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Newly discovered Mark Twain material

In the early 1860's Mark Twain had a job writing for the San Francisco Chronicle. In debt and drinking a lot, he thought about committing suicide to avoid debasing himself as a humor writer.

I've often wondered what kind of stuff he would be writing if he were around today. We'll never know, and until today I never thought I'd see anything more from him.

This article has links that lead to some newly discovered material:
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I used to sit and just wait for the reruns of Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight.  You can only wonder what he would have said about the bailouts. A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain. Thanks for posting this linke +George Cohn 
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George Cohn

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This article makes a pretty good case that Elon Musk may have just stolen nuclear power's thunder.
It would be almost three hours until Tesla's big announcement, but inside a Northwestern University classroom near Chicago Thursday night, the famed nuclear critic Arnie Gundersen had the inside scoop: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was about to announce an industrial-scale battery, Gundersen said, that would cost about 2¢ per kilowatt hour to use, putting the final nail in the coffin of nuclear power.
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Not yet but he will. 
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George Cohn

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So you want to be a film editor?

A great movie or video grabs your attention and never lets go until it's finished telling it's story. The story starts with a script and gets brought to life through direction and photography. But the real storytelling, the pacing and revelation, happens in the edit.

This +Editors' Lounge panel, moderated by +Debra Kaufman, features 4 world class storytellers:
Richard Halsey, editor Rocky, Edward Scissorhands and Sister Act
Tina Hirsch, editor Gremlins, Dante's Peak and The West Wing
Norman Hollyn, editor Heathers, It's Pat and Wild Palms
Glenn Morgan, editor/post producer Project Runway and Under the Gunn

The story they tell here is about how they've had to become adept at sales & marketing in order to support their editing habit (and their income).

As an aside, I didn't care for the way this video was edited. All the gratuitous camera changes were so distracting I had to look away sometimes.

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George Cohn

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Collections have only been out for a day, and +martin shervington has already published a complete guide!
A Guide to Google+ Collections. (NEW)
A great place to get started, and a few hints and tips along the way too...

Google+ has a new awesome feature called 'Collections' and here is a guide covering just about everything you'll need to know!
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Cool +Dustin W. Stout, I'll have to check it out.
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George Cohn

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Nice, good evening:)
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George Cohn

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Ben E. King is a true legend of rock. His presence is vivid in the many covers of Stand By Me, including the remarkable around-the-world Playing For Change version:

Blessings and good faring Ben!

via +Joanne Manaster
RIP Ben E. King. The R&B legend has died age 76.
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+George Cohn: "PLaying For Change"
A lot of people are saying, asking, do a lot of thing for change.
And people still kill another people, people sometimes are worse than animals. Animals's killind to live. People's killing and hurting because it's some...... The Hero: Malala Yousafzai.
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George Cohn

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I have got to get me some of these!

h/t +Larry Fournillier 
 Jimi...on a postage stamp...blows my mind. 
This is the new Jimi Hendrix Postage Stamp. I bought a sheet today. Today is also +Katherine Tattersfield's birthday. If I ever send you something by mail, Katherine, I will use a Jimi stamp. That will be my #onething , afer-the-fact birthday present to you.
Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky. Happy b'day, KT.  : D
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come a long way.....jimi
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George Cohn

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Pecan Pie

I posted this image on Pi Day, but didn't post the recipe:

I developed it after googling "pecan pie" and not liking what I saw. They all called for odd combinations of corn syrup and brown & white sugars, and I wanted something much simpler. I decided to use raw cane sugar, easy to find at any Mexican grocery, and increase the amount of liquid a bit. After a few tries, I tried adding a teaspoon of bourbon. Then the awesome flavor really came together!
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+Stefan J. Hermen the crust in the photo is made from freshly ground soft wheat, butter, salt, and water. My recipe for that is here

The bourbon seems to add back some of the corn flavor that's missing because of having no corn syrup, and it does a better job of it in my opinion. It also adds a subtle oakiness that works well with the pecans. I bet that Elijah Craig will do a great job for you. Let us know, OK?
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George Cohn

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+Dustin W. Stout's excellent guide to Collections is well written, and its visual design is among the best I've seen. originally shared:
Everything You Need to Know About Google+ Collections
This is going to be HUGE!

This is probably the biggest feature update in a long time for +Google+. Essentially you now have a proper way to categorize your Google+ posts and people can follow those specific categories (or _Collections). 

This is something that users have been wanting for a long time! 

Read my full breakdown by clicking the article below. 

BONUS: I've included a downloadable template for customizing your collections covers! Enjoy! 

#googleplustips   #googleplusupdate  
Google+ Collections: A new way to curate your digital life. Google just released it’s newest addition to Google+ and it’s called Collections. So what in th
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Wow, thanks +George Cohn! :D
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George Cohn

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What I really like about collections is that you don't have to follow someone wholesale. If a person makes great posts about, say, tech or cooking, but also blast out cute animal motion gifs that you find annoying, you can follow only the collections you're interested in seeing.

And as a person with eclectic tastes, I now have the ability to post along my various areas of interest without feeling like I have to hold back.
Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. Today, we’re announcing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic.

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections.

Posts in collections you follow will appear in your Home stream, with a link to easily jump right into the collection so you can get to similar content from that author. Collections give you a great way to find more of the stuff you love from the people you follow.

Collections is available on Android and the web, and iOS is coming later. For Android users, make sure to update your Google+ app to get access to Collections.

For inspiration on interesting topics, check out our Featured Collections page here:

Create your collections today and share what you love.
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I agree +Yuan LIU, it encourages more public posting, as opposed to spending all your time in Communities.
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George Cohn

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RIP Ben King, age 76: " Ben E. King is a true legend of rock. His presence is vivid in the many covers of Stand By Me, including the remarkable around-the-world Playing For Change version" +George Cohn 
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And nonetheless you're still an infoguru, geo.
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