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Welcome to GM’s Social Media Newsroom on Google+. We are using Google+ to grant greater access to media and online publishers. From hangouts with leaders to a more tailored and rich way of delivering information in real time, Google+ has the potential to change the way we engage. We welcome your feedback regarding what you’d like to see here as we explore this new channel together.

Stay tuned for updates from GM experts for everything from coverage at the LA Auto Show to an executive Q&A about our corporate social responsibility report later this month. For more in-depth info and news about our individual brands, make sure to circle them too!
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Looking forward in covering Chevy next week!
Thanks for inviting me and Be Car Chic to join your social media newsroom. Looking forward to great coverage of GM news and events here!
Thanks, Ryan! We're looking forward to another social web adventure.
Very cool. Kudos to you & team, +Mary Henige. Looking forward to following GM's story here.
+Jacki Halas Thanks, Jacki. It's fun to explore new web channels and ways to better communicate.
Can we have a limited production run of the Pontiac G8? Pretty please!
Thanks so much +Mary Henige - I'm working on a blog post about GM's Google+ implementation. Would love to speak with you or another rep. Email me at if interested. Thanks!
Hangouts for us, when possible please...
Would like see hangouts with some of gm's execs and personall. Welcome to Google + From my car club GM Tuners of Texas. For the Sport Compacts in us all!
Thanks for the comment Joshua. Regarding the idea of having a hangout, are you suggesting we talk about tuning for small cars? We could look into doing that. PT
That would be great I know GM has always been focused on tuning for their bigger cars but dont forget about the little guys as well. We have cobalts, g5,s cavys, sunfire and such even a sonic and a cruse now.
I need to start my career in GM...... what should i do.........
hi.........omar.......... how i get through.........
Hi Lennin, everything is good except my Blackberry, I've experiencing issues with it... and you ?
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