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Loki in New Orleans
No, I will not shut up.
No, I will not shut up.

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Please, don't be a dick.

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Here's the first update from our Savage Rifts Kickstarter, as crafted and posted by +Shane Hensley -

Well...THAT Escalated Quickly...

It's the tag line of the T shirt you can get with the Kickstarter, and nothing seemed more appropriate. We knew people loved Rifts®...what we didn't know was how interested the Savage Worlds community would be, nor how interested the Palladium system fans would be in trying out not only different rules, but a different rule paradigm.

Turns out, quite a bit. ;)

So... thanks. Not just for backing our Kickstarter, but for getting the word out.

But especially for all the great feedback in Sean Fannon and Ross Watson's playtests over the last year or more at various conventions--from the incredible Savage-heavy shows in Denver (thanks Rocky Mountain Savages!) to GenCon, Chupacabracon (where we'll be running games in just two weeks, maybe even with live-streaming), and around the Denver area with local groups where they live.

Because of that, dozens of people, if not hundreds, have played the game, tested the various iterations of Mega Damage, M.D.C., and of course all the awesome Iconic Frameworks (OCCs to original Rifts fans). Personally, I've played a Ley-Line Walker, Juicer, and Glitter Boy. I was about to be a Crazy too...wait, no....that's real life.

Thanks also to our buddies John Wick (of record-setting 7th Sea fame), Mike Conn, Jimmy Macias, and the folks who played with us here at Pinnacle central in Chandler, Arizona. Some GREAT stuff came out of that game--like the Burn rules for the Juicer I think most folks will love. :)

Because of our amazing staff and ALL YOU AWESOME PEOPLE, this game has undergone more playtesting than anything we've ever done. Sean and Ross did a fantastic job running the games and incorporating your feedback, and it shows in the work.

We'll show you some samples of that work in the coming days, starting with the Glitter Boy!

Stretch Goals're really here for new Stretch Goals, aren't you?

We came up with the rest of the goals but not the amounts since we didn't know what kind of response we were going to get. We're also very conscious about only listing stuff we know we can handle and won't interfere with getting all the print books we're working on done in the time we said we would.

So please give us until early afternoon tomorrow and we'll show you what we've got coming. I will tell you this though...




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So. The new bio. I've been staring at it too long. Opinions?

A French Creole native son of New Orleans, George "Loki" Williams' has worked for local icons such as WWOZ, Tipitinas, House of Blues, and Commanders Palace. Combining these "front line" experiences with his Garden District upbringing allows him bring an extra depth to his tours of the city. His online work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (including and the Rising Tide Conference) has been covered in MetroPolitics EU and other scholarly publications.

George is also the lead freelance designer for Savage Mojo, where he has helmed the company's new Pathfinder RPG product line, including the critically acclaimed Dungeonlands: Palace of The Lich Queen. Co-manager of since 2004 and first published by Kobold Press in 2012, he has been gleefully freelancing for Jon Brazer Enterprises and other publishers ever since.

He is proud to have been part of teams that have earned the following awards: Silver ENnies in 2005 and 2007 for Planewalker, Bulldog Reporter Award in 2008 for the ”Blog Buddy” campaign for AMACOM Books, Webby Award in 2008 for OSI's Katrina: an UnNatural Disaster, and an ENnie nomination in 2013 for Dark Roads and Golden Hells from Open Design/Kobold Press.

He resides in his native city of New Orleans with his lovely wife Alexis and three insubordinate felines - Eris, Rose and Puck.

5208 Magazine St. Suite #250 | New Orleans, LA 70115

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Teaching at Tulane, then running a tour, then fixing a corrupted manuscript file. I'll be needing this.

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Also, something about the Cheesemakers.

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I had a blast working on this.
Do you like Fantasy? We've got that. Science Fiction? Try Set Rising. Steampunk? The mysterious fae from Clockwork Dreams has you covered. There are many ways to travel between worlds and we use Telesma (a special token with its own intelligence) to help you in many ways both subtle and overt.

Whether you want to play in a single world or are interested in a universe spanning adventure, our Telesma can move you through time or across the universe to a different world. The Suzerain Continuum is only the first step in exploring a vast and exciting universe.

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Yay! More deckplans! 
Here's 2 alternate decks - I only changed the sleeping chambers and observation/galley deck furnishings for the differences (I've yet to do the autumn version). One alternate is for human pirates who are more comfortable with hammocks and require cooked food, so has a stove. The second alternate are for larger races (Giff, maybe?) who can only fit one bed per room and prefer actual beds. Also the captain of the ship has taken over the aft chamber making it a proper captain's quarters. Also more security conscious they place lockable doors for each chamber, instead of leaves, even having a door at the cargo ladder to prevent unauthorized access to the cargo deck.

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Loving this. Nothing like waking up to a 4.5 star review! 
Massively pleased to get another 4.5 star review from +Endzeitgeist Sigurðr !

"Miles M. Kantir, Zach Wellhouse, Alan Bundock, Clyde Clark, Richard Mendenhall, Aaron Rosenberg, George “Loki” Williams, Pastor Allan Hoffmann, Richard Moore and Matt Medeiros have done an impressive job in this huge book. Suzerain endeavors to be basically a campaign-template for high-level gaming and themes – and it succeeds in several interesting regards: The decision to emphasize the narrative component without drifting off into the, pardon my French, competitive bullshitting of FATE, works surprisingly well in the Pathfinder-context. The demigod-rules are sufficiently different from mythic rules to fit a different playstyle and themes, which is a BIG plus in my book – I love mythic rules (provided I can use all those Legendary Games-supplements; I hate vanilla mythic with a fiery passion…)…and I can see myself growing to love these rules as well, perhaps even combining them for some particularly brutal foes.

Theme-wise, Suzerain is basically the planewalker’s toolkit as opposed to mythic’s superhero-flair. Toolkit…that’s what describes this book best. There are crunchier books out there, sure – but the ideas and observations regarding often problematic themes, setting-switching etc. make this a handy tome to have. The crunchy statblocks and adventure/campaign-sketches also illustrate rather well how to utilize these rules….or rather, concepts. The true treasure herein lies in the concepts and yes, this book makes it significantly easier to come up with a justification for the jumping between worlds.
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