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George Greene
George Greene The Cyber Artist . Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. for over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture. Working freelance as a Cyber Security Consultant
George Greene The Cyber Artist . Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. for over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture. Working freelance as a Cyber Security Consultant

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So Tuesday our Mary Russell had her second and last Litter. She had a to have a C-section So there was lot work this week with less sleep for all of us. But she now has Two very wonderful puppies, one boy one girl the white with patch is the girl. Enjoy the photos all

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I been doing the rounds to a few Thrift store and I found some great Wood and Iron boxes. Last week i found a classic oval Barrel canteen/Cask,Keg that is untapped,
Found one of the same type that sold on ebay for well over $118 not listing but Sold for that. I paid no where near that.
The 3 boxes are made in very old school style and suggest they are old not made in a factory but some one who knows wood craft well.
looking the hand made hasp shows this not a project from wood shop.
The wine carrier has square head nails and show that it was made in one full closed box. the wood and metal hammerer and shaped.
The Barrel looks as if the keg is still water tight and could hold over gal of water . it is over 11" high. The all look as if they were made by the same person.

Sorry for the order and all trying upload the photos and found G+ has screwed up that easy upload they once had for making albums fr photos.

I'll add more as i get them I still trying to date the age of the Boxes. I have seen an Artist box from 1910 that looks the same as the flat box i have here but it was much bigger. These are very heavy wood and iron and very hand on work done. The flat one need some TLC. I was thinking oiling it or using some past wax on it but not sure yet.
I don't want take away from them in altering how they look now but i do want protect the wood as well.
Any suggestions would be great. Enjoy the the photos.

#vintageboxes #antiquesworrdwork #woodandironboxes #vintage #antiques
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I been off for bit and I wanted get on and do some flying but I found for some reason all my bindings for my controllers are not working
I check them on the tool site( and they all seem think I'm using an x box controller and i am not or just show right right controller but just it's not mapping to the right keys.
It made a very bad take off from a station. I adjusted for some of the keys that were mapped wrong but I still jumped to far as I hit to just to next station and jumped in too close to a sun. That was not go at all. I was in solo mod to just test things so see what was new.
So question is what happen and how do I fix the binders?
My one for Logitech Extreme 3d pro is there and all but the other binder but they doe not show in the list and all the map are off.
The KB and mouse works but had to fix some keys.
The last joy stick I tested with the game was Microsoft force feedback Sidewinder 2 I getting read to sell on ebay.
I got it work but for the feed back but it seem to be fine. I didn't play since then not sure if it scramble the binders or what. I really like to get back to playing not setting keys up all over again.
Any help would be great.

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Cyber security Web site is up it's a work in progress so be nice . they wife worked hard on it

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If I saw this in store it would be Mind.. Why do these items always come up when I can't buy them? Oh well this will make someone happy .

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I'm just going to Drop this right here .. I don't have the funds to spare but someone who needs this maybe could bid on it..

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A friend gave me a Saitek av8r-01 joystick he had laying about. seems to work well for the gave. found the drivers Need to know if anyone program one for Elite.
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My wife's SPH-L710 Galaxy SIII crash to error that she need to reset factory due data error. I was looking what to do and did 3 point to go into boot to do the factory reset as I had just backed up her phone so I knew I could do the restore.. The screen I wanted didn't come I got the download screen .
I could not get it to come out that .
I power it off by pulling the battery ya I know not good but it would not time out or respond to anything.
I restarted it and it in soft brick looping to the recovery boot and then rebooting to the logo and back.
I figure I would trying to reload the firmware.
I download Odin latest version and located a the listed update I can see in the back up I found 4.4.2 but not sure the right one..
I followed the instructions for installing as I done it a few other non Samsung android phone.
So ran Odin and the firmware and it failed no clue why.. have clue what to . Wife need the phone it out of contract so hope to repair it that way.. Samsung is no help as well.
Any suggestion on tried to at lease get it out the Soft brick boot loop hell.


Gurr I go away for bit and screw up G+ I want my settings back to where they were I can see post I made in Notification just short cut. I had full post now I have lost a bunch stuff .
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