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New Distressed Photography Piece: hey folks, just finished a new art piece today. This one is a bit different. In the past I"ve kind of focused on singular subjects for this style. More like wall pieces rather than images that are more documentary or tell a story. Anyway,, seems to work.

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Gene Tewksbury

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With the new year comes a new website in the Big Sun Photography line-up.  I just finished my new Denver Pet Photography website.  It provides details and galleries for my pet photography services along with information for gift certificates, breeding and marketing materials and more…

Denver Colorado Creative Pet Photography & Portraits - check out the new site.
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Creepy Dolls:

Took my photos of the dolls I took in South Park and went another step with it to texture it like my distressed artwork.   Ack!  man,, scary little ladies aren't they?
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Fun Hot Rod show was held in front of my studio today. I was able to capture a few sweet shots. This 1931 Ford Victoria was my favorite. Check her out.
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Gene Tewksbury

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The Robinson Family are unique bunch and therefore deserve a unique type of family portrait....  Don't be afraid, they don't bite....  much.....
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Gene Tewksbury

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Colorado Photography Festival

Macro Photography Workshop

It's hard to get a unique image these days. It seems that anything and everything you point your camera at already has a thousand stunning images online just like it. Enter the world of Macro. Within 100 feet of where you're standing (no matter where that is) there are thousands of amazing AND UNIQUE images to capture. Moments in time that nobody else can or will see except you. And if that's not fun enough, it all looks new and exciting when you're up close. Even items that you've seen every day of your life become alien to your eyes when you turn your macro lens to them.

This class will introduce you to the world of macro photography, and believe me, there's a lot more to think about than how to find a bug. Once your camera falls onto tiny objects at close distances, everything you thought you knew about photography turns on it's head. Controlling motion blur and depth of field become far more difficult requiring an arsenal of creative techniques to overcome.

The great thing is that much of macro photography can be done close to home (or even in your home), anytime of year and with minimal equipment. Creating "home made" modifiers, flags, wind blocks and more is cheap and easy to do - no need for a ton of studio equipment.

So join me in exploring this lesser known area of photography and you may just find that spending a day in your back yard can be more fun than you imagined.

Class Topics: (In the field approx 5 hrs)

Lens options (macro, micro, 1:1 and not, extension tubes, reverse telephoto).
Depth of Field in the micro world.
Motion blur and methods to control it.
Controlling the elements (wind, sun, etc).
Creating your own Macro equipment (wind tents, diffusers, reflectors, backdrops and more).
Focus stacking methods of capture.
Lunch: (1 hr)

Classroom: (Inside in Golden -- approx 2 hrs to however long people want )
Reviewing the images of the day. We will go over everyone's best images and discuss what's good and what could use work. More importantly we will discuss HOW those improvements could have been made so that you learn from mistakes not just have them pointed out to you.
Post production: While reviewing images we will go over post production techniques, especially those specific to producing better macro outcomes.
Focus stacking development.

Lens Requirements:
Do I need a macro lens to take this class?
Answer: No you don't. However you should at least have a strong telephoto (min. 200mm). A macro is certainly going to expand your options, but much of the basics can still be applied and learned without. This class will also help you to decide what you want in a macro should you choose to buy one later. We will also discuss cheaper alternatives to a macro lens such as lens reversal and extension tubes. 
Note: Macro lens can be rented locally and online for a small price.

I hope to see you there,

Gene Tewksbury (learn more about the festival) (sign up here) (check out my galleries)
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Gene Tewksbury

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This morning at 8:00 am MST Colorado marijuana dispensaries began legally selling pot for recreational purposes to the general public. Don Andrews made history as the country's first recreational customer, buying a $6 joint.

I was there to take the photos.  Check 'em out.
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You would think that wouldn't you...  Really, Colorado was so slack about weed to begin with, it won't make much difference to the locals... it's almost more of a boon for other states who will come here.
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Gene Tewksbury

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Two New Training Boot Camps!!!

Big Sun is now offering 8 HR training boot camps...  Hot damn,, that's a lot of training in one day.   

Photography & Lightroom classes will start in October.  

Not only will these boot camps give you all the tools you need to leap forward in your skills, but you'll save 50% over individual lessons (and only need to schedule a single day).  

Learn more here:
Lightroom Boot Camp:

Photography Boot Camp:
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Live music at 14,263 feet.  A young boy practices his violin at the top of the world....  (Mount Evans Colorado).
#colorado, #music, #mountevans, #inspiration, #inspirational
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FREE photography workshops and gatherings

Big Sun Photography started a new meetUp group in the Denver area. Subscribers will be invited to FREE photography field trips, peer reviews and fun practice sessions. 

In addition subscribers will have a great chance to interact with other photographers in the area, share skills and just have fun taking great photos. 

Examples of upcoming free MeetUps include: wildflower field trip, food and edibles studio shoot and peer portfolio review. 

MeetUps will be scheduled several times a month and open to all. Come meet other photo enthusiasts and join the fun.
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