Checking USB type-c to type-a cable compliance with the Nexus 5X

Please use this newer method instead

Edit: or Nexus 6P
Edit 2: OnePlus 2 appears to treat all cables as equal and makes this test non-useful.  Also while we know the 6P supports 3A charging, the messages printed may not be useful to determine non-compliant cables.

Install adb
Enable developer options and usb debugging on your Nexus 5X
Connect your phone to your computer with the cable to be tested

adb shell dmesg | grep 'Avail curr from USB'

If you don't have grep, just run

adb shell dmesg

And then just look for the Avail curr line.  There may be more than one entry, but we're looking at the last one which is the most recent.  My results are

[22560.060485] dwc3 f9200000.dwc3: Avail curr from USB = 3000

If you see 3000 then I'm sorry, but you have a non-compliant cable.

If instead you see Avail curr from USB = 500 or possibly 1500 then your cable is good.
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