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The new Moto 360 actually looks like quite a nice watch. May well consider getting one in the future! #AndroidWear

Seems that Google are playing with the idea of replacing the Dalvik runtime in Android.

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Google+ auto awesome is pretty damn neat :-) 
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Quite impressive to see how much Android has progressed since I first used it years ago.

Next time I need to paint the ceiling I'm going to get myself a paintball marker. Would be much easier!

Does anyone know of any dev boards similar to an Arduino with Ethernet or Wifi capabilities? Preferable cheaper is better.

Three hours just to check in. Not good. Gonna end up 7 hours longer than expected.

IPad can't stream flash. Switches to phone.

Keep thinking my uncle is driving on the wrong side of the road and then remembering its China. On top of peoples driving being confusing it makes for a pretty interesting experience. 
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