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Wonder if Joss still feels the same way (I suspect he might still be) if he isn't already tied up for a multi-picture deal with Marvel after the way the Avengers

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I like Joss Whedon's work; but, I never got the hang of Firefly. Perhaps I chose the wrong episode to audit.
Gene C
Well, I only watched the series after hearing so much about it from +Wendy B maybe +David Bleecher +Brenda Curtis and I'm sure +Ryan Drewrey among others...
you definitely have to watch more than one episode to get it.. and some more than others are really the standout ones for sure. and then there's the movie which takes place after the series' setting..
I may take it on after finishing Star Trek: DS9.
God I would seriously break down crying if he would pick up firefly with the original cast..damn you for giving me hope..Joss mentioned before though that the main problem is that the cast is already locked up on long term contracts with other shows :/
Wendy B
+Shaine Mata It was not an easy show to get into and I admit I did not initially like it until I hit the episode that should actually have been the pilot episode, had it not been for Fox.

I lent my series and movie DVDs to a friend and he too had issues getting into it after a few episodes, so I suggested he skip the rest and watch the movie. I advise the same for you. obviously, you will be spoiled to certain important plot points in the series, however, I don't think it hurts you and instead will inspire you to go back and watch the series and learn about what you missed.

As for more Firefly. I am hesitant. I love Firefly but sometimes, good things should end on a high note and be left alone. Joss is very busy now and if someone did give him the go ahead for Firefly, he's very likely to toss out some of his visionary ideas and then give them over to his brothers and others, who don't seem to handle his work all that well. Case in point: Buffy S9, Angel, Firefly: The Shepard's Tale .....
Sorry, after killing off Wash, I can't see myself watching this anymore.
Gene C
Another movie would be awesome, esp if given the creative leeway and budget to do what he envisions to do...
It definitely takes a few episodes to get into it. Fox really dropped the ball on the original pilot decision
Ok I agree with +Karel Jack about wash ! But doood its firefly ! I agree with others too the show was not easy to get into but was so worth it at the end ! Besides how do u think going about it with Serenity kinda already wrapping things up ?!
Added bonus more of captain Reynolds naked in the desert ! That episode cracked me up !
Gene C
Well, if its Joss Whedon helmed and he gets to own all the creative license he requires.. I'm sure he'll be able to spin something more (that he probably has in mind) maybe even time travel back to create a semi-prequel of sorts.. I mean, its Sci-fi.. I'm sure Joss can pull it off.. and I wouldn't mind seeing more of Saffron and Inara, myself.. :p
Joss Whedon did awesome in THE AVENGERS
Lol ! Inara is gorgeous , I guess time Will tell what happens but it would be epic ! yeah they gotta spin something that ties in the deaths of Shepperd and wash !
+Iren Nalbant I don't think that Serenity 'wrapped things up' sure Wash and Sheppard Book were killed but the rest go on River and Simon are still fugitives and the crew are still occasional criminals and nobody ever explained the blue hand guys
Yeah, I agree with +Michael Holdsworth there, that with two of the principle cast members getting "Joss'd" they'd be hard-pressed to restart the series. That, and Joss has gone on record as saying he'll never do firefly again with live actors since all of the original cast have moved on with their careers.

So if anything Firefly would either become an animated prequel to the movie, or it would be a complete reboot with a new cast, which would likely not fly with the fans.
Gene C
+Steven Kogan Joss Whedon has killed off principle cast members in practically all his past series including Buffy in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"... and as if to continue this track record ... Spoiler he killed off a popular character in The Avengers too Spoiler
If there's genuine interest from Joss and people like Nathan Fillion (who was reportedly even toying with the idea of getting investors together to buy over the rights to the franchise) and so on, there's good chance it could happen...
He could always do a Star Trek and introduce a new generation.
Gene C
perhaps +Shaine Mata but it doesn't always work evidenced by the mixed results in the Trek Universe is anything to go by..
+Gene C I've never watched Buffy, but were the characters killed as integral to the feel and charm of the show the way Wash was?
I have no issue with principle cast members on a show getting shanked..'24' was notorious for this..but it just feels so wrong in the case of Firefly with such a small cast.
Im perplexed , if the show will be brought back as an animated series I doNT know if it would work , yeah true there are the other characters that didn't really get their stories told but if the show gets brought back it should be with the original cast , that is just my personal opinion , that's the only reason why I would even consider watching the show ! Oh on a side note: just started dollhouse its pretty interesting anyone else watch that one ! Please no spoilers !
There have been rumors that they were going to continue Firefly for ages, but maybe now that Joss is on top of the world because of the Avengers, something will come of this. I hope so!
Dang aren't we all the biggest bunch of fan boys/ girls love it !!
Gene C
+Karel Jack I must admit I had only watched Buffy sparingly but might give you more info on the characters Joss has killed off in his various projects..

+Iren Nalbant yeah I watched Dollhouse a fair bit and somehow lost interest somewhere in Season 2, it had its moments, but seems like the Whedon curse of short lived TV series' re-emerged there.

just came across what seems a fairly recent quote from Whedon re:Firefly... "Step 2: Cancel Castle. Step 3: Cancel Homeland. Step 4: Generally destroy everybody's careers. Step 5: Avoid Step 2." from
Firefly was a great series, just wish it got the attention it deserves. If you like the Cowboys and Aliens type genre, it is for you.
Isn't time for a new Star Trek series? Maybe short seasons, I actually like the idea of 8 quality episodes and done for the year.
I just finished the series (and the movie, Serenity) just the other day. I really hope this is real. I couldn't ever get enough firefly.
Too bad Firefly wasn't that good.
Regarding the earlier "Joss'd" comments, I know he's killed off cast members before, but with Firefly (and a current movie in theaters that I will not mention. Let's call it the Harringers). The issue is weather it's a plot-death or a dramatic death.

Buffy and Angel died dramatic deaths, the kind of heroic sacrifices that they usually are denied because Joss loves playing with expectation. They also didn't stay dead very long, but that was okay because it was horror conventions.

The other deaths, like Wash and Book in Firefly (and REDACTED in Harrigers) were plot deaths. Sudden and shocking and to people we liked because it forced the other characters to make decisions.

And as sexy a man like Nathan Fillion is, have you seen Castle lately? He's... not looking very Mal anymore. I'm worried he's pulling a Shatner.
Wendy B
Unlike Buffy, Joss did kill off major characters in Firefly and I honestly would not care to see a future movie without those two either. I could handle prequels and a cartoon might be interesting, if it's not made too campy and childish. I'm also fine with comics, as I've been reading those and most have been great.

But I'd rather let awesome things lie and have him move on to bigger and better.

I would love for him to get his hands on Ender's Game. After Serenity, Orson Scott Card said that that was how he would want Ender's Game to be like if he ever released it to film. I am certain Joss could pull it off.

As for Joss killing our favourite characters. I love him for it. Some of it is a bit standard now (ie killing off the lovers to forward the plot), but that's okay. Death brings drama and I honestly hate the Hollywood attitude that doesn't allow the main characters to die. Death = drama and only killing off red shirts is boring. Joss takes the risk and gets heat for it every time, but I love him for sticking to his guns.
Gene C
+Steven Kogan Well, the ladies still want an updated look at Mr Fillion's bootay.. and I wouldn't mind so how Kaylee, Inara and Sapphron (Christina Hendricks) is looking these days... maybe a Companion showdown?
Wendy B
Thanks :) I figured as much, but couldn't bother to check myself. I can only hope that Card kept to his word about not doing it unless he found someone who could do it justice like Joss did for Serenity.
So what ur saying is that fillion is chubbers now ? Oh no ! Well like I said time will tell ! Speaking of sequels and this might make me a huge nerd but I dont care anybody watching legend of korra the sequel to last airbender ?
hi +Gene C and everybody else here at this thread ... i started a firefly support post just like you a few hours ago (i'm a great fan of the series ... you can find the post here ...), and when i went to check the ripples of the post something peculiar happened ... i was shown the ripples of my post along with those of other peeps who shared the same article independent from me ... that is how i found you ... funny, right? ... never seen anything like that before ...

the thing is, that there seem to be plenty of people here on G+ who want to see a re-birth of firefly, but they are all over the place doing their own campaigns ... any idea on how we could get all of them together? ... it'd be great, if we can come up with an coordinated effort ... i'd be very grateful for any ideas on how to achieve that ...
don,t hold your breath for another another firefly movie
avengers over billion dollars worldwide ...... what can u say.maybe in another two or three years u would get another firefly movie
Joss Whedon is pondering if he even wants to direct The Avengers 2.
That seems to indicate that, maybe, he’d rather be telling one of his own stories. And of his stories, there’s no story he’d rather tell than the ones he’s been telling in the world of Firefly. In a recent interview with the LA Times Whedon had this to say about his love of the Firefly universe, “You know, I love all my raggedy children, but if I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity.”
+Jens Graikowski , I'm with you, need to get a coordinated effort going, This is one of my favorite TV shows ever (and considering there was only 12 episodes that's saying a lot).  Would love to see a sequel to Serenity or better yet Firefly on Netflix or any Network.
He would be really dumb not to direct avengers 2 the first one was amazing !
Well he doesn't feel like it's "his" story and Joss Whedon is an incredible writer/director.  One thing the Avengers did is he could pretty much do any project he wants at this time.  Probably a lot of pressure to after how good the Avengers was but who knows.
Yeah firefly is his baby , and yeah I bet the pressure is immense because of the first ones success , but he did so great with avengers I look forward to seeing What transpires , didn't he also direct Thor ?
Its like Christopher Nolan stepping down from doing the dark night series , they say the guy who did 300 is gonna take over, im iffy bout it
Wendy B
Thor was directed by Kenneth Brannagh.
Thor was also written by J. Michael Straczynski who is another great writer
But I think he worked on one of those in the series I'm not sure which thx for clarifying btw !
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