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Music video of the year, in our book.

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This is the essence of Gentlemint, not Mashable articles.
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Patiently waiting for my invitation.
+Michael Pearce Hi, sorry for the delay on the invites. We're pushing them out as quickly as we can.

As for the customer service: we're two dudes with day jobs just doing this on the side. You'll have to forgive our response times on things. We've just added a third to our team to help with this.

Anyway, your invite is just around the corner. Thanks for your patience, and we can't say how grateful we are that people like the site so much. The popularity is a good problem to have :)

Gentleman, and I use that term very loosely here, if all you're going to do is whine about invites, please refrain as it mucks up posts not to mention my news feed. Furthermore, it makes everyone aware of whose tacks to ignore when you do get an invite. Good day.
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