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I'm looking for a good small 19" rack for at home. It can not stand on the ground, it will be standing on a (solid) shelve above the washing machine (ha! moister! OhOh?). It will contain a patch panel (24) and a switch (12 ports or so). Also, there will be a Mac Mini as server and some external storage. Any tips on all of these are welcome! (yup, flat already cabled)
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Thanks +Antony T Curtis , it's good to see some other brands since I keep hitting Digitus here in German stores.
I have now a different problem that the room where I would like to setup the servers and switching is alos hosting the washing machine and dryer. It might be getting to humid there.
Mine also contains a PBX, and as it turns out, small 19" racks for distribution switches are not deep enough for proper 19" equipment - be sure to get all required measurements well in advance.
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