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I'm also geehall1 on Twitter. Comics/Tech/gadget interest, emergency information relay/collation.
I'm also geehall1 on Twitter. Comics/Tech/gadget interest, emergency information relay/collation.

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You'd be surprised that US comic creators were much aware of the concepts being produced in Australia in the mid and late-eighties...both with Cyclone comics and Reverie.

Bloodgard Origins is a retrospective mini-comic reprinting the work of yours truly on one such concept, with a bonus article on Reverie's history.

And the ebook version is available on Gumroad.

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Speaking of comics, did you know I wrote and drew comics here in Australia for Reverie, back during the 1980s?

I've recently seen my first new comic story in nearly thirty years appear in Melbourne's Tree Paper 2 AND also produced my first mini-comic, showing the origin episodes of my Reverie Bloodgard comic strip.

You can get a digital version of Bloodgard Origins, the mini-comic, at the link below. The mini-comic also has a retrospective article on Reverie, including thumbs of the whole run of Reverie.

Available on Gumroad.

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So the Red Skull is behind Steve Rogers uttering the words "Hail Hydra" by way of Cosmic Cube Kobik.

Steve's reality retconned by Red Skull...but in reality, Nick Spencer is just satirizing Donald Trump instead of writing a DECENT 75th anniversary's interesting that Spencer is essentially a partisan political animal himself, a couple of times trying to pursue his own political career in urban municipal elections and working for party candidates.

So basically Spencer is making Cap a mouthpiece for his own political agenda in a way I don't think previous politically-allegorizing comic writers have.

Steve Englehart's mid-seventies Cap did respond to the zeitgeist of that time...and was an allegory for the happenings of the Watergate era...but one thing Englehart did NOT do was corrupt Steve Rogers' essential character or values.

I don't see this Captain America: Steve Rogers arc as good as Superior Spider-man or even the 1990s Spider-man Clone Saga. Those were good stories which provided a much-needed bit of growth in the characters. Spider-man had been getting stale before the Clone Saga and I actually didn't mind Ben Reilly being the "real" Spider-man. With Superior, that arc actually improved Otto Octavius' character a little...and I wouldn't have minded seeing him lean more to the heroic the longer his mind stayed in Peter Parker's bod.

The Cap-Is-Hydra plot arc is just plain politics and much of the reaction to it in the form of #SayNoToHydraCap  has rightfully criticised Marvel and Spencer.

Spencer's attitude to fans also is a concern.

If Kobik has changed Steve Rogers' reality so much and changed his essential early life experiences, he is no longer the Cap ANY of us know.
After last month's shocking and controversial turn of events with the first issue of the new ongoing Captain America series that sees Steve Rogers back in active duty, Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 reveals exactly why Cap uttered the words "Hail Hydra". SPOILERS naturally, so read at your own risk! #CaptainAmericaSteveRogers #CaptainAmerica #SteveRogers #HailHydra #Marvel #UnGeekPH

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Australian politics...which keeps a lot of political cartoonists and satirists in work...and where you CAN call a Prime Minister a bloody idiot and no-one will arrest or execute you for it SO said former PM John Howard.

Though Pauline Hanson has made a come-back via the Senate in the elections yesterday.

Good thing Johnny's a bit long in the tooth to be returning to politics...


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As a comics writer in the eighties here in Australia, I had a concept that STARTED in its first story arc AS nasty.

BUT...the arc was to end with a BETTER, Good version. One who took the series further over the REST of the planned run.

That's WHEN one should do such a plot like "Cap is Hydra." In a concept's EARLIEST phase.

You don't do it 75 years later.

You don't walk over 75 years of other writers' work making a hero "always" a villain.

If you write heroes, you may write them with flaws, imperfections, failings and trials. But ultimately to inspire HOPE, they still have to be heroes who OVERCOME such things.

You don't write such a fool plot in the character's 75th anniversary year and say this is how the character has ALWAYS been.

If ANYONE were to do this sort of thing with one of MY characters 75 years on, I'd actually climb back up out of my grave and bean them over the head with something.


It's NOT a rant to say this "Captain America is Hydra" plot is WRONG.

And using the phrase "tapping into the zeitgeist" is really NOT a reason for this plot to be done.

This is about an extreme view of politics making out something that's stood for the MIDDLE ground to be the political OPPOSITE.

This is just purely ideological in a way a RIGHT-winger making Cap a mouthpiece for extreme-Right-wing ideology would be.

The reaction has been VISCERAL from all segments of society...and mothers themselves have been telling their kids the WRITER is Hydra rather than tell their kids the Captain America for so long have looked up to is AGAINST the values he's usually been for.

This is a case where the writer totally misjudged his audience.

And the reaction is understandable.

NO comic writer even in the DARK era of comics ever so changed a hero's character on such a DEEP level.

This is why, at the end of plots like Knighfall and Reign of the Superman, we always got the RETURN of the original Batman and Superman. NO Dark Version of either of these characters could resonate as much as the original.

Even the Clone Saga...Spider-man as EITHER Peter Parker OR Ben Reilly was still CORE Spider-man. Ben Reilly was, perhaps, the ONE non-Peter character who could pull off being a replacement for Peter Parker.

But change of the CORE, fundamental character of the hero.

If a writer could consider this a worthy 75th anniversary commemoration of Captain America, I'm sorry to say but he's been smoking too much weed.

This Cap is Hydra is pure propaganda that walks all over the Everyman idea of Cap.

I'm sure Nick Spencer WANTS to make Captain America "always" a Hydra/Nazi mole.

Enough political fantasizing, Nick.

And do get the point that extreme-LEFTIST drivel is just the other side of the SAME coin as Nazism.

Who wants EITHER form of extremist, totalitarian drivel?

The two guys who first created Captain America believed in a concept of the righteous non-Jew.

Something universal.

Now, Nick Spencer, you've made Steve Rogers just the opposite.

I have ULTIMATE respect for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby...AND I still have a TON of respect for STEVE ENGELHART, who, while he allegorized the Watergate era with Cap in the mid-70s, did NOT change Cap's CORE fundamentals.

Steve Engelhart has my respect. His politics never went to such an insane level.

Nick Spencer does NOT have my respect at all.

The WRITER is an agent of Hydra.

And that's what mothers across America are telling their kids.


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Chris Evans' reaction to Captain America: Steve Rogers number 1.

Yes, even the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain America is pissed at this plot.
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