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Sometimes things just assemble themselves. Like this picture... I came across a table at my in-laws place in the countryside and there was an assortment of things on it that the kids had collected and been playing with ... there was this arthropod in a glass of water (I still haven't gotten around to identifying it yet ... it seems to have a lot of segmented legs!) and there was this illustration from a newspaper by the illustrator 'Reg' ... the two objects just seemed made to go together and well, here they are :-)
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You know +P E Sharpe that's about the loveliest thing anyone's said to me all day :-)

The day is technically less than an hour old but it's off to a great start!
I want to say 'very brave' ;-)
you know, bug and all
Wonderful +Geoffrey Dunn - these two really do seem perfect together. I am also struck that death is worth two points more than life... ;)
I like the Scrabble pieces...
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