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So full of win.
E.E. "Doc" Smith cosplaying as C.L. Moore's Northwest Smith, the Han Solo of his time.
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Wow! Detailed review later, but this is one of the best books I've read in a long time! 

Just ordered two more of this guy's books, which is all of them at this point. Simply incredible stuff, action packed and gripping but still downloads a ton of evolutionary biology into your brain as you read it.

On a scale of one to ten this one goes to thirteen. Go. Read. You'll thank me. 

EDIT Forgot to mention that this is an Amazon affiliate link. Just didn't want anyone to think I was sneaking it in. The few pennies it generates go right back into my book habit.  
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+Bryan Tibbetts Haven't been quite so happy with an author since I discovered Charles Stross about two years ago. 
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George E. Williams IV

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More reasons to hate the IRS, as if we needed any new ones.
The IRS has not eliminated WIndows XP from even half their computers (after 6 years of warnings it was going away), and instead is spending $11 - $30 Million of our tax money on specialized support from Microsoft. <facepalm>
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Note that the sequester and gov't shutdown also screwed up time lines and the resources available to make the upgrades. 
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George E. Williams IV

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As a DM I must admit that I'm not huge on the use of minis, in my 1e and AD&D days I would only pull them out sometimes for particular battles. I think the old school "theater of the mind" approach has led to much more creative and crazy actions during combat than the grid does.

Since the advent of Pathfinder and the influx of younger gamers into my group I find that they want minis all the time. +Gennifer Bone makes some good points below. I'd love to hear your thought on them.

+Gennifer Bone make
Finally watched "The Desolation of Smaug".  Oh, Oh my.

That is what a dragon is supposed to be.

And what fighting a dragon should be.

Too often, I see battle in rpgs as stagnant.  People just run up on the hit points and exchange blows until someone dies.  

I think it comes from the overuse of miniatures in combat.  They are so go, miniatures, but they also limit the thinking.

Sometimes, you need the theater of the mind.

I think I may do some house rules for mobility in combat.  Give characters reasons to move and dance in battle.

Perhaps every round will include a roll for advantage, like in the upcoming 5th edition.

But, rules aside, there simply needs to be a new sense of awe in RPGs, one that is often forgotten.
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Use mini's for combat, don't use mini's for conversation/downtime parts of the game.  These two parts of the game should alternate and take up relatively the same amount of real time.  Unfortunately, I've been in several  groups that concentrate almost exclusively on one or the other.
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George E. Williams IV

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Planewalker is down. Apologies for not noticing for a few days, both Clueless and I had tons of real world stuff that basically ate our faces.

She comes up for air tomorrow and we will get things sorted. Thanks for hearing with us!
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George E. Williams IV

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This made me laugh out loud.
A new approach to alignment.
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There is a reason Assamir Paladins start with "ass". Very happy to see Murder Hobo, but i need some Chaotic Neutrals!
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George E. Williams IV

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Okay, first few days digging through my review copy of Realm Works have me quite excited. Great world building tool so far. Full review soon. 
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I enjoyed it myself
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New toys!
#GlassUpdates are back with KitKat for Glass, photo bundles & more  

You’ve been asking us when the next round of updates were coming. Well, they’re coming later this week! We know it’s been a little while, but this is a big one and we think it’s well worth the wait. Here’s what you’ll find in the new release:

KitKat for Glass – Our most exciting update is subtle, but big. We’ve been working on a significant upgrade to a new version of the Glass software. It’s not a change you can see, but it brings improved battery life and makes Glass more reliable and easier to update in the future. And now that Glass runs Android KitKat, developers can write Glassware using the latest Android SDK goodness, along with new features from our GDK.

Photo bundles – This one has been a long-standing request from our Explorers: now when you scroll through your timeline, your photos, videos and vignettes from each day will be organized in bundles so that you can swipe less and see more.

Photo replies in Hangouts – Photo sharing has been really popular amongst our Explorers, so we’ve added new ways to send photos in Hangout messages. The next time someone asks “what’s up,” tap “Reply” and then take a photo to show them. (If you already took the perfect photo, you can still tap to “Send” it in a Hangout message.)

Sending feedback – We always want to hear feedback from you on ways we can make Glass better so we’re making it even easier. Tap on the device info card in Settings and tell us what’s on your mind. If you need help, you can still send us an email, call us, or post in the Explorers Community.

Voice command sorting – With new features and Glassware, your voice command menu has grown pretty long. When you tap or say “ok glass,” voice commands are now sorted by recency and frequency, making it easier to see the commands you use most often and faster to access them from the touch menu. 

