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George Hall
I'm also geehall1 on Twitter. Comics/Tech/gadget interest, emergency information relay/collation.
I'm also geehall1 on Twitter. Comics/Tech/gadget interest, emergency information relay/collation.


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Speaking of comics, did you know I wrote and drew comics here in Australia for Reverie, back during the 1980s?

I've recently seen my first new comic story in nearly thirty years appear in Melbourne's Tree Paper 2 AND also produced my first mini-comic, showing the origin episodes of my Reverie Bloodgard comic strip.

You can get a digital version of Bloodgard Origins, the mini-comic, at the link below. The mini-comic also has a retrospective article on Reverie, including thumbs of the whole run of Reverie.

Available on Gumroad.

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Gary Chaloner (born 30 March 1963, Australia) is a comics creator whose professional career began in 1985 when he founded Cyclone Comics with partners David de Vries, Glenn Lumsden, and Tad Pietrzykowski.

In 1990, he began publishing in the USA market with a ‘Munden’s Bar’ story in “Grimjack” (First Comics). Malibu reprinted two Cyclone titles, “The Jackaroo” and “The Southern Squadron”, and he began working directly for them as well, under their Aircel, Adventure, and Eternity brands.

In 1994, Chaloner wrote and Ashley Wood drew ‘The Undertaker’ in “Dark Horse Down Under” and Chaloner recently returned to the publisher with a ‘Breckinridge Elkins’ serial in “Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword” (2014).

In 2004, IDW published “Will Eisner’s John Law Detective: Dead Man Walking”, which collected a web series created by Chaloner with Eisner’s approval. (The book also reprints the original ‘John Law’ stories by Eisner.)

At Comiclopedia —
At Wikipedia —
In the GCD —

(Chaloner created the cover of “Alien Nation: The Spartans” 4, 1991)

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Happy Birthday to comic book creator Gary Chaloner​! 2006 PODCAST INTERVIEW

GARY CHALONER podcast excerpt: "If you learn a bit about The Spirit, you also learn about these aborted characters that Will tried to publish back in the ‘40s. The name 'John Law' keeps on popping up as this parallel Spirit character, so it was only through reading about Will’s past and the different things that he tried in the ‘40s that this recurring name 'John Law' and the characters surround him, like Nubbin, The Shoeshine Boy, and Melba, Girl Detective, and a few other characters, had always stuck in the back of my mind as something that, why doesn’t someone do something with these things.”

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The Australian Comics Journal just reviewed the first 3 issues of Melbourne's IF? Commix's flagship title +Tales to Admonish...

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People Are Livid About This Video That Says Violence Against Women Is Sometimes OK - BuzzFeed AU

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You'd be surprised that US comic creators were much aware of the concepts being produced in Australia in the mid and late-eighties...both with Cyclone comics and Reverie.

Bloodgard Origins is a retrospective mini-comic reprinting the work of yours truly on one such concept, with a bonus article on Reverie's history.

And the ebook version is available on Gumroad.

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