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Issue 5 of Indian SF is now live! 

So two weeks at Clarion are over. I am just about processing it in my head. Neil Gaiman read to us last night. It was one of the most magical moments I have experienced. Actually there have been so many  since the time I have come here that I cannot count anymore.   

So I met Greg Bear. And Kim Stanley Robinson. I told Kim Stanley Robinson I am Ann Clarborne. I told him in person. Yeah. I don't think I am going to be normal ever again. 

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May-June Issue of Indian SF is now live. It features Cat Rambo's Nebula nominated short story. 

This year has been wonderful indeed. I have been accepted at the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle. This years instructors include Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill. This is so surreal. Its a dream come true. 

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Started something new this year. "Indian SF" a magazine for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Check it out!

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Excellent read...Thanks for sharing +Mark Brownlow
Buried in this post on a winback campaign is a subject line test. The long subject line beat the short one.

Can't help but feel the focus on length that we tend to have can be distracting. If two subject lines convey essentially the same message, then shorter is better. Where that's not the case, there are many other factors at play that need as much attention as subject line length.

Sunlight kicks antibiotics' *ss. Who needs meds when the sun shines!

Entropy has special affinity for paper. So much paper around me! Cleaning drawers is just not worth it.
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