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My mission is to raise the productivity and marketing effectiveness of people who are driven by values of spirituality, service, and sustainability. 

I help people who love to teach and tell stories -- to create a meaningful livelihood by taking their passion and expertise online, using webinars, social media, and podcasts.

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    1985 - 1987
  • Eastshore Elementary
    1983 - 1985
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
Let us watch carefully what we're daily watching, especially in the next 4 years. What we focus on, tends to expand...

Here is an amazing music video of 45 brave, brilliant children collaborating to bring us Michael Jackson's "Heal The World".

Found this through KarmaTube and +DailyGood.
Original link:

#Hope #HealTheWorld
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
If you'd like to experience more freedom and creativity in your life, keep your business model simple.

What I share in this post is a generous and simple business model -- so simple that some people wouldn't call it a "business model"... maybe a "simple livelihood model" is a better phrase.

This encompasses my 8 years of experience with a variety of monetization models, including...

* selling online courses
* enrolling people into monthly-membership sites
* earning a majority of income from affiliate/JV marketing
* offering mastermind programs
* getting paid to speak online and offline
* creating a multi-level marketing opportunity
* offering paid webinars
* doing good ol' 1-1 coaching.

I've seen too many wisdom-based entrepreneurs / infopreneurs unnecessarily complicate their businesses by attempting to scale up, or to create a "passive income stream" too quickly.

From more than a decade of pursuing different ways to "make money while I sleep", I can tell you that 99% of money-making-opportunities are either scams, or making bigger promises than they can keep.

Wishful thinking -- and buying programs/formulas from the "6-figure / 7-figure" marketers -- has wasted a great deal of money and time, and caused a lot of "failure", disappointment and self-blame.

Here is the simple, generous, livelihood model that I now recommend...


There are 3 parts to this model:

1. One-to-One services (such as coaching, counseling, consulting)

2. Group Experiences (such as offering an online workshop)

3. Free Content (such as my videos & blog posts)

For purposes of illustration, let's say that we are aiming to earn you $5,000/month using this simple business model.


PART 1. One-to-One Services.

Imagine simply having 20 clients paying you $250/month.

That would equal to $5,000/month.

Let's say you charge $125/hour for coaching, counseling, or consulting. Meeting with each client 2x a month, 1-hour each time, is a reasonable and common model. You would therefore be seeing each client 2 hours monthly, for $250/month.

Alternatively, you could see each client 4x a month (approx. weekly) for 30 minutes each meeting, for the same rate. Again, we're keeping it simple.

With this simple model, you'll be earning $5,000/month, and spending just 10 hours a week with clients.

Let's say you're happy to work 20 hours a week (which is far less work than most people earning $5,000/month!)... considering that you have 10 hours a week with clients, that would then give you an additional 10 hours a week to follow up with clients, to connect with prospective clients, to create and share content, and do admin stuff in your business.

Could you get 20 clients to pay you $250/month for your services?

Chances are, you already know 20 people now. Look for them in...

... your phone book
... your warm contacts in your email address book
... the people you know on Facebook
... your LinkedIn network
... anywhere else you engage with people online (e.g. various online groups)
... anywhere you engage with people offline (e.g. church, classes, events, volunteering, groups)

Some people you know could directly be great clients for you. Or, you probably know 20 friends, family, or colleagues who could each introduce you to 2-3 others that might become clients for you.


PART 2: Group Experiences

Imagine that each week, you teach/facilitate one 2-hour online workshop, using, for just 50 participants each time, and you charge an affordable $25 per person.

As word of mouth & popularity spreads about your workshops, you can increase your workshop fee. For now let's keep it simple to $25.

$25 x 50 registrations = $1,250 per workshop.

$1,250 x 4 workshops a month = $5,000/month.

Let's say you're willing to work 20 hours a week. You would be spending 2 hours a week teaching the workshop. That leaves you with another 18 hours each week to...

* prepare the content & exercises for the workshop
* answer questions from prospective attendees
* set up the logistics (registration & payment, reminder emails)
* follow up with participants (give them materials/links, answer questions, etc.)
* create & share free content (see Part 3 of the model below)
* other admin stuff for your business (emails, bookkeeping, etc.)

Again, you'd be earning $5,000/month for working 20 hours a week. You'd be making a difference in people's lives, and doing something you enjoy!


Now that you know the 1-1 model and the Group model, you can mix & match, e.g.

10 clients at $250/month + 2 workshops a month earning $1,250 per workshop
= $5,000/month


PART 3: Free Content

This is really the "generous" part of this livelihood model. But not only is it generosity, you are developing yourself and your business too.

Creating & sharing free content has so many benefits, including:

1. Giving you lots of practice to develop & deepen your message, and get better at delivering it.

2. Attracts ideal clients to you, and makes it easier and easier, over time, to fill your 1-1 practice, or to get workshop registrations.

3. Legacy. The wonderful thing about sharing your free content on free platforms such as Facebook or is that even after you pass on from this life, you'll be blessing people forever with the wisdom that you shared. I really think of my content as a "cause" -- I feel urgent to share my best wisdom & experience with the world, while I am gifted with being alive today.

For my best free guidance on creating & sharing content, see here:

By following this livelihood model, your reputation will keep growing over time -- through your content, as well as your increasingly-excellent 1-1 services and/or workshops. You'll have an easier and easier time getting clients and students.

The simpler your business/livelihood model, the more time and energy you will have to -- explore your interests, to read books you love, to watch the videos broaden your knowledge, to meet & connect with kindred spirits, to enjoy nature, to deepen your spiritual practice, and get involved in causes that energize you.

If you like this model, get started now.

As always, I welcome your comments, examples, and questions.


To receive George Kao's best articles via email, go to:

#coaching #consulting #training #rightlivelihood
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
Highly recommended... a really good episode about spiritual growth and the purpose of life... listen asap to remind yourself what it's all about...

Basically, Roberta Grimes summarizes 200 years of #mediumship research about the #afterlife, in simple language we can all understand.

Some of my favorite moments:

8 minutes in: what dying is like
16m: what the afterlife is like.
20m: the life review.
22: children who die, what happens to them? (including abortions)
25: what about suicides?
26:15 how important your #life here is... and the #purpose of problems/challenges.
29: The purpose of life
33: are our loved ones passed on trying to communicate with us?
37:40 we are energy / #consciousness / living in a physical illusion
41: why we are living in an illusion
45: about her book "Liberating Jesus"

What Roberta neglected to mention, which bolsters her story, was that the historical Thomas Jefferson demonstrated his respect for Jesus by cutting out all of Jesus’ quotes (from the Bible) into a separate book… see here:

Thank you Sandra Champlain and We Don't Die Radio Show and Life After Death Page.

#spiritualgrowth #spirituality
Business Attorney Roberta Grimes had two extraordinary experiences in childhood that prompted her to spend decades studying nearly 200 years of...
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
"Cramming all your recommended weekly #exercise into one or two weekend sessions is enough to produce important health benefits..."

"And being active without managing 150 minutes of moderate activity a week was still enough to reduce the risk of an early death by a third."

"The maximum #health benefits are achieved from 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. However, every little counts and just 10 minutes of physical activity will provide health benefits."

#healthyliving #healthylifestyle
Cramming all your recommended weekly exercise into one or two weekend sessions is enough to produce health benefits, a study suggests.
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
Success cannot be pursued - it must ensue...

I love the following quote from Victor Frankl, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, known as author of the book Man's Search for Meaning.


“Don’t aim at #success — the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it.

For success, like #happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s personal #dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s #surrender to a person other than oneself.

Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it.

I want you to listen to what your #conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge.

Then you will live to see that in the long run — in the long run, I say — success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.

The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself.

What is called #selfactualization is not an attainable aim at all, for the simple reason that the more one would strive for it, the more he would miss it. In other words, self-actualization is possible only as a side-effect of #selftranscendence.

Pleasure is, and must remain, a side-effect or by-product, and is destroyed and spoiled to the degree to which it is made a goal in itself.”

~ Viktor Frankl

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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
An important time management practice that I do several times a year -- is "time logging."

For several weeks in a row, I would write down how I spend each day, hour by hour, from waking until sleeping.

This has really helped me to spend my time more purposefully and productively.

I encourage you to try it out.

A couple notes:

1. Perfectionism is not the goal.

Sometimes you might forget to log hours at a time. It's ok.

Whatever you do log, will have the positive effect of making you more conscious of how you're investing your time.

2. Awareness is the goal. You're not going to show your time log to anyone. You might not even analyze it. But the mere act of writing down how you actually spent your time, will increase you "time awareness."

Without even trying (except doing the act time logging), you'll use your time more wisely.

It's like weight-loss programs that ask participants to keep a "food journal" -- just the act of writing down what we're eating, makes us automatically eat more wisely. Awareness creates change naturally.

3. Honesty is important. Even if you're spending time doing something you don't want to do, write it down.

I've been time logging now for 2 weeks, and strangely, it's dissolved my video game addiction without trying hard. In the first few days, I did play some games but then I wrote it in my time log. After those first few days, I naturally stopped.

