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Media & Creative Consultant, Producer and Fiddling Grasshopper


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My Easy Summer Pasta Salad is a great, fresh summertime dish that will keep in the refrigerator for about a week! And if you leave the chicken out, Vegetarians will love this one!

You can make your own with my recipe:

If you don't have any Chef Paul Prudhomme Magic Seasoning Blends ® in your pantry or kitchen, then you'll need some for this dish. You'll also need some Italian Dressing from Wish-Bone Salad Dressings!

Photo by Blake Audibert.

#EasySummerPastaSalad #PastaSalad #SummerFoods #EasyCooking #Vegetarian #NinasHeirloomRecipes #NewOrleansRecipes #LouisianaLiving
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Meet the Artists of #INTENSIFY! In episode #1, meet #Juggler extraordinaire Nathan Kepner​, who is a member of The Crescent Circus​ from New Orleans! Just go to Justin Rayna's +Instagram at

I'll be introducing more performers over the next weeks as we build up to the show on SATURDAY, JULY 28 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana​!

If don't live nearby, you can still experience INTENSIFY!! Watch it from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have an internet connection or WiFi!!! Because we are LIVE WEBCASTING this show! Learn more at

Live Webcast Tickets are available NOW for only $15.00 USD! Shows will air LIVE at:
2:00pm CST / 9:00pm CEST
7:00pm CST / 2:00am CEST

Do you live nearby, but you haven't bought your tickets yet?? Get them NOW, because we expect both shows to SELL OUT! Go to to order your tickets!
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Beautiful People! Watch a mini-interview with ME by going to +Rehegoo Music's Instagram at RIGHT NOW! Just click on #Interviews in their Highlights to watch my Instastory.

But while you're HERE on Google+, check out my new single, just released by #Rehegoo. "Save Me" is a song of mine some of you may know from "No War", but with beautiful new single cover artwork. You may have seen me play it with my bandmates Alex Aspinall and Dave Fairchild.

If you've caught me live on tour in Europe, you might have seen me sing it with Katy Stolk in The Netherlands. And if you've ever seen me live in California, you might have seen a duet with Kaitlin McGaw and me.

Maybe I'll play it live for you in YOUR TOWN one day soon.

Now...have a LISTEN and then WATCH my interview on IG!

Save Me
Save Me
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Justin Rayna is performing at GymFit Fest: Cirque and Movement Festival THIS SATURDAY, MAY 26 in downtown Baton Rouge, LA! Get tickets RIGHT NOW at!

The amazing festival includes:
* #Ninja Warrior Obstacle Races
* #Cirque & #Circus Performances
* #Parkour Competitions
* FREE Beginners Workshops & Classes
* Live Music
* Ninja Snowballs & Adult Beverages

Performance Troupes & Live Music include...
* Bayou Cirque
* GymFits Little Circus
* Bread Pudd'n
* Taylor Nauta
* True Spin
* Violinists Kathy White Rumfellow & Danis Salassi

You'll experience * Fire Spinning * Aerial Silks * Static Trapeze * Acrobatics * AcroYoga * Fire Breathing * Lyra * Aerial Cube * Pole * and sooo much more!
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My favorite pie...Coconut Custard Pie! If you like coconut you must try this easy and delicious pie! Get my recipe on my website HERE:


Photo by Blake Audibert.

#NinasDesserts #Pie #CoconutCustardPie #Coconut #NinasHeirloomRecipes #NewOrleansDesserts #NOLABaking
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Have a listen to this new +Rehegoo Music compilation. My song "When I Dream Of You" is track #3!
Our next pop album is called "100% emotional side of POP"
Listen to those 12 tracks on Spotify:

Our artists included on this album:
+Marjon Weerink
+Gentry Bronson
Vito Ferrantello
The Time Apart
Tom Drexl
Los Banksters
Zachary Friederich
Afterimage 23
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We're at a New Orleans Baby Cakes double header. Marcy & I got hotdogs & brews, and we're kickin' back in the shade behind home plate!

#BabyCakesBaseball #BabyCakes #baseball #doubleheader #hotdog #brew #beer #behindhomeplate #homeplate #NOLA #NewOrleans #NewOrleansBaseball #MinorLeague #TripleA #MarlinsAffiliate #Miami #Marlins
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Thank you +Dalai Lama for this teaching and thank you Peak Mind for sharing this teaching. I love the idea of using consciousness itself as the object of meditation. It's not easy as the Dalai Lama said, but it's a very illuminating and subtle practice!

I look forward to Parts 2 and 3!

I encourage you all to watch, share and spend some time 'inside" everyday. ;)
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Watch Justin Rayna and Bayou Cirque perform Acrobatics and Aerial Silks in this video! You'll see spectacular Circus Arts just LIKE THIS in Justin's #INTENSIFY show on July 28. See it LIVE at the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or see it by LIVE WEBCAST anywhere in the WORLD!

Tickets are available now at I'll post the LIVE WEBCAST TICKET LINK very soon! WATCH FOR IT!

Not only will you see Acrobatics and Aerial Silks by Bayou Cirque, but you'll also see spectacular Acro and Aerial Arts by Above Ground Aerial Arts and Fitness
dance performances by
* Center Stage Performing Arts Academy
* Main Street Dance
* Of Moving Colors Productions
* Liquid Rhythm, Inc
* Artivism Dance Theatre, and
* Jean Leigh Academy of Dance

YOU CAN'T MISS THIS. And you don't have to! Because you can buy tickets to watch this show live in Baton Rouge or Live by Webcast ANYWHERE ON EARTH!

Watch for the Live Webcast Ticket Link SOON!

Video by New Orleans Video Productions!
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