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Finding space for a garden office can be hard, especially if you live in a city or a town where outside space is limited. However, if you’re one of the lucky people who has managed to get an office in your garden and are now looking for the best ways to kit it out, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to make the most of that space in order to create and open and creative atmosphere for you to perform at the best of your abilities. Read more in our new blog by Jake Taylor:
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We've just finished building a black stained Rusper 25 garden studio with French doors and an extra full length picture window in Bingley. The long windows let in lots of natural light and make it a great space for artists and photographers to work in. For more information on this range:
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Rusper 25 garden studio in Bingley
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Garden Buildings on a Large Scale: please take a look at our new guest post on the excellent Garden Room Guide:
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The second of our latest projects is an adapted Rusper Garden room with a toilet and larch cladding to be used as a Therapy unit in Birmingham. Our customer chose a beautiful Chartwell green paint for the windows and door. For more information on our Rusper range, please see:
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Adapted Rusper Garden room in Birmingham
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We've been really busy with our last two projects, the first is an Extended Faygate 25 garden room in Sussex with Larch cladding and a laminate floor to house a beautiful model railway. Our customer Simon gave us a lovely review too - 'A flexible design with excellent value and quality delivered with a personal touch'
Please check out our website for more information on our Faygate range:…/the-faygate/
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Extended Faygate 25 garden room in Sussex
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Bespoke accommodation in Yorkshire. A one bedroom garden building unit with bathroom, living room and kitchenette. 
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Bespoke accommodation - Yorkshire
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Photos of our recently completed Extended Faygate Garden Room in Bognor, built despite the never ending rain! The unit has black feather edge cladding and an asphalt roof:
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Extended Faygate Garden Room in Bognor
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There are a lot of companies selling garden offices and outdoor rooms on the web and it can be a daunting proposition choosing the right construction to suit your needs. So what makes Gembuild Garden Offices stand out from the competition? Read more:
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Interesting and informative post on working from home....

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Working from home? Why you should consider investing in a garden office building - our latest blog written by Kate at Gembuild. Read more:
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