.4% the last week in 2011. Facebook, because of their more engaged and large crowd of daily users, have 62% of the visits, sliding somewhat from the 63-65% area last year. Twitter seems to have stabilized with a market slightly above 2% in the last six weeks, ending with 2.09% in the last week. Pinterest has fluctuated around 1% in the last five weeks, ending with 1.01% in the last week. Linkedin has also grown in visits during 2012, but have been passed by both Google+ and Pinterest. With 19.1 million visits and a market share of 0.70% in the week ending 11th of August, Linkedin now has half the traffic of Google+.

Google+ growth story continues

Two weeks ago we reported that according to comScore, Google+ had 110.7 million unique visitors worldwide in June, a growth of 66% compared to last November, and 27.7 million visitors in the U.S, a growth of 82% compared to last November.

Four weeks ago we reported that according to Compete data, Google+ U.S. visitors grew 43% in June, to 31.9 million unique visitors.

A week ago, we also published a post about Google+ growth stories going global from a loft apartment in Oslo, Norway:

While both Compete and comScore reports unique visitors, the Experian Hitwise numbers reports visits. All the data from comScore, Compete and Experian Hitwise are desktop only, and do not include mobile devices (smartphone and tablets). According to Google’s  +Vic Gundotra, Google+ now has higher traffic via mobile devices than via desktop. According to the same Gundotra, more than half of Google+ postings are made non-public.

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