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Expertise. Efficiency. Experience. We lock it in.
Expertise. Efficiency. Experience. We lock it in.


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We have managed to establish our name in the market, offering a plethora of reliable #services to our clientele. At Genius #Locksmith, We boast covering a wide array of different #locksmiths needs. Whether you are interested in #residential or #commercial, #automotive or #emergency #services, We have got you covered.

Our professionals are certified locksmiths and have been especially trained, So as to deal with any demands in the best manner possible. Through careful inspection and with the proper equipment, our locksmiths will complete each work at hand ahead of time.

Automotive: Helping You Access Your Car and Avoid Extreme Discomfort

At Genius Locksmith, We provide high-quality standards in automotive services. We make sure that you do not experience any discomfort, even if you have misplaced your car key and need to get in. We offer you the chance to benefit from unlock car door service, as well as decide on car key #replacement. Furthermore, we ensure that you are offered top quality in #key programming and #ignition repair. These are all essential services so that you always have access to your car and never worry about it.

Residential: You Deserve to Feel Safe and Secured at Home No Matter What

Everybody is entitled to a feeling of absolute safety, when being at home. However, there are times when this feeling is disturbed and compromised. As a result, you need to empower the safety measures at home. For instance, locks change, or #re-key locks may offer you that precious peace of mind you have been searching for. At Genius, We offer solid residential locksmith services to our clientele in #Tampa, #Florida. Covering a wide variety of services, We are able to meet even your urgent needs in the event of #house #lockout.

Commercial: Get the Best Help for Your Business, Ensuring 100% Safety

You always have to safeguard your business. It is an important asset in your life. Nevertheless, there are multiple cases requiring the urgent contribution of professional locksmiths. This is the only way of knowing that your business is always protected. When an emergency arises, such as #business lockout, our professionals will tend to your needs right away. They will replace lock #cylinder or go ahead with your re-keying requests. Each commercial need is dealt with respect, in a timely manner that ensures optimal business performance.

Emergency: Find the Prompt Locksmith Help You Need Any Time of Day or Night

Even in the middle of the night, an emergency might come up. This is why you need to contact the experts, who will take care of the problem right away. No matter what time of day or night, we offer our services to our clientele promptly and efficiently. 24 /7 locksmith service of the highest quality standards is guaranteed, through a network of, especially trained professionals. Do not worry if the urgency takes place after hours. We will be there right by your side, taking care of the problem without any delay.
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#Home Clients Smile Because We Are Always At Their Rescue

We understand all the issues related to house door, and therefore we will be glad to assist you at your home. Are you facing a house lockout because of the lost key? We can help you access the house at any time, and we have also done this in the pass for other clients. Don't be worried about the lost keys since we can offer re-key locks service to make sure you have another pair of keys even after you have misplaced the original one. Further, We can advise on matters relating to locks change which might be necessary after losing an original key to the locks or just to upgrade to the latest design. Come to us, We are always at our client's service.

#Business Door #Locksmith #Services in #Tampa #Florida

Our technicians can rescue you from business #lockout whenever the door jams and you can't access your business. We also replace #lock #cylinder in cases of jammed #doors, and therefore you can come to us for this. Lastly, re-keying might be the solution so that you can access the business anytime and make sure your staffs have a #key each.
#TampaBay #Locksmiths
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We Are At Top Gear When It Comes To #Vehicle #Doors and #Ignition Repairs

Are you unable to access your car because you lost your #key or the door is jammed, or even the key pattern has been tampered with? At Genius #Locksmith #services, We have the best #unlock #car #door #service and therefore we will assist to make sure you get moving. We also offer car key #replacement to our clients and therefore even if the key is lost, You will get back on the road courtesy of our highly trained and qualified technicians.

Sometimes it might be the key that has been tampered with, and to cater for this we have the best key programming machine, and also we offer ignition repair to make sure the new key works and the starter of your car is compatible with the key in #Tampa, #Florida. Call us today we will be glad to serve you.
#TampaBay #Locksmiths
Genius Locksmith
Genius Locksmith
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We offer 24 hour #emergency #locksmith #services in #Tampa, #Florida. Whether you are locked out of your car or house, or need a #lock repair, key replacement, We can send a skilled technician to be with you with in 20 minutes of call out.
#TampaBay #Locksmiths #TampaFlorida
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Genius #Locksmith #services specialize in #residential, #automotive, and #commercial door #locks. We provide the following services to our clients in #Tampa, #Florida.

Car Door #Lock #Service

We have trained technicians who provide the following car door lock services to our clients;

Unlock Car Door

Our team of professionally trained technicians will help you unlock the car door in case you have accidentally misplaced the key, or you have #locked the door with the key inside your car. This will be done fastest possible soon after you have contacted us.

Car Key Replacement

We also have the expertise and experience required to replace the auto key, And therefore if the key is misplaced, We can help. This too will be done within the soonest time possible after you contacted us.

#House Door Lock Service

Contact us if you have any problem with your home door locks. We have the experience required to handle the following issues.

House Lockout Rescue Service

We rescue clients who have misplaced their house door key or who have accidentally misplaced the key. Therefore if you are faced with lockout issue, Just call us no matter the time. We will be ready to respond and help you.

Re-Key Locks On House Door

Our well trained and experienced technicians will help in re-keying your lock within the shortest time possible. Therefore contact us anytime you need this to be done.

House Door Locks Change

Security wise, it's good to upgrade your house lock. This might also be because you have a damaged lock like happens when children play with the door locks. Count on us we will respond to this quickly when you need us.

Business or Office Door #Locksmiths

We also serve #businesses and #offices around #Tampa #Florida, And we provide the following services.

Rescue From #Business #Lockout

Whenever you can't access your office or business main door, We will help you out. We have a team of professionals well equipped with tools to handle any type of door.

Replace Lock #Cylinders

Sometimes the lock cylinder might get damaged especially as a result of banging the door and also it could be usual wear out. Call us anytime you need this done.

Re-Keying House Door

When you need an extra key for your office door, call us or drop it at our offices, We will serve you quickly as you wait.
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We are a #locksmith #service provider located in #Tampa, #Florida, and we offer our #services to #commercial, #residential and #automobile clients. Some of the services we provide include the following:

#Business Door #Locksmiths

We have the right skill to handle business door locks and some of the services we can provide include;

Business Door #Lockout Rescue

We are always available to help you in case you cannot access your business when you lose the key or in case you accidentally damaged the key.

Replace Lock #Cylinder

We can advise you and help you when you need to change the lock of your business door for security reasons or whatever other reason you may want to have it changed.


If you need to have an extra pair of keys to your business door, we are the right partner you can always count on.

Home Door Locksmith

We also help clients who have door lock problems in their #homes. Some of the solutions that we offer are;

Rescue From Home Door #Lockout

We understand how frustrating it can be when you realize your key cannot unlock the door, or when you accidentally misplace the key to your #house. Therefore we are always ready to help you.

Re-Key #Locks For House #Doors

We are the experts when it comes to #re-keying, and so in case you need to have an extra key you can always count on us.

House Door Locks Change Services

For security reasons or other reasons, you might require having the locks of your house door changed. Hire us we are the right professionals.
#TampaBay #TampaFL #TampaFlorida
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We are a #locksmith #service Provider located in #Tampa, #Florida. We offer our #services to #residential, #commercial and #automotive clients. Here are the services that we provide.

#Vehicle #Locksmiths Services

We are experts when it comes to the following issues relating to vehicle #locks.

We Help #Unlock #Car Door Service

Whether you are in your office, street parking, or at home and you are facing problems unlocking your car door, We can help you anytime you need us. In circumstances where you have misplaced your car key or locked it inside the car, Don't panic we are ready to help you.

Car Key #Replacement Needs

In cases where you have lost your key, And you need a quick replacement, We are always ready to serve you. Therefore don't panic because we have the expertise to make another copy of the key for the same lock and you don't need to replace the complete lock set.

#Key #Programming and #Ignition #Repair Services

When you accidentally damage the key pattern, You will not be able to unlock the locks, and therefore, you might need a reprogramming of the key. We also offer ignition repairing services for any car, and therefore, you can call us to provide these services whenever you need them.

#Home Locksmith Services

You can rely on us whenever you are facing issues with your home door lock. We offer the following services to our home segment clients.

Rescue #House #Lockouts

In case you misplaced your house key, And you can't access the house, You can call us to help you get into the house.

Re-Key #Locks for House Door

We have the expertise to make another key for your lock in case you need an extra copy, or you lost the original copy. This is done by a professionally trained technician, and therefore you are assured of quality work.

Home Door Locks Change

If you want to upgrade your door locks, or you just need to beef up security in your house, you can call us to change the locks on your home door.

#Business Door Locksmiths

We have professionally trained technicians who will help you in case your business door lock has a problem, or you have lost your key. Here are the services we offer

Rescue from Our Business Lockouts

In case you lost your key, you can call us to help you access your business.

#Replace Lock #Cylinder For Business Door

In case you need to improve your security by changing the lock cylinder or yours has a problem, we can have it fixed anytime you need us.

Business Door Lock #Re-keying

We have the expertise to re-key your business door lock #system, And therefore you can count on us anytime.
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We are a #locksmith #services company located in #Tampa, #Florida, and we offer various services to our customers. Some of the customers we serve are in #Automotive, #Residential, #Commercial clients. Our services include the following:

#Vehicles Locks Services That We Offer

Vehicle owners should count on us for the following services@

#Unlock Car Door Services

Any #vehicle owner who accidentally lost his or her key can contact us for a quick solution. We have trained and professional technicians who will help you in #unlocking the #door in a very short time.

Car Key Replacement Services

In case you lost the key and you can’t trace it even after unlocking the car door, We have the expertise to make sure you have another key. We will replace your car key if you request us to do it.

Car Key Programming and #Ignition Repair

If the key pattern is damaged, it will be very hard to open the #locks, And you may end up destroying the lock. Therefore it is good to have the car #key reprogrammed, and we are the right people to talk to. If the ignition #system needs repair, we are always open waiting to serve you.

We Offer Home Door Solutions

We have offered our services to the clients with home door locks related issues. Here are some of the services we offer.

We Rescue Clients from House Lockout

In case you lost your key, or the key has issues and cannot open the door lock, we will rescue you immediately you call us to make sure you don’t spend the night in the cold.

We Will Re-Key Locks for Your House Doors

If you need an extra copy of the key, We will make it, and even if you lost the key or it is damaged, we can help by making another key for your lock.

House Locks Change Services

It is advisable to change the house locks often, and this is for security reasons and also to improve or upgrade the locks on your door. If you need this done, count on us we will help you.

We Offer Business Door Locksmith Services

We understand that the business people also have door lock related problems, and we have made sure that we have the solutions. These include:

We Rescue Clients from Business Lockout

There are times when you will find that you don't have immediate access to your business key and you need to access the business premises. We will quickly help you get into the house.

Replace Lock Cylinder for Your Business Door

It is important to often replace the business door lock cylinder for security reasons and also to upgrade to a better one. Therefore call on us if you need this done.

Business Door Lock Re-Keying

If you need a new key for your business door call us, We have the expertise.
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Excellent #Services, Available At All Hours

Lock issues are an #emergency most of the times. We pride ourselves on our quick response-time to any call. Our technicians will always try to reach you within 15 minutes of you contacting us. Call Genius #Locksmith in #Tampa, #Florida any time for 24/7 #locksmiths #service 7 days a week.
Now you never need to worry about any #lock ever again!
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We are based in #Tampa, #Florida, And we provide our #solutions to #automotive, #residential and #commercial clients across Florida. Some of the #services provided include the following.

#Vehicle #Locks

We understand different #vehicles have different #lock #systems but our #experts are well equipped with the following services

#Unlock #Car #Door #Service

We are the best car door lock handlers, And we can help you in #unlocking door of any car model since we have trained workmanship.

Car Key #Replacement Service

If you just realized you misplaced your Car key, you don't have to panic. We have the expertise to replace the car key immediately you want us to do it. All you have to do is call us, And we will assist you within the shortest time possible.

Key #Programming and #Ignition #Repair

Sometimes, The key might not work well especially if the key pattern is interfered with. Therefore, in case you can't #unlock the car using the key, It might need re-programming, And that is why our #business is open. If you need the ignition to be repaired, We understand the ignition system in all #cars you just need to give us the direction to where you are we will help you.

#Home Door Lock Needs

We serve a good number of #clients from their home, And we focus on the following services

Rescue Clients From #House #Lockout

Whether you lost your key or you have broken the #key, It is very hard to get into the house, But we will make sure you are in the house no matter the time you find yourself stranded.

Re-Key Locks For House door

Once you misplace the key and we help you get into the house again, We can re-key the house lock to make sure you are settled again. Therefore, don't panic because we have got the skills to help you at any time.

House Door Locks Change

Whenever you need to change the locks of your house either on termination of tenancy or just to beef up the security, Just call us we have the latest #locks.

Business Door Lock Solutions

Our expertise in door locks allows us to serve #businesses around the #Tampabay area in Florida. We provide the following services.

Rescue Clients From Business Lock Out

In case you or one of your employees misplaced the key, Don't miss opportunities just call us we will be glad to assist you.

#Replace Lock #Cylinder For Your Business Door

It is always good to beef up your security, and therefore we have the expertise to help you when you need to replace lock #cylinders.

Business Door Lock Re-Keying

If you need an extra key for your business door, Just call us we will help you.
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