Video calls – We hold ourselves to high standards for the features that we build, and video calls aren’t living up to these standards. Explorers have told us so directly, and fewer than 10% of them use video calls. For this reason, we’ve made the hard decision to remove video calls from Glass until the experience is better. We don’t know when that will be, but in the meantime, keep an eye on MyGlass as more Glassware is built and released – we’re already seeing the developer community work on other video streaming services. We’ve always said that feedback from Explorers shapes Glass, and this is no exception.

…and more – This is a massive update and we couldn’t fit all the changes into this post, so watch the Glass Journal in the Explorers Community to see the rest.
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Temps in the low 40s? In mid April? In New Orleans?

Have can anyone think we have not screwed up the global thermostat? 
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George E. Williams IV

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The circle is now complete.
A Police Box has been unveiled to the public in Boscombe.

The box, which looks very similar to the TARDIS, was officially unveiled at 11:30am on Tuesday, 8th April 2014.

Dorset Police said it would act as a visible presence to tackle crime, as well as being a tourist attraction, and is one of only two operational boxes in the country - the other located in London.

Tobias Ellwood, Bournemouth East MP said: "Boscombe has had its challenges with anti-social behaviour but it is a vibrant community."

"The box itself is now a fantastic, iconic symbol of a desire by the police and the community to be very optimistic about where this part of Bournemouth is going."

He added: "I couldn't help but notice that many in the crowd were dressed up as Doctor Who figures - there was even a Dalek there."

Before the unveiling, Tony Tester, chair of Dorset Police tweeted: "Off to the launch of the new police box this morning by car not time travel."

The design of the box is based on the 1929 version, created for the Metropolitan Police and made famous worldwide by the Doctor Who TV series.

#DoctorWho #DrWho   #TARDIS    #BoscombePoliceBox #PoliceBox
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Yes, I'm a pro blogger. Yes I write games. Yes, I'm Creole French and love to cook. Yes, I am a Google Glass Explorer. No, I will not shut up.

DISCLAIMERS: The opinions, articles, humor, photos, video, rants, raves, fevered delirium and all other content shared here are mine alone. They do not represent the opinions, plans, views, hobbies or interests of my clients or employers. 

While I don't post profanity or "adult" material often, I do not make kid-friendly posts nor do I censor my content. If you are under 18, please do not circle me.

I try to be polite in all my interactions, but I will not stand by when others make blatantly false, creepy, or hate based comments. I do call people out and use my ban stick when needed.

Who is this Loki guy? Wasn't he the villain in The Avengers or something?

I'm George "Loki" Williams, pro blogger, rpg designer, Glass Explorer, and native creole cook. I have a love for the odd, the amusing and the tasty. Loki was a nickname I was given in my days at the House of Blues that just stuck. It was originally because of my awful puns. 

I'm not a super villain, but I do lead a double life of sorts. 

By Day I am the owner of SocialGumbo, LLC, an online consultancy specializing in Web content, community management and social media. I've worked for clients including the Open Society Institute, The National Association of Broadcasters, The VCU Brand Center, Humane Exposures Publishing, and Kaiser Permanente amoong others. I'm one of the organizers of the Rising Tide Conference in New Orleans and one fo the producers of NOLA Time Fest. My work has been seen or written about in The New York Times, The BBC, Air America, and, among others.

By Night I'm one of the managers of, the Official Planescape Website, and have been since 2004. During that time we've won two Silver ENnie Awards ('05 and '07). I am also the Founder of the largest Pathfinder RPG Community on Google+. I've produced Pathfinder based work for Open Design, Adamant Entertainment, Savage Mojo, Jon Brazer Entertainment, and Heroic Joourney Publishing.

When not blogging for myself or clients I moderate a number of online communities and provide instruction on use and best practices for social media. 

Add me to Circles About: Technology, Social Media, RPGs, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Film & TV, Geek Culture, Writing, Media, Mardi Gras, Cooking, Cocktails

I tend to post about: Social Media, Science Fiction, Bloggers, Media, Comics, New Orleans, RPGS, RIsing Tide Conference, Politics, Books, Cooking and Cocktails

If you need Pathfinder RPG design work, consulting, blogging, comunity management or training services please drop me a line. I offer special pricing for non profits and RPG clients.  Thanks!

