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Important news concerning future releases of Genymotion

A major update of Genymotion is coming next month, with exciting new features along with the commercial version. We really are impatient to show them to all of you! With this new release, there will be an important change concerning the contents of the Genymotion virtual devices. 
Both the “Google apps” and the “ARM library support” features will be removed.

Concerning “ARM library support”, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you developers, as there will be absolutely no impact if you use the Java SDK. As for the NDK, it is straightforward to enable x86 compilation for your native code. You need to add the “x86” platform to the APP_ABI entry of the file. (for ex: APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a x86 mips)
There are now a lot of good x86 devices in the wild, and this is a good opportunity to embrace this new platform, and add x86 compatibility to your app if you haven’t done it yet.

For the “Google apps”, we are still trying to work with Google to add them back. If you decide to add the needed package by yourself, it will be at your own risk and responsibility and we will not be liable for it.

This new release will include a “drag&drop” feature which will allow you to drag&drop an APK or a ZIP file to the Genymotion window:
- APK files will be installed and, if possible, automatically started,
- ZIP files, if they are detected as system updates or system patches, will be automatically deployed in your Genymotion virtual device.

We’re looking forward to show you theses exciting new features during the upcoming Devoxx (Antwerp, Belgium, Nov. 11-15) and Andevcon (San Francisco, USA, Nov 12-15). Hoping to meet you there!
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Rob G
Google apps is really the key here I reckon. As for the cost, I'm sure that many company willing to pay the right price for it.
Google apps is a major reason for using Genymotion. Hope you can keep this on there.
+Genymotion Could you not do what CyanogenMod do with gapps? Add a weblink to the home screen of the emulator, then we can just install Google Play etc..
That's a pity. Google apps is the main reason I've been recommending Genymotion, even though it is not compatible with my Intel GPU. Will the commercial version solve this issue?
Yes Google apps is a very important feature for me :(
That's unfortunate, both were important features.
You can install the gapps easily with ADB and a gapps zip
Is Bluetooth support coming in the update?
Any possibility of pinch zoom support?
+Hiren Shah You can already do Pinch & Zoom by using the right click of your mouse.
WHY??? Genymotion is almost useless without the google apps.... especially google play! I cant download any apps!
When will support openGL 3D feature? Google apps Is not important, you can install it yourself. But I don't know why you remove "ARM package support"? Most apps are ARM pacages right now.
No ARM?!? Sounds like those of us using Genymotion to run many apps will now drop it in favor of Bluestacks?!?
Since I updated genymotion to v2.0, I couldn't have accessed to Genymotion Cloud with my account. Could anyone help me?
+Jiancong Xie Genymotion can do "OpenGL 3D" feature. It even use your graphic card to do it fast.
ouchhh.....was really looking forward to test some apps with google play enabled emulator.....those workaround on adb , copying APKs..etc sucks.....nonetheless, was great using genymotion, the speed, features etc...just an amazing emulator!!!
My main use of genymotion is running apps... Most of which are ARM. It's a shame but I guess genymotion and I will part ways...
The ARM part is sadly a deal-breaker for those of us with apps that depend on ARM-only third-party libraries only available in binary form (for example libspotify). :(
+Genymotion  Is there anyway to manually patch ARM support back in? I've seen zips floating around before that add support to x86 devices, but they all seem to be designed for 4.0. Will they work in Genymotion? SOLVED
SOLVED :) Well considering there was near zero info on how to do it, I winged it and found a solution. I now have both GApps and ARM Translation working completely fine in Genymotion v2.0.1 with Android 4.3. I'm able to download ARM only apps from the Google Play Store with zero fuss.

I made a guide on XDA if anyone's interested:
+Ole André Vadla Ravnås We understand but we cannot help. We really hope that all ARM only lib providers will rethink their strategies. More and more good x86 devices are out there and should get optimized binaries. Libspotify already provide x86 for Linux, it will be a piece of cake for them to add android x86 support. You should ask them ;) it working back again. thanks Jordan for the tips.....
+Jordan Pt  Geny ARM & GApps files were getting copied to SDCard, but not executing in Nex4 API 18 VM. So, manually copied them using Root Explorer, as mentioned in your XDA thread here: .

But, now the problem is I'm getting "AOSP keyboard has Stopped" message and I'm not getting any kb response . Also, all other Gapps are crashing. I have first installed ARM translation v1.1 first and then adb reboot and then installed gapps-jb-20130813 and again adb reboot.

I tried the  clean the AOSP kb Data cache from Settings, but still kb doesn't work. Any tips?

My own apks working well, except kb issue.
+Tamal Mukherjee Did you try updating the apps via Google PlayStore? That usually resolves gapp crashes for me. Also if you keep having issues can you run the following command and post the output to Paste Bin:

adb shell ls -R -s /system/lib
+Jordan Pt finally kb is working. it started working 2 more attempts (fresh installation). Thanks anyway. 
thats what you get from trying to make money on open source software, you loose quality....about time google releases their own x86 android with special ui over virtualbox....or go back to androvm
Hi! I already installed successfully the Google apps and the ARM support, but I'm trying to execute an Android app (made with Eclipse) that should show a google map. However, at the time to show it I get the message "Unfortunately [app] has stopped". Anyone can help me with this? It's very important to finish a task of the university!

Many thanks in advance.
get back google apps pls........................
The main feature is the Google apps! :(
+Genymotion hope you will solve the issue soon, it's a was a great emulator, but without Google Apps it's pretty much useless, and doesn't worth a cent  :(

I regret I updated from 1.3
Rob G
Guys, you can manually flash the simulator and install your needed Google Apps. Google for it. 
almost useless without gaps,jesus!
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