Oh yes! It's about time!
As luck would have it, I worked on a book idea with Peter Diamandis, and here's what our sources and what I told our writer +Todd Townsend to expect when the James Cameron/Sergey Brin-Larry Page backed private space company announces its plans on April 24.

They'll be announcing craft and an orbital station to mine O3 (ubiquitous on the moon) and converting it to fuel in space. That's impossible on Earth due to O3 and its instability here.

Details here on story on where to find the live vid cast of announcement -- why Cameron, XPrize innovator Peter Diamandis and former astronauts are involved.

If you're curious and can't wait for this announcement, pass go and head directly to aNewDomain.net

today featuring +Todd Townsend +Mat Lee +Joy Ma, John C. Dvorak, +Trey Ratcliff me and as always, our anchor, Dr. Jerry Pournelle.
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