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Super Affiliate Trainer, Author

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Want the top tips & strategies used by outrageously successful affiliate marketers?

These 2 multi-millionaires are from Singapore-Malaysia: Ewen Chia and Patric Chan. These two guys win all the affiliate marketing competitions. Worth reading their e-Books - so I'm giving you 9 of their strategy and tactics #ebooks as a gift for being a reader of mine on Google Plus.

Geoff Dodd
Focus On Success
Australia and New Zealand

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Qualified as a Level 4 Local Guide with Google Maps! Wow. I'm getting incentivized. Buzz... keep going?! #maps 

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This new DJI Spark Hi-tech Mini #Drone  Quadcopter
is incredible!
You can control it with hand gestures and arm movements,
so long as the Full HD Video CAM is looking at you!

Palm launch. Return to home mode = back to your hand!
Hover, stabilize and take streaming HD VIDEO or 12 MP shots
for aerial photography FUN.

This mini drone watches your gestures and hand movements to
be controlled. OR use a mobile phone's WiFi or a new gen WiFi
remote controller. That gives you a 1.24 mile range. On your WiFi
radio (remote) control.

All of this for just $499.99 but I recommend a BUNDLE with all
purchases of #quadcopter  devices, so as to get spare batteries,
rotor protectors, a carrying case, etc.

Technology Editor
Focus On A Success Mindset

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Creately dot com is worth a visit and a looksee.

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Our Technology Editor has been a very, very busy boy!
The Rolls Royce of #drones  for civilians is the World-acclaimed
DJI Phantom 4 Pro model. It is completely affordable for nerds
and techies, land surveyors, professional photographers and you
at just $1,499.99 for the bundle that includes a hard shell Backpack,
as well as the normal, soft carrying case.

This backpack bundle deal is priced at about $99 more than the price
of the drone alone. Worth every penny.

Get everything you need to fly your very own pro #quadcopter  for
business or for the sheer joy and exhilaration of it.

Remember to download a DJI GO App at Google PlayStore or Apple's
iTunes Store, so you can run pre-flight tests and checklists.

Then, watch for the green light. The pure fun is priceless.

Geoff Dodd,
Technology Editor,
Focus On Success

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Here's a starter #drone  for you, with Video

The DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 Channel 6 Axis Gyro RTF RC Quadcopter
can ALSO ...

Be used with a VR headset for amazing #flight  experiences
in Virtual Reality.

Make sure to get about 6 extra batteries for your drone, as
this one runs for 8-9 minutes flight time, on a single charge.

The price is currently $69.99 and that's down from $89 vicinity,
so don't expect a Boeing or an Airbus A380 for this ticket...

Ha ha.... but a good #quadcopter  fun machine for an investment
of only $69.99 sounds like a wonderful deal to me.

Imagine what fun a teenager would get out of this quadcopter
drone. Send her out to a wide open space for the initial flying

Sounds good?

Let's all Focus On Success.
Geoff Dodd

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Here's a brief slideshow. It quickly tells you why Magnesium is so critical in the human body. There are literally thousands of intake or absorption points for the usage of this important mineral. A trace element like magnesium must be understood by everyone in the Twenty First Century!

What are the best natural food sources of magnesium?

Which supplements are best and why?

What is transdermal magnesium oil and why does it work so well?

All these questions and more are answered by watching the quick, 5 slide show and then proceeding through to the website.

Take a peek today. Do it right now.

Health Editor

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Questions about Magnesium Deficiency?

There is no blood test for #magnesiumdeficiency  because only 1%
of your available magnesium is circulating in your blood. Most of it
is stored in your bones.

This deficiency problem is implicated in many, serious and chronic
conditions, such as heart disease, hormonal imbalances like PMS
(more acute) and constipation, osteoporosis - as well as mind-body
imbalances: anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Read about magnesium deficiency and how you can overcome it
with a simple spray method, transdermally. Also - what are the 10
best food sources for a natural supply of magnesium?

Geoff Dodd
Focus On A Success Mindset

Health Division

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How can I get paid for blogging?
What is the best #blogging  Platform?

What are the distinct advantages of using #Wordpress  Blog Platform?
* number of themes
* power of marketing plugins
* highly evolved PHP development
* choose self-hosted or
* easy updating
* SEO built-in help with the Yoast plugin which is improving
* WP fast cache plugin to convert files to .html format

Get paid for your blogging - Hot Tips for beginners

Geoff Dodd
Focus On Success
#monetizing  your fav WordPress blog with:

1. list building and email marketing
2. selling ad space, if you have traffic volume
3. suitable affiliate products @ 75% commission rate


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Investing In Gold And Silver. For Life.
Not just as bullion bars. No.
Also for #cashflow that's regular.

Take our free Webinar.

Learn about investing in #gold and #silver as a long-term hedge
strategy, that grows at up to 26% annually!

Minesh Bhindi and David Morgan have a talk. See the video
on this page. It is packed with real gems of life lessons,
about wisely investing.
Not in cryptocurrencies.
Not in government bonds.
Not in The Dow. Not stocks.

Investing long term in gold and silver, here:

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