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Wow, great article!
While working on their client's site, Sergey and his team knew optimization alone wouldn't be enough to move the needle. They needed links. With one big, successful content piece, they drove their domain authority up by 7 in 4 months. Here's how.
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George Featherstone

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Does the Use of Via as Part of a Mention Impact Twitter Engagement?

This is one of the questions that +Rand Fishkin asked me during the live broadcast he and I did together with +Neal Schaffer on Twitter engagement (you can see the show here:

As a result, I went in and dug into the data, and the chart below is what I found. Looking at it in an aggregated manner, Tweets that include a "Via" in it, are somewhat less likely to get at least one RT.

Note that of the 152,800 tweets we looked at which had at least one mention, 9,226 of them used "via" in the tweet (or about 6%).

Oddly enough, we found only one variant of "HT" in all those tweets.
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George Featherstone

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Another great SEO post from Jon Cooper
This is a simple walkthrough of a very actionable, helpful tip that will allow you to figure out which competitor link opportunities are most important. If you've ever used either the Clique Hunter from Majestic, or the Competitor Link Finder from Moz, then you know how useful those features are ...
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George Featherstone

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Golden Gate Bridge
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George Featherstone

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Seriously, Google?! You're selling positions in the SERPs now?!!!

And don't tell me this wasn't 'selling.' Someone influenced you to position themselves in premium real estate. You'll get something in return. That's selling. This is via Dr. Pete:
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George Featherstone

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"Design Last"

Incredible article. 
How to design and develop for the responsive web? All methodologies rely on the same process. Rik Schennink flips this outdated methodology on its head.
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George Featherstone

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It's hard out her for an SEO
Private Blog Network Extortion

I got an email today from an SEO who received a penalty on his site that he's fairly certain is the result of engaging in a PBN. Trouble is, when he asked the PBN owner to remove the links, there was an extortion request for a huge amount of money. Now he's worried that disavowing alone won't work, but can't afford to pay to have the links removed.

Granted, it's a bad idea to start a relationship with a private blog network in the first place, but the extortion tactic really pisses me off. I wish our industry didn't have this crap (and I also wish Google's penalization system didn't enable it).

My advice was to send a reconsideration request to Google alongside the disavow explaining what happened, admitting guilt, sharing details about the PBN, and hoping for clemency. What do y'all think?
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George Featherstone

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#WDYMD :) maybe it'll catch on ...
When you think about what your marketing does, consider these two lists.

From +Bernadette Jiwa's blog, The Story of Telling
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George Featherstone

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Investment firm Piper Jaffray has started tracking and comparing Google+ and Yelp reviews. For its inaugural report, the firm looked at a “snapshot of 950 places in 20 major cities” and compared review counts and depth across categories. The firm says it will continue to do so on a weekly basis going forward. Yelp holds […]
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George Featherstone

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I'll come back and see what kind of comment action this post gets.
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Passionate about a better internet experience for all.
George is a professional SEO and web developer with a passion for usable design and a knack for internet marketing. All he wants to do is help you make money on line.

He has a background in PHP based content management systems and is fluent in HTML and CSS. What that means for you is that he can give you SEO advice AND show you how to implement it.

Follow George on twitter here: @theDarkLit.

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Not sure why these people are complaining, I've been going here for about 8 years now and I've never had a bad experience. I love the breakfast but I've often come for lunch as well. The people are friendly the food is hot and I've never had a cause for complaint.
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