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Google Glass Explorer | 2011 Campaign of the Year on Obsidian Portal | 2 Silver ENnie Awards during my watch on | Joining the team just as they won a Webby | Meeting the love of my life on the night of my birthday.
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I genuinely hate giving a restaurant a bad review, but sometimes it is well called for. I spent over twenty years working in restaurants in the front of the house, most of the time as head waiter. This means not only that I know good service, but also that I am more inclined than many to turn a blind eye to errors if the server is obviously “in the weeds,” or otherwise having a crappy night. I’ve been there, it sucks. I have to speak out concerning my first visit to Pomodori’s this evening. The food was quite tasty, but the service was nothing short of abysmal. A spontaneous dinner out with some friends became a comedy of errors in extremely short order. Sitting around for fifteen minutes waiting for a drink order is a bit excessive, but I’ve dealt with worse and still left a solid 20% as long as the rest of service went well. Such was not to be the case. One reason that a good waiter repeats your order back to you is in order to ensure its accuracy. This is especially true if the table is asking for changes to the dish, or “mods,” as most places call them. Our table had several mods, all of the simplest kind- add chicken, add prosciutto, etc. Nothing subtracted, no drastic rewrites of menu items. One would think that your average college student could get that, right? No. Well over twenty minutes after placing our order the first entree arrived, accompanied by a pizza that turns out to be for a different table. Lonely it was as it sat, unaccompanied, on the broad and empty expanse of our table of six. Another twelve minutes go by. Then four more entrees arrive. One of them is a salad, not the pasta we ordered. It goes back and our party begins to dig in, sharing what is there. If you’re having trouble keeping up that is now four out of the six entrees that are on the table. Additionally, my Alfredo was suspiciously lacking in the chicken I had requested. Absolutely famished at this point I wrote it off and began to dig in. Another fifteen or so minutes go by and the replacement for the salad, the Gorgonzola pizza we originally ordered, arrives. That still leaves us one down, a pizza that had still not arrived. I really should have called a manager over, but morbid curiosity had gotten the better of me I have to admit. I wanted to see just how far the quality of service would actually sink. You see, among the other annoyances the server only came by to refill our drinks once during our entire two hours there, when one of our party motioned to her after prolonged neglect. The entire visit was filled with this sort of thing. The check had to be redone three different times, and it would have been more if I had not decided that my time was worth more than waiting another twenty minutes while a $2.00 addition of chicken got removed. It was the first time in over a decade I left without tipping. (I tip 20% for average service so you can imagine what this took.) I want to close with a comment, so that it is fresh in your mind after reading this: The food, was wonderful. I really enjoyed the items that hit our table. All compliments to the chef, still it would have been nice if there were more resemblance to the items we ordered, but it was great eating nonetheless. Since I’m the new guy, only been in Cincy a year and a half, I’m still trying out restaurants. I have a feeling that despite the great food it will be a long time before I go to Pomodori’s rather than trying something new. Service like that is something you remember.
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Discovered this spot while staying around the corner recently. Great ambiance for afternoon cocktails and conversation. Even though I am a non smoker I found the atmosphere to be inviting. They must have some serious ventilation. I wish I could recall the bartender's name. A young, vivacious blonde who provided excellent service. I will be going there for drinks again next time I visit from New Orleans.
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Food: Horrible and never, ever prepared properly Service: A great example of "Service with a Sneer" The most sullen staff I have seen in any establishment and the worst food of any Wendy's I've ever been in. This is not a snap judgement, I've now given them over ten opportunities to get an order right and they never have. On one visit my burger was uncooked, I was given the wrong drink (in the wrong size no less), and the fries were burned. Every experience since then has been like that. Another time I ordered a large frosty and nothing else, surmising that they could not mess that up. I was given a small one. When I brought it to the woman's attention she threw it out and made me another small one. When I interrupted her cellphone conversation to ask once more for my large frosty she finally made it, muttering profanity she did not think I could hear the entire time. I honestly cannot understand why this place is still open other than the fact that it is on a main thoroughfare. I think that the company seriously needs to hold this franchisee's toes to the fire because this is not the level of quality or service that their brand is built on.
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Food: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Good
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reviewed a year ago
10 reviews
Cafe Luna was recently purchased by a new owner and the results are a joy to all of us who live in the neighborhood. The menu has improved and all the pastries are made in house (best croissants I've had since I was in Paris). the quality of the coffee has likewise improved drastically. Luna has gone from a place I would not frequent, even though it was a mere few blocks away, to someplace I spend time in every day. That is the best recommendation I can give. Go check it out!
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Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 9 months ago
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago