You have probably heard that "If you know why, the how will take care of itself."

Knowing why you do things gives you a sense of clarity and purpose. It allows you to do the tough things that most people won't do this – and thus, achieve things most people won't. After all, launching a product isn't that easy, otherwise everybody would be doing it.

Below are some "whys" people have given, for being involved in online marketing. Some of them are "move toward something positive" and some are "move away from something negative." Some of them may not resonate for you, but some may inspire you, so use those.

Ok, here they are:


"I don't like being a part of corporate culture."

"Working 9-5 is boring and can turn even the best of men into mindless slaves."

"I hate working for someone else. I prefer being my own boss."

"I want to quit my job, because my boss and I don't get on well with each other. I want to "fire" them."

"I don't particularly enjoy the company of people and prefer working alone."

"I want to be independent and not having to rely on someone else."

"I don't like trading time for money, or having an income cap."

"I feel I wasted many years of my life not doing something meaningful, and now I want to make up for it, times ten."

"Make all the people who doubted me eat their words and become green with envy. I'll show them!"

"I want to pay off my debts (student loan, mortgage) and not owe money to anyone."

"So I can go to bed each night, not dreading the next morning."

"I want to avoid rush hour traffic or wasting time commuting."


"I like setting my own schedule."

"I like sleeping as much as I need to stay healthy."

"To be able to travel and experience the world."

"I like taking complex concepts and making them simple."

"I enjoy the intellectual challenge of overcoming problems or limitations."

"I like solving problems for people."

"I want to gain the respect and admiration of friends."

"I want the "glory" of creating successful projects and being acknowledged by my peers."

"I want to help the new generation of online business owners use their mind more efficiently."

"I like having free time to spend on things I enjoy like reading, writing, or playing sports."

"I want to live where I want, when I want. I love the "portable lifestyle."

"I like competing against big corporations or intelligent people and win."

"I like to be rewarded for my creativity and critical thinking, by cutting out the middleman."

"I want to become a multi-millionaire and then be able to tell people 'Ya know, it really ain't about the money!' :)"

"I want to gain self respect."

"I like being in control."

"I want to feel powerful."

"I want to have enough money in the bank to feel secure."

"I want to create capital and use it to open another business I'm passionate about, like a restaurant."

"I want to be able to fund my "pricey" hobbies like film-making, skydiving, collecting vintage cars, or horse-riding."

"I want to be able to rent a yacht, or a Ferrari and see how it is to be wealthy like Tony Stark. :)"

"Being able to take care of my spouse and kids."

"I want to help my parents and repay them for everything they have done for me."

Some of the above may sound "selfish", while others are a bit more "altruistic." That's ok. Just use the ones that give YOU a powerful "gut-level" reaction.

So, what's YOUR why, or other people's "whys" you have found inspiring?

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