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With dogs coming to the US by rescue groups with no real vet checks and now we have this

The dog that were just "rescued" were not from farm for meat but a retiring Breeder and rescue . They were bought and then held and shipped from So Korea to So China then to the US with no 30 day quarantine.  
We have more dogs coming in every month that we should  and yet it s done all done as something good but it isn't.
 I feel those groups  who want us to have no pets want this and it is being done with an agenda to eliminate our dog population.

We hear from the same group we must kill pets due to having too many in shelter yet they are bring in 10,000 or more dog into the US not to save but to profit off of by lying to the public. They use our love to spread their hate and no one sees this.

 Stop for a second a look at the number these groups are bring into the US and how short a time they are held . Many just have a Vet tech go over them dog or some of the people  are not even vets. No one is doing blood testing or hold to see if these dog are ill in and way . They getting taken to shelters all over the US .

 The core Animal Right extremist group hate any owned pets . they steal and kill and this has been proven now with current events in the news over the last few month and online social media.
So what would they want more dog in the US for If we have too many already?. think what do they want?  The only answer is some very very bad for our pets.
Don't count on DC looking at this as many are funded by those same deep pocket groups .
Your donation don't help dog and cat in shelter it helps the DC or you state law maker fun their re-election or to fund more anti-pet ad farm laws.

Half a billion to law maker across the US to fund bills to limit pet ownership to mass S/N to kill off breeder and to make it criminal to nearly own a pet.
Animal right are bad and are killing millions of pets .. Way more than we have save .
This needs to stop or we will see more death of pets  and I do not want to see my dogs or anyone's die to to some lies.
More than 1,000 dogs in Chicago and surrounding areas have contracted strains of influenza A H3N2 virus found among dog populations in South Korea and isolated parts of southern China. Scientists at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin said Sunday this was the first time the rare canine flu has been detected in North …
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MONEY$$$ How else to keep funding the lies.?
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George Greene

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we need big ripple to show how the effect can happen. I can see what she wants to demonstrate but the picture isn't as viral as some thing her student might put online.
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George Greene

Global Gatherings  - 
Just to let you know what a group people with our club and around the world are planing
Dedicated group of Amiga Enthusiasts is raising funds for Amiga 30th Anniversary in California on Kickstarter! Come join us for a celebration of the Amiga, its groundbreaking accomplishments and its rich history at the Computer History Museum
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Please do share. I really want the event to happen and be a very outstanding time for all.
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My Stepdaughter will be participating in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to support the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. here is her Sponsorship page for everyone to go and donate support.  thanks all.

  #lifecycle #AIDSfoundation #aids #HIV  
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George Greene

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And the cyber Hits keep on coming . Another companies takes the hit
Typically, companies have little to no idea where their stolen data has gone. Bitglass, a cloud access security broker, has decided to shed some light on the fate of corporate files once they have been hacked.
Add a comment... A party is being planed. Want to come ? What to help? Come join us ..
Dedicated group of Amiga Enthusiasts is raising funds for Amiga 30th Anniversary in California on Kickstarter! Come join us for a celebration of the Amiga, its groundbreaking accomplishments and its rich history at the Computer History Museum
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George Greene

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Not a Pranks FB is killing any account that is not real name Again.
They just locked me out my business account .. What bunch of screw ups. I had it for over 8 year and not can't long on till i give them my name and my ID.
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I remember that +Candy Graham . it just crazy but it is done can still post under my Green Consulting but had to attach iit to named account . Piff!
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AS reminder to all to day it is April 1st. The internet is not to be trusted  as are many of your friends or soon to be ex-friends...
Just saying as a reminder Ok carry on
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George Greene

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These are the two games i want badly. they would look great on the 40" TV I have.

Elite: Dangerous Official Game Site | Epic multiplayer space adventure

Take control of your own starship in a cut-throat galaxy. Start with a small starship and a few credits, and do whatever it takes to get the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite. 400 Billion Star Systems. Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail ...
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Looks cool.
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Dedicated group of Amiga Enthusiasts is raising funds for Amiga 30th Anniversary in California on Kickstarter! Come join us for a celebration of the Amiga, its groundbreaking accomplishments and its rich history at the Computer History Museum
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So the Prop 2 for Calif was all based on lies when research show the truth on chickens.
High egg price and meat form Chickens all due to the Animal right extreames lies.  Think for second they hate you eating any animal so why woiuld tell the truth?
  A new study may change the way many view the debate between housing chickens in cages vs. cage-free systems. According to the results published on Wednesday by the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply, the mortality rates for hens are higher in cage-free systems. This means that the number of deaths is considerably higher, chiefly ...
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You can't take cage chickens and make them free range.
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Artist and Cyber Security Consultant
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    Finder of things you didn't know you lost. Artist of electronic and the analog. Consultant in cyber security and Prevention advisory, Cyber investigations assistance's.
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George Greene The Cyber Artist . Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. for over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture. Working freelance as a Cyber Security Consultant
The Cyber Artist  George Greene Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. For over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture work for hire and free Lance as an arts and I work full time as a
   Cyber Security Consultant.   I saw early on as an artist art was going to be done on computers and it was going to be big and in that I picked up skill as Cyber Security Consultant and I worked with Computers for as long as I been an artist as well. 28 of those years with networks.
As a tech I have work for many people and companies and did near 2 years at Apple on the line as a Rework tech working systems being built and shipped ..sound easy but with over 10,000 systems being made in a night.  It was insane work wile it lasted..
My art is not just electronic it also as I call it old school analog as well. I working nearly in all media pen,ink paints, Lost Wax and anything else I can draw or sculpted with.
Art and tech in my head are the same things. 
Some time my investigation skills do seem as abstract as a Jackson Pollock painting but I always come out with the answer that are dead on at problem needing solving. Working now with my art and my Security and Cyber crime investigation consulting. 
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