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I really really need a 3D printer ..
The 3D printing industry has dozens of 3D model marketplaces at this point, many of them trying to set themselves apart by putting their own spin on the busines
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George Greene

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Microsoft has seeded Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs with an as-yet-optional update that will pitch the free Windows 10 upgrade to customers.
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+James Karaganis
Not everyone has a network  that will handle the update . Some thing could Glitch and this would leave many with system in limbo. I see what happen wit the few live update done with the win 8 updates from win 7.
in my 38 year plus of computers this is a very risky move on MS part.
Yes the anytime update has been working well but not 100%.
What is some has a system with a bad install win 7 or win 8.1?
will MS wave the $99 fee to fix that first?
Still waiting on some to brig up the legal issue from doing the update this way. You someone will.
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George Greene

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Once again Animal right kill with out care and no remorse .Animal use to teach people to love and repeat take to be destroyed.

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- Skagit County is cracking down on the owner of dozens of wild animals, saying the animals have to go now.

Last year the county added wolves, cougars, venomous snakes and foxes to its list of prohibited animals. Dave Colburn has kept wolves, cougars and foxes for nearly 14 years at Predators of the Heart in Anacortes.

The county recently filed a lawsuit against Colburn, claiming he's violating the ordinance and ordering him to get rid of the animals.

"If we cannot find a place to place him he'll be euthanized," Colburn said of Max, one of the 17 wolves at Predators of the Heart.

Colburn regularly takes the animals to schools, libraries, churches and fairs to educate people about exotic wildlife.

"They're not hurting anybody, they haven't hurt anybody," he said.

But if he can't find homes for them, Colburn said he will likely have to kill the two dozen animals the organization has rescued or raised on his 10-acres of land.

"It's breaking my heart, these animals are my life," said Kaleb Cole.

Skagit County Commissioner Lisa Janicki said pulling at heart strings isn't fair play. She calls the issue a matter of public safety.

"This isn't a petting zoo," Janicki said. "They're called predators for a reason. The county wants Predators of the Heart to be within compliance of state law."

Colburn said placing the animals in zoos or shelters is difficult and expensive. And he doesn't have much time before he could face fines of $50,000 a day.

"It's a $2,000 a day per animal fine that we're gonna be up against having to pay," Colburn said.

Colburn says he doesn't have that kind of money and can't afford an attorney to fight and will probably just have to roll over.

He's already spent money trying to get sanctuary status so he can keep the animals. But in order to do that, the county says he will have to change the habitat and remove some of the animals
Skagit County is cracking down on the owner of dozens of wild animals, saying the animals have to go now.
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George Greene

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So you really think these Peta type want to save your dogs and cats  NOPE . Really they are lying on saving they just want all gone and you as well.
John Bryant, author of key tracts in animal liberation philosophy, has called for the pet pooch to be freed from the nooses that enslave it
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+Oliver Hamilton
Never say Never you should see how some of these group have taken over USDA and ASPCA here in the US .
H$U$ is pushing laws that supported by radical gorps like PeTa which is just a death cult as they see no need for pets or any domestic animals to exist at all.
Do a check for you self see what anti-pet laws are being push to save animals .
Calif is the worse  with law said to protect but attacks  the owner  with any proof of wrongs.
  I fought very hard  and the people I face at the capitol who support these bad laws are insane.
H$U$ gather fund using image and videos that are set up or faked.
They play with our heart to get fund under a lie. less than 1% spend on shelter animals if any.
The money goes to high salaries and to push bad laws and bribe law makers. 
So never say never.
They never give up till they get the laws  pass to ban animals where they can.
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George Greene

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Summary:The companies say the TechNet website was being used as part of a Chinese hacking group's malware campaigns.
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George Greene

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+Philip Rowney
More of those social media Luddites I think.
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George Greene

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Microsoft Nag ware has arrived.  Now last i read  they were not going to add you to the nag list unless you added add-on in the weekly updates  but some how Sunday night I got a this one icon in the task bar.
I clicked it and it went Boom And  there it is the invite to the request to up grade.
I did not ask and it will not  shut down it stays on the screen and pops up when you click the "x" to turn it off.

