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Google+ must be getting even more popular than I thought.

I keep seeing these gorgeous girls in all sorts of communities, telling their stories about a great deal they just got in electronics and gadgets....

#report #spam
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George Koklas

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To whom it may concern.

This is all I want this for my next birthday. Just make it a Williams with the Martini livery, will you?
for all the f1 fans :) this is a formula one cake!
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I am counting on it 😜
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George Koklas

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In case you were wondering too....

Nailed it, huh?
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George Koklas

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Is there an app for windows that acts as an uploader for Google drive?

I don't want to sync, just upload.
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George Koklas

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Maldonado practising fatalities....

#F1 Maldonado has 99 problems, but drivers safety ain't one :/
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George Koklas

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To all the wonderful guys and gals who sent me their wishes through G+ for my birthday today....

Thank you all!!! You just made this day that much better for me!!!

...And yes, that includes you too Google 😝

Now let's all feel joyful, by standing in front of a rainbow!!

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I 'll drink to that!
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George Koklas

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My new torrent, nas, file server, media player, hone automation, you name it system!!!!
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Archiving your photos using Google Drive

After testing several services and trying to figure out a way to upload my archives to the cloud, I returned to the point I had began. Google Drive. 

But this time I added a twist to the process, so that it would suit archiving and not syncing. 

Through the process, I played with Dropbox, Copy and did some research on Amazon Glacier. 

Dropbox may have a more feature rich app than the rest, but the pricing model is a big no-no for me. 

Copy, while it seemed like a fine solution at first, it soon began having problems with the syncing app. Some files would not sync, others would but without giving me any feedback back. 

Amazon Glacier does sound great and it probably is. That said, I decided not to have to deal with, less than clear, download charges, if a catastrophic failure did occur to my digital assets. Not clear, as far as I am concerned at least. 

So, back to Google Drive....

Drive gives you enough storage for a decent price and is backed up by a big company. The only catch here is that the syncing app Google offers, is less than stellar, to put it nicely.

I would even go as far as to say, that Google Drive is primarily being developed to be used as an online storage and not a syncing solution between your local machines and the cloud.

If you are working on mobile devices, androis, iOS, chromebooks, whatever, it really shines.

If you want to use it as a smart syncing solution to mirror your files to the cloud and collaborate with others on locally saved files....well, good luck with that!!!!

And if you happen to format your pc / mac, or if you buy a new computer, Drive is smart enough to ignore your local copies of files and will download everything from zero again. And again. And again......

So, how can one use Drive as a "cold storage" for an off-site copy of his archives? By using this small workaround, which will allow you to use the app as an uploading app, rather than a syncing app.

Here are the steps:

1. Keep your archives in a folder in your pc, other than Drive ie C:\Photo Archives
2. Create a folder in Google Drive folder named "Upload"
3. Create another folder named "Cloud Archives" in Google Drive though the Web Interface and DO NOT sync that folder to your computer (check the app preferences for that)
4. Copy the archive folders you want to back up to the cloud from C:\Archives to C:\Users\George\Google Drive\Upload
5. Let it finish the sync process (could take a few hours/ days)
6. Once the upload finishes, access Drive interface through your web broswer. 
7. Select the folder you just uploaded and move it to the folder you created at step 3 "Cloud Archives"
8. You are done. 

The folders will now be in your local machine (C:\Archives) and on the cloud (Cloud Archives). The copies in the Upload files will be deleted, since you moved them to another location. 

See? It only took 3.648 steps to finish this easy process........

I wish at some point that Google will make Drive smarter. Then again, perhaps, there will be no need to sync locally in the future. 

Until then, I will have to keep copying and moving and deleting. But at least it works for now.

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+Marcus Bennett I found crashplan , backblaze, etc to be interesting solutions.

However, digging in support forums revealed some problems with users (backups not completing in some cases, apps being resource hogs, etc)

I guess that if you have over 100 gigs of data it does make sense to give them a try though.
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George Koklas

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Get the facts.
Get real.

via +helen sotiriadis 
Homeopathy Awareness 
Get the facts on homeopathy.
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^^Yes, that. 
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George Koklas

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Me, watching the Bahrain GP today....

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Food was OK I guess, without being anything exceptional. The prices, though, were not good at all. Way too expensive for the kind of food served.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Great hotel to stay in. What I liked: The facility appears to be new Suites are more than comfortable, have a lot of space and are well equipped Clean Wifi works pretty much everywhere Flexible breakfast hours Friendly and polite staff What I did not like: I liked pretty much everything. The only minor glitch that someone might notice is that the parking area is not properly paved with asphalt. But this is nit-picking really. Overall, I enjoyed my stay and would consider visiting again. Definitely recommended.
• • •
Public - 7 months ago
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Entertaining music, nice decoration but the dishes served left a lot to be desired.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Περιποίηση, πάντα φιλικό περιβάλλον και λογικές τιμές. Highlight το ανοιχτό wifi, για να περιμένετε ευχάριστα την σειρά σας ;-)
Public - a year ago
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7 reviews
Tasty dishes of seafood, reasonable prices and a nice environment, is what you should be expecting. Definitely give it a try.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Nice environment, accompanied by pleasant service. Music on the background is not conversation forbidding. Prices were decent enough. Overall, worth a visit, if you want to enjoy a coffee or drink. The place offers food as well, but I have not tried it myself, to review it.
Public - a year ago
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Great place to get photo gear. Online, as well as physical shop are available. Stuff is well informed and always helpful. Most, of the products are immidiately available, offered at competitive prices. Have bought two cameras from them and never regreted it.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago