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Quick and Dirty Google Glass Frames Review

Reduced my baldness, Eliminated my geekiness, and Brought back my handsomeness

My Frames arrived 24 hrs after I ordered them.  Went with Thin in Charcoal to match my Charcoal Glass.

The packaging is just as nice as what Glass comes in and includes the Frames, Hard Case with Removal Tool, Extra Nose Pads with Cleaning Cloth, and Instructions for both us and an Eye Care Professional.

I turned the tiny screw holding Glass to the original frames counter clockwise 3 times and tugged lightly . . . bingo, Glass was now off the frames.  Quickly slid Glass on my new Frames and tightened the screw.  That was it!

I can honestly say, Glass is so much more comfortable with these frames.  The way the nose pads sit on the bridge of my nose is perfect.  The old frame always dug into my face.  I never got them adjusted exactly how I wanted.  The new Frames required ZERO adjustment.  The fit perfectly and have Glass placed exactly where it needs to be for perfect focus.

I don't NEED normal glasses, but got a pair last year to help wth eye strain while using the computer.  As a balding 34yr old man, I found myself less and less handsome as the hairs have left me.  I often joked that I was glad I met my wife when I had hair and was attractive . . . she would chime in "what happened."  Jokingly of course.  But normal glasses made me feel less bald, so much so that I wore them all day every day.

When I got Glass, I immediately fell in love but felt less handsome, more bald, and geeky.  These frames bring back the handsome, reduced my baldness, and make me look far less geeky.  I will be taking the Frames to my Eye Care Professional to add my anti-strain anti-glare prescription ASAP.

Glass Frames have instantly enhanced my Glass ownership experience.  Again, thank you +Google Glass for reducing my baldness, eliminating my geekiness,  and bringing back my handsome!

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+Geoffrey Brackman We're glad to hear you're enjoying your new Thin frames! Thank you for the feedback and let us know if you have any questions. 
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