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In the technology business for a long time.
In the technology business for a long time.

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It's Not About Sex, It's About Power

The furor and the accompanying apologist dismissals that began with a NSFW recording of Donald Trump bragging about his penchant for sexual aggression and assault has yet to abate. Trump’s Worthless Apology Donald’s initial attempt at an apology…

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Trump's Economic Plan Revealed

While Donald Trump was giving his economic plan speech in Detroit in front of the Detroit Economic Club, he briefly wandered away from his teleprompter speech and went rogue with some off the cuff speechifying. Yes, he did say “… cause trillions to come…

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Donald Trump publicly mocked a reporter's physical disabilities and he still might get votes?

Standing in front of a North Carolina audience on November 24, 2015, Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability. He has now repeatedly denied mocking him, knowing him, meeting him. Is there anybody that doesn’t know Don never forgets a…

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Trump Cancels Nephew's Medical Insurance. Why? To win a lawsuit.

Fred and Mary Trump had five children; Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump, Fred Trump, Jr., Elizabeth Trump Grau, and Robert Trump. Fred Trump, Jr. died in 1981, the remaining children survive. Fred Trump died in June, 1999, having suffered Alzheimer’s…

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Trump Hires, Then Rips Off Undocumented Workers - despite wall building promises to "fix" immigration

Donald Trump used and abused undocumented immigrant labor on his Trump Tower project in Manhattan. That’s not baseless opinion or left leaning fiction. There are hundreds of pages of court documents full of sworn testimony from many people, including Don…

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Trump Spanked by DOJ for Racial Discrimination, Violating Fair Housing Laws

It’s been awhile since Donald Trump has been sued by the Department of Justice for racial discrimination, but it DID happen and it was nothing new for the family. Don’s dad, Fred, was already infamous and had been forced to testify to the US Senate for…

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Donald Trump's Russian partner is a real piece of work, so the candidate can't remember him.

Donald Trump is a familiar figure to most of the world, but prior to his Celebrity Apprentice show he was already infamous on the east coast of the United States. Memories are being selectively edited, so a lot of the stink that should rub off from his…

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Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers scolds Phoenix Mayor Stanton for pursuing the Coyotes.

Let’s get the title reference out of the way, click here for the YouTube where an Arizona resident reminds us that, sometimes, reality hits you hard, bro. The realities that hit you hard in this matter are convoluted but not complex. Aggressive Council…

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New Trump book soon to be released? "Winning Through Douchebaggery"

The coronation by the Republican party of the creative hair comber and the exit of John Kasich herald a new era of politics nearing fruition in the United States. The remaining step is the election of a spectacularly unqualified person to the most…
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