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George Castro
I'm not stuck in here with you... YOU'RE STUCK IN HERE WITH ME!!!
I'm not stuck in here with you... YOU'RE STUCK IN HERE WITH ME!!!
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My Google Play Music wish list

1: Crossfader... this can be done.
2: List View ... Album art and artist photo views is kind of annoying when you have a huge collection.
3: Multi-Room Controls should be better. I should be able to control volumes for different audio chrome cast like you can from the chrome cast app.
4: Multi-device control for multi room setups. If there are separate rooms there probably are separate devices. it would be nice to continue control of a playlist that you started in one room and are then listening to in another.

Love the new look of the app ui, great work. I would like to make a suggestion for two things that I would find useful and maybe others world too.

1: Notification functionality. Like for example in the music apps I use, when the apps are running, they place notification widget with track info and player controls. I would find this very useful for when I want to turn a light on or off, choose a new preset etc. Rather than exit the app I am currently using to have to either go to the hue pro app or to the home screen to go to the widgets (which I like btw) it would be easier to swipe down notifications pane and click my customized hue pro shortcuts.

2: l use Android Wear and would also love Android Wear support.

Keep up the great work.

was wondering if you were planning any sort of refresh to the app? as much as I enjoyed the flick gestures I kinda prefered actual button areas. I was wondering (and I would be one that would pay for ) a watch face that had music and volume controls on it now that you can add interactive watch faces maybe this would be a possibility? would be real interested in one. Thoughts?

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May I suggest two possible features...
1: to be able to do presets that just effect certain lights without having to change ALL lights 
ex: preset 1 will turn on lights A and C but leave light B how ever it may be. 
2:any way to do a check to see if a light preset has already been set and then not set it ? scenario for this would be a home with multiple users and if lights are already on then if the other person arrives if its also set to turn them on it wont turn them on.

thanks just a few thoughts/suggestions

I was wondering if you could help with a question... I use both the Hue Pro and the Hue Pro Tasker. I get inconsistencies with having lights turn on and off when connecting and disconnecting to my home wifi. There are settings for this in both apps. What is the correct way of setting this up. Could you maybe write a tutorial on how to use both apps together since most of us use your apps together. Thanks in advance 

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