4. It helps to have a list of "good activities" that's handy for you to refer to, whenever you have free time.

For example, on my list includes:
--Go patio and breathe 5x
--Memorize an inspirational quote (I have a list already to refer to)
--Play with my pets
--Pray for someone
--Read a useful book or internet bookmark

By doing these things, I get the double-pleasure of being able to write into my time log that I did something useful.

A couple smart phone apps I've used to help me time log:

aTimeLogger -- available for both iPhone and Android

Eternity Time Log --

I now prefer the Eternity app but both are excellent.


Advanced Tip -- evaluate your activities before & after you do them. So when I'm about to start an activity, I write the start time in my time log, what the activity is, and which of the 3 letters below probably will apply to this activity.

Then after I finish the activity, I write down the end time, and underline which of the letters indeed was true and cross out the letters that wasn't true:

B = Benefit (will / did this activity benefit someone else?)
E = Enjoyment (will / did I enjoy this activity?)
L = Learning (will / did I learn something useful for fulfilling my purpose?)

This has the wonderful effect that I now enjoy my activities more, find more learning from them, and more often, I make sure my activities are benefitting others too.

Try time logging even for 1 week and let me know how it goes for you. May we all use our precious time more purposefully, for the greater good of all.


To receive George Kao's best articles via email, go to:

#TimeManagement #Productivity
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
My #newsletter for January 2017.

In this newsletter...

Take action, even when you don't feel ready
Balancing achievement with appreciation
Time logging: a powerful practice for purposeful living
Simple method to solve more problems
Workshop: Create/Improve Your Marketing Plan
My favorite source of spiritual wisdom
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
This is the final time (until July) that you can attend this online workshop -- CREATE YOUR MARKETING PLAN 2017

Details and registration:

"You don't need to attend a thousand dollar program to get your marketing plan into play. An affordable $25 and two hours of time will not only get you started, but George Kao will also help you as a spiritually minded business owner compete and create your own metrics, as you build your template and move into your plan."​
-- Jason Stein

"George Kao's marketing workshop was the best 2 hours I've spent in a long time. I created my custom 2017 marketing plan, and got to meet other amazing spiritual entrepreneurs. If George offers another opportunity like this, grab that spot ASAP."
​-- Berni Xiong

​The marketing approach that will best build your business takes into account your niche, your existing skills, and the activities you enjoy.

In this workshop, George Kao facilitates a combination of lecture (teaching you current marketing methods), question-and-answer, and private breakout groups, to help you create your custom marketing plan for 2017.

You'll leave this workshop with an actionable plan to grow your client base and/or message visibility, that feels like a great fit for you.

​The fee has been purposefully kept affordable, and is 100% satisfaction/money-back guaranteed.

This is an online workshop -- you can attend from anywhere with an internet connection -- but it's in real-time ("live") with George Kao and other participants.


Details and registration:
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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
Do you feel like you're always preparing to launch, to finally share content, to finally do something important?

Truth be told, I've never felt quite ready to make my videos, to launch my business or any of my campaigns. Everything's always been a "draft".

But I share it anyway, knowing that there's always room for improvement, and that I will always have the opportunity to improve it.

Sure, you can scare me with "first impressions are everything!" but if I waited until my first impression was as good as I truly want it to be, I'd never launch my business, I'd never make a video, I'd never write.

My experience has confirmed this: the videos that tend to do well, are the ones I casually made. The articles that tend to be shared, are the ones I casually wrote. Not that I never edited them, but I didn't put as much thought into "how can I make this piece smarter?"

Yet, the videos or articles that I painstakingly created, were usually the ones that are liked/shared the least.

Not that there's necessarily a correlation -- I'm not saying that all painstakingly-produced content won't do well -- but I am saying that we usually won't know.

All we are called to do is to simply share what we believe is important to say, that might be useful to others, and let them decide. We don't let our sharing be dependent on the fruits. We simply move on to sharing the next thing we believe is important.


Take action even if conditions are imperfect... for they will never be perfect.

Do the work, even if you feel suboptimal, for you'll rarely feel at your very best, and yet you'll feel better after you do the work.

Launch the project, even if you don’t feel ready. Just casually launch it, because you can always re-launch a better version after you get market feedback.

Make progress even if you cannot make something great, or even something good.

None of my videos were made in perfect conditions, or when I felt at my very best, or when I had a perfect script (in fact, I never have a script.) I made the videos because I have a commitment to iteration, and a particular due date I set for myself. I know without a commitment or due date, I will keep procrastinating, so I manage myself with a specific rhythm of MWF videos. Not that I'm always perfect with those, but I just keep trying.

Take action, and you'll grow in capability to make conditions better for yourself and others.

Learn in the real world, not just by consuming knowledge. Knowledge, gained through action, is the best kind.

You don't need another certification, another training, another book, before you're ready.

Because there is no failure. There's only true learning through action.

Develop an urgency for action, a bias for action, no matter how unprepared you feel.

Remember this: Your soul is secure, your destiny is perfect wisdom and love. So what are you afraid of? Go for it. Just publish, share, launch, and help others.


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George Kao

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My latest #newsletter:

* Balance achievement with #appreciation

* Time Logging -- powerful practice for natural personal change

* Daily (not yearly) #Resolutions

* My favorite healthy snacks (and yours?)

* My favorite source of spiritual #wisdom

Read it here: 
To those of us who care about personal development, expressing our highest soul, creating the ideal business/career... We tend to be future-focused. We often err on the side of focusing too much on goals / dreams / ideal visions. And not enough time on appreciating the progress we've already made.
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George Kao

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To those of us who care about personal development, expressing our highest soul, creating the ideal business/career...

We tend to be future-focused. We often err on the side of focusing too much on goals / dreams / ideal visions. And not enough time on appreciating the progress we’ve already made.

Why is this important?

When we neglect to acknowledge and celebrate, we allow the muscle of #gratitude to wither.

We then keep ourselves from experiencing the joy that is always available to us, right here and now.

Have you made a subconscious contract with yourself — to not be truly happy until you "get there”, until you reach your dream, until you play a big enough game?

Here’s the secret I’ve learned: there actually is no “best” that we can achieve in this imperfect life, considering all of our human frailties, and unforeseen circumstances. There is no ideal life that we can “get to” and stabilize, even though we dream that to be the case.

There is only ever-continuous progress, and learning.

Don’t wait until you “arrive.”
The truth is that no matter how far you go, you will always feel like you are still “here”.
“There” is an illusion, a mirage that is always outside of your grasp.

If you neglect to appreciate the now, to marvel at the already-accomplished, you will allow negativity to slowly crawl into your life —
and depression.

Those negative feelings then become the bedrock of one's consciousness, such that even if we accomplish our goals, we are unknowingly spreading a negative pattern in the world — success through anxiety, and at worse: success "by any means necessary."

It is time to come back to balance.

In fact, this balance is important to return to daily.

Yes, there's more to do. Always, there will be improvements that can be made, further achievements to accomplish.

And, the paradox is: You’ve already done enough. You deserve to celebrate. Now, and everyday.

Just like when you walk, you use both feet — left, right, left right — similarly in walking the journey of life, you need both modes — achievement, appreciation, achievement, appreciation.

Find the joy in what you’ve already done — think about:
* the hardships you’ve already overcome
* the learning you’ve already experienced
* the many people you’ve already helped
* the projects you’ve already accomplished in life.

Experience the gratefulness for all the goodness that has been allowed to happen in your life.

If you believe in a higher power, as do I, then recognize how deeply wonderful it is that you’ve been loved and carried through so much -- all those challenges, difficult moments, and arduous projects, and how you have been given the strength to have done so much good!

You’ve been brought all the way here.

And, You will be brought all the way Home.


Remember to walk the road of life with this balance: achievement yes, but just as importantly, appreciation.


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George Kao

Shared publicly  - 
Did you make a New Years Resolution?

Have you already discovered that it wasn't enough? ;-)

Instead, I feel that we need to make Daily Resolutions... for daily habits, or Weekly Resolutions... for weekly habits. Here is a simple formula to make regular resolutions more effective:


It takes only 1 minute to clarify the above daily, for whatever good habit you're trying to create...

1. WHAT.

What is it you're trying to habituate? Exercise daily? Eat healthier? Read useful books more often?

If you're trying to shed a bad habit, I recommend clarifying the better alternative. For example, instead of "I will stop eating so frequently" put something better in its place: "Each time I feel like grazing, I will drink tea."

2. WHEN.

When will you be doing that good habit today? Get clear about this. If you need to schedule it in, do so now.


Where will you do the habit? If you can be clear about this, you'll be more likely to do it because going to that place will remind (or "trigger") you to do the good habit.

4. WHY.

Why is it important for you to do this habit? It may seem obvious to you now, but if you don't clarify this regularly, then over time, you'll tend to forget the motivation, and the habit will start to slip away.

5. HOW.

This may be the most important one. If you can take even just 10 seconds and visualize (imagine) yourself doing that good habit, you are much more likely to do it. Even better, do this 10 second exercise 3 times... a half-minute investment into your resolution is worthwhile time spent!

Essentially you are creating some muscle memory through visualization.

Give the above formula a try. If you'd like, let me know how it helps you. I always enjoy hearing about your progress and questions.


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