If you have that small white windows logo appearing on your task bar you got it too. Do not click on it . It will send you to hell fore sure.
Microsoft is trying to dominate system again but this mass free upgrade to a new OS that will at best anger many and cause many system to fail as not all according to their own data will work with win 10.

So if you have system that work with win 7 and has some issue you may not be able to get it to work..
 But the nag ware should turn off but don't count it gone as MS want large database  to do this update and to become  invested in 10 .

The new OS isn't ready by my reviews of it and i would tell all to get  out read before choosing to install .. Once you get it you are stuck  and you will have to do a lot to remove the update.
Working on full blow by blow review of Win 10 and i will be doing a break down of systems with know issues as I get the data.
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George Greene

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Some need to go look at what the laws are on Software Maybe Adobe can educate them? the learn the hard way in court on that.
 This is like saying MS or Apple owns your computer due their software on it.
GM has joined with John Deere in asking the government to confirm that you literally cannot own your car because of the software in its engine.
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Cars do not need computers to run. Anyuway that's wy I won a Ford.
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George Greene

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Well i wonder how this will effect there relationship with Starbucks. It is the place everyone uses to do their downloads  music and movies since they gotten the better speeds from the new Fiber connections.

Since they say it not the going to be on who does the violation it just that they see any violation by anyone using the network to download copyrighted content as a violations.
This look like if you are business you going to have to make it less friendly to use you wifi to stop violations or drop the free uses altogether. 

#bigbrother #DMCA #googlefiber
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George Greene

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The Monster of Baldwin Park Shelter She rather kill than save . . she product of H$U$/PeTa and the Sacramento and State or Calif law makers .
She and a few other have terrorized shelter and get away with killing and destroying pets with any care. She when on 2 to 3 week killing spree at the Stockton CA shelter  killing near  1000 dogs and cat. She was never charge or fired .
She left to got to Baldwin park and had done the same nearly there .
She lied on her job history to get the job in Sacramento and got the county to build shelter that cost over 28 million.
        The design so bad  it can't keep animal cool in the summer or warm in the winter as it was build on plans that were back east and different kind of weather.
  This is some one that does not need to be around animal  ever.
This woman is evil and has no care of how any feels about their pets and to do as she did to this family proves it .
WE have been fighting against this woman for over 7 years when she was trying to help pass bad state laws that wiped out pets and service  dogs/ she and other support her are trying to more than save animals they trying to eliminated them and her track record now shows this 100%.
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George Greene

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One of my all time favorite anime titles getting the blu-ray treatments .
Robert J Woodhead is raising funds for Otaku no Video Otaking Edition Subtitled Anime Blu-Ray on Kickstarter! The (in)famous Anime "Mockumentary" from Gainax, the Anime studio founded by fans, about fans who plan to Otakunize humanity!
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    Finder of things you didn't know you lost. Artist of electronic and the analog. Consultant in cyber security and Prevention advisory, Cyber investigations assistance's.
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George Greene The Cyber Artist . Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. for over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture. Working freelance as a Cyber Security Consultant
The Cyber Artist  George Greene Artist of the electron and silicon pallet.. For over 36 years. Graphic and Sculpture work for hire and free Lance as an arts and I work full time as a
   Cyber Security Consultant.   I saw early on as an artist art was going to be done on computers and it was going to be big and in that I picked up skill as Cyber Security Consultant and I worked with Computers for as long as I been an artist as well. 28 of those years with networks.
As a tech I have work for many people and companies and did near 2 years at Apple on the line as a Rework tech working systems being built and shipped ..sound easy but with over 10,000 systems being made in a night.  It was insane work wile it lasted..
My art is not just electronic it also as I call it old school analog as well. I working nearly in all media pen,ink paints, Lost Wax and anything else I can draw or sculpted with.
Art and tech in my head are the same things. 
Some time my investigation skills do seem as abstract as a Jackson Pollock painting but I always come out with the answer that are dead on at problem needing solving. Working now with my art and my Security and Cyber crime investigation consulting. 
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