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Just a few depraved bad apples going off the reservation sometimes, I suppose. Oh wait, no, this is acceptable "collateral damage" of official military maneuvers following SOP. Forgive me if I don't get on board with mass mutilation and murder just because the conflict is "complex."
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These, and other stories like it, are the reasons I don't take pride in being American.
I can remember decades ago the chant was "Hey Hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today?" I wonder when (or even if) we will hear the same chant with Obama replacing LBJ. One would think after Vietnam that people would learn that running around the world warmongering is not a good idea. And being involved with installing the Shah in Iran stands as another gross and malicious stupidity and now the consequences of that are still with us.
The problem is that it has been built into the mainstream thinking -- the idea that we are ALWAYS the good guys, we do the warmongering in the name of "spreading democracy" and collateral damage is a fact of life and war. All of the above are complete bullshit.
I think this kind of crap IS collateral damage in war. So unless our survival is desperate enough we can, if not justify, then... live with it, unless that is true, I think we have no business being at war. There is no such thing as a nice war. Do war or don't.

It is a little hard to make a man a killing machine and them criticize him from our comfy armchairs.
I'm not criticizing the military. Maybe I was unclear. I am, however, criticizing the politics behind all the war leading to this type of collateral damage. It's unneeded.
I say don't do war -- especially offensive war, which US wars tend to be.

But I think you're also missing a deeper connotation of the term "collateral damage." It's not simply a factual reference to innocent people inevitably getting killed in state wars. It's propaganda, misleading, dehumanizing...meant to (self-) convince yourself that what you're supporting or doing isn't evil or to more easily put it out of your mind and absolve yourself of responsibility for evil acts.
+Lance Morrow Perhaps you should criticize the military. It would be pretty hard to fight a war if no one volunteered to go. At least if the draft was reinstated they would have the excuse that their cooperation in mass murder was coerced.
+Daniel Brooks maybe so. Where I currently live, those that criticize the military and the troops are looked upon with disdain, as if one were cursing God. Also a no-no. However, it would also be hard to provide a national defense, if no one volunteered to do it. There are plenty of bad apples in the bunch - many more than there should be. This doesn't mean that one should look past the political reasons of those in power that decide on perpetual war. That must be the starting point.
Exactly +Lance Morrow. We don't need to worship the
Military, but we don't want to completely disband it either.
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