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Gene De Lisa
Classical Musician, Software Engineer and Feline Psychic
Classical Musician, Software Engineer and Feline Psychic

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Some updates for Swift 3. #swiftlang #iosdevelpment #ios

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#Swift 2 OptionSetType or why your Calendar code is broken.  #swift2 #swift2.0 #iosdev #swiftlang

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#Swift #MIDI Trampoline example. How to overcome Swift's inability to create C function pointers. #swiftlang #iosdev

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Quick post to scroll to a section header - not an item - in a UICollectionView. #swiftlang   #iosdev

Dropbox is deprecating the Sync and Datastore APIs with the new Dropbox API v2.

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Even though I know this, I'll watch anyway. Might pick up something good. Maybe not. We'll see.
This month tutorial team member Scott Gardner will be presenting "The Great CALayer Tour!"

CALayers are the secret sauce behind a lot of great UIs in iOS development. With gradient layers, shape layers, replicator layers, and more, you can create some amazing effects and animations with only a few lines of code.

In this tech talk, Scott will give you an overview of the various CALayers available to you, how you can use them in your apps, and will show off a cool demo along the way.

Scott Gardner is a mobile developer and the author of "Transitioning to Swift", and a member of the tutorial team at

This talk will be live, so bring your questions!

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#XCode 6.1.1 release notes: "Many common causes of SourceKit crashes have been fixed" #swift #swiftlang
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