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new beetroot stuff

It works (so it seems).

A while back I was pondering the suggestion that nitrates aren't bad for you in Bacon, meats and what not.

Got me thinking (what doesn't). Beetroot and vegetable nitrate is very different than the stuff in meats.

Why? Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite are added to kill shit, and keep shit from growing. The stuff in veggies are physiologically active, not for killing, for living.

Very different.

Do you really want to eat foods containing stuff that is added to kill living organisms? Do you? I don't.

not going to belabor the point - pretty clear IMHO,,, (link sucked off twitter re-tweeted by +Kirk Albers )
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Seems Jerry knew this, with his immediate consumption of fenway franks post RDR.
No, it won't do any good post exercise. The only thing he was doing was loading up with sodium with the franks (man did he need them) the Nitrates and Nitrites in there just make sure he doesn't recover fully. Which is good for you and me #keepjerryslow
Look man. I read the article, I was tyring to encourage him to eat more hotdogs. ;)
Honestly, I like hot dogs too. But so bad for you, I do my best to avoid them.
i lived on them in college, and we have cut them out of our diet completely the last two or three years because of Noah.
I eat them at BBQs, hate that I alays reach for em.

When I was a kid and we would dig our BMX tracks; we would fill our pockets with raw hotdogs. That's all we'd eat.
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