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George Appiah

It's about time free users of web and mobile apps got some love for the tremendous value they bring to these companies, especially in their startup days. #FreeUsersDay is coming.

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My State of the Family Address, with silly, cryptic pontifications about the goings-on in my little nest of 3:

Good morning Googlers... I'm baaaack!

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Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Sales Excellence is giving away a whole bunch of free eBooks for IT profesisonals (and power users) working with Microsoft Technologies. These Microsoft eBooks cover a wide variety of Microsoft technologies, including:…

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I recently received an email from TU Delft (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) celebrating 1 million enrollments in their MOOCs program — an effort to open education and allow learners from all around the world to gain access to TU Delft…

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After I published my diatribe on why 2015 was such a stale year for me financially, I found my inner critique yelling at me for passing the buck — blaming external factors for my failures — when I know deep down that there are other, perhaps bigger,…

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I wrote this on Christmas eve, 2015, but never had the courage to put it online. Until now. It’s Christmas day tomorrow. I packed my backpack some two weeks, bid goodbye to house and family, and checked myself into a little room in a not-so-little hotel…

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This is the reason why I still cannot trust local Ghanaian companies with my credit card processing. I get it that they need to do maintenance, but putting a whole PAYMENT INFRASTRUCTURE offline for hours and cutting off revenue for customers is not acceptable. That's soooo 18th century that shouldn't be happening today.

Recently MTN's MobileMoney service was down for DAYS, because of "upgrade". The banks are no exception either... I still remember a colleague's woes with Ecobank during their recent "upgrade."

Not me. I'll just continue to pay taxes to Uncle Sam in the US to maintain my US company.

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Awesome free event minisite template from LeadPages

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Interesting story.
I don't know if story is true or not, but I am participating in few alpha products and had my portion of reporting. Sometimes resolution Engineer wants to have everything giving to them on a silver platter, without ground work, but ground work and research are extremely important.

Some time ago the Pontiac Division of General Motors received a complaint:

This is the second time that I have written to you. I don’t blame you for not answering my first letter as I must have sounded crazy.

In our family, we have a tradition of having ice cream for desert after dinner each night. Every night, after we’ve eaten, we vote on which kind of ice cream to have – and I drive down to our local store to buy it. I recently purchased a new Pontiac and since then I’ve had a problem when I go to the ice cream store. Every time I buy vanilla ice cream and go back to my car it won’t start. If I buy any other type it starts first time. I realize this sounds insane but it’s true.

Please help me understand what it is that makes my Pontiac fail to start when I purchase vanilla ice cream and easy to start with any other type.

The complaints department was naturally skeptical about this letter. However it was obviously written by somebody educated who knew how to write clearly and lucidly. Furthermore the area the writer came from was an affluent area – and a Pontiac is not a cheap car. They decided to take it seriously and an engineer was sent to investigate. The engineer arranged to meet the man just after dinner time – and the two drove to the ice cream store. That night, the vote had been for vanilla ice cream – and just as the man had said, the car wouldn’t start. Bemused, the engineer returned the following night – and the night after that. The car started first time – the votes had been for chocolate on the first night, and strawberry the second night. The fourth night, the choice was again for vanilla – and the car failed to start.

The engineer now realized that there was a problem that needed identification and fixing. He started to log what happened from the moment they arrived at the store – arrival time, time taken to make the purchase, and several other factors. Soon he had a clue – purchases of vanilla ice cream took less time than the other flavors. The reason was that the freezer containing vanilla ice cream was at the front of the store near a quick purchase till,  while other flavors were at the back and required lining up to get checked out.

Quickly the engineer realized that this was the answer to the problem – not the ice cream flavor, but the time required. When purchasing vanilla ice cream there was a vapor lock which prevented the car restarting. With the other flavors, there was sufficient time for the engine to cool down, allowing vapor to dissipate and the car to restart.
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