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A Chili plant, taken at a 1.8ish meter distance with an old 500mm mirror lens ( mounted on my digital Olympus E-500. This makes it an effective 1000mm (1m) lens at f/8, add ND filters at the mount end to 'stop it down', no aperture adjustment, it is fixed at f/8. So this test worked out very nicely.

This is a monochromatic 'orange filter' conversion of the color one for #monochromemonday   #macromonday     #dofmonday  

exposure was 2.5s, f/8, ISO 100, 1000mm, available light only, with more greenery further out, east side of house
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Cool!  Love that bit of light lighting up the fuzz on the underside of the leaf.  
Thanks +Kelli Seeger Kim this has extreme shallow depth of field so will be quite cool to play with. Imagine a real 1 meter long lens! ;) but only weights about half a kilo and is around 25cm long with it's hood, so 12 without.
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