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I love that the bank is treating her like she's being the unreasonable one when they're completely at fault.  At a guess, they're assuming she is unable to pay for a lawyer to sue them into behaving like responsible humans.

Maybe, just maybe, they'll change their tune with a little more publicity.  It's a wonder how quickly corporations turn form bully to concerned corporate citizen when the media picks ups a story.
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That is unbelievable! I cannot understand why the police are not taking that one as a crime?
That's exactly what they're assuming. They may be in the wrong, but they're a bank and she's a nobody. They'll just stall any legal action until she's bankrupt.

It's the basic rules of high-volume business:

1) Most people won't notice when you do something wrong/illegal.
2) Of those that do, most won't do anything about it.
3) Of those that do, most can easily be talked down.
4) Of those that can't, most won't demand compensation.
5) Of those that do, most can be talked out of it.
6) Of those that can't, most won't press the issue.
7) Of those that do, most won't actually sue you.
8) Of those that do, most can't afford to win.
9) Of those that can, they're so few and far between that any judgement against you will be a tiny fraction of the money you've made off the people who never got this far.
You'd think there's be a local lawyer who could take it on spec, and add on emotional damages to make enough on the whole thing to pay her back and make his cut as well.
You'd think some local lawyer would take it on spec, add emotional damages, and make enough out of it to get her money and make his fees as well.
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