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The Chevrolet Spark, Sonic and Camaro ZL1 were all on display in the J Lounge at the LA Auto Show today.
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Sonic and Cruze really need some sort of performance variants. I'm alright with fuel economy being the major push, but don't forget us performance oriented folk that would like a little tossable car that has some umph! :o)
I'm driving a Sonic this week for work (rental) and so far I have been very impressed with it! I travel just about every week and have been able to drive many of the new sedans from GM and the difference in quality compared to what I saw when I first took this job not even 5 years ago is night and day. I like my trucks so I likely won't be buying a car anytime soon but it is great to see GM offering some seriously excellent/class leading cars.
I agree with the G8 comment. I have a G8 GT and it would make a perfect Impala SS.
Yes on the full-size Chevy suggestions, my '88 Caprice needs more oomph
I'm working on putting an LT1 in it, actually, I wish I could've found an LS3 for as cheap
Do you have plans to sell them in Russia?
China is a market GM is trying to dominate. Like how Toyota is pretty prominent here (US). Stop listening to Youtube videos and go to school.
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