Jeb Bush Suspends Presidential Campaign After Fourth Place Finish In South Carolina

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Jeb Bush suspended his campaign for president Saturday after placing in a distant fourth place in South Carolina's Republican primary.

...history in the making...! against many initial prognostics before Trump entered the race...! Jeb Bush retires from the race to GOP candidate!

...more than history in the making will be to have Donald Trump allegedly doing what he preaches, abroad and home...!

WHY? It could be desastrous to have a black and white thinker trying to be Presdient of the biggest World benign Super Power...! NONE OF US WANT TO GET  inter-continental Atomic Bomb head up our "ASS's"...! From China, Russia or other!
IF WE GET TRUMP, when will it be too late...??? Will he be "moderate" after all the "bullshit"...???

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