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Double-Whammy. Do the