A Politico for Monday after Easter:

[1] You do not want to War as first option, a big war against a big army, with not know vast consequences!

[2] You try and seem no so vehement about the options you have or think about the Clerical Gov of Iran.

[3] So you try the use of time frames and deals, and sanctions.

[4] Obviously you hope time will bring forward a generation and Government that does not want Nuclear Atomic (Thermo nuclear) weapons.

[5] And you keep the headache or try to pass it on to future US governments!

[6] What to do? I think it could not be more complicated! Would a hungry poor Iran government want to suicide attack with atomic weapons or a more robust Government and country conditions! It is a tricky decision!

[7] Who else would join in a given War against Iran?

[8] Do you flatten vast areas, more than War Iran?

[9] Would Israel do the first attacks to see the results?
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