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LOLOMFG, so embarrassing to see this from a self-described libertarian (anarchist!) on a self-described libertarian blog.
I support a Universal Basic Income (UBI), and I think that other libertarians ought to as well. Earlier, Jason sketched the difference between ‘hard libertarians’ and BHL, but didn’t give a specific d...
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more reasons why we are not left-libertarians. the left is horrible. it just confuses people. we are just libertarains. anchored in property rights.
Well, anarchism has its roots in socialism its not suprising.
I don't think my roots are in leftism. And i agree, the right is horrible. we are neither left nor right. we are superior to both.
Yes, I know, stephan and I had a long chit chat about anarchy, socialism, libertarianism and voluntaryism. I'm the later.
be that as it may, spooner was an anarchist and a socialist, and one needs look no further back then the spanish civil war. Ararchy is just the time between systems of government.
I don't think of spooner as socialist, though he was bad on IP -- e.g. he didn't advocate central ownership of the maens of production did he? In any case, it doens't matter to me: what I like about him is he saw the central error and evil of the state; but that is just a consequence or applicatoin for the anarcho-capitalist: our central belief is in the centrality of private property as the essence of justice.
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