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If you haven't seen it yet, Ya'll should check out this post on +Screaming Frog SEO Spider by +Aichlee Bushnell - Super helpful.

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have you seen ? +Mike Pantoliano is giving modeling a try

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Read it

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I wrote a new post on my blog - Rules For Guestposting: Guidelines for SEO's and Publishers

I'm really frustrated with the direction guest blogging is heading in. Further, I'm afraid that it's going to be devalued as a tactic much like article submissions. Some of the guest posts I've received recently could have been  spun articles.... Please, let's step up the quality.

Let me know what you think!

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If you do link building, you should read/watch +Kane Jamison's interview with +David Wells. I think there is a ton of value in doing local events - especially the exposure on non-web media, connecting with people interested in your business or industry, and of course links from valuable sites :) Kane explains it much better than I can. See it here:

You should also read his full length (long) SEOmoz post -


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Want to sell #RCS? Build it yourself
The +SEOmoz community is pretty well versed in the meaning of RCS. +Wil Reynolds presentation at #mozcon was nothing short of inspiring and pushed the group to raise the bar by doing real company shit.

But how do you convince a company to quit dragging their feet and spend their budget on #rcs ? Build it yourself and show your clients that this is the stuff that is really going to get results and build value in their company. And that's exactly what +SEER Reynolds did:

RCS: how we do it with a live example
Read this to get the breakdown on the #rcs that Seer Interactive just built with 03 World.@wilreynolds provides the details on the idea through development of the final product:

3 easy steps to get your boss to give you a real content marketing budget
This article will give you some ammo for starting the conversation with your boss or your clients:

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My latest post: 9 SEO Bookmarklets - Check it out 

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The Beginners Guide to Guest Blogging (IG) by 
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