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Geoffrey Ogonosky
Father, Husband, Designer, Photographer, Gamer, Driver, Mighty One, PPOV.
Father, Husband, Designer, Photographer, Gamer, Driver, Mighty One, PPOV.

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Hey +Ed Presutti.. It's coming... 

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So, HTC has made a device that you can use to "Take calls while using your phone to surf online, watch videos or play games. Instant notifications of texts, events, and emails ensure you won’t miss a thing."

Yes, they've made an old cell phone that connects to your smartphone. Why, why, why!? 

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Yo +Ed Presutti... Weren't we just talking about this? 

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Hey +Ed Presutti... June 30th is doomsday for a ton of EA games. Have I mentioned I'm not buying anther game from those guys? 

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About a month ago I posted this -- -- Well guess what? You CAN draw seven red lines, all strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent ink, and one in the form of a kitten. Nothing is impossible with good design. :-)

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Hey +Ed Presutti

Check it out! They got me a new trash can at work! LOL

So, after hearing so much about it, I finally got around to trying Dark Souls of the Xbox 360. I have to say, it's really a lot better than I expected. It's not nearly as frustrating as I expected after reading the reviews. I think Diablo 1 was probably twice as annoying as this.

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All New HTC One (M8) vs HTC One (M7) - Full Compa…:

Yo +Ed Presutti

Verizon only at launch tho! What's up with that!? 

Annnnnd I cracked my phone screen. Damn it. It's just a hairline across the top third of the screen, and everything still works... But it hurts. I really like this phone. :-(

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There has never been a movie-inspired lego set that I have wanted... until now. 

I have to own this. I spent SO much time as a kid trying to build the ECTO-1 with Legos after the movie came out. I got something that kinda looked like it after weeks of fiddling around with it... but this? This is fantastic. Wow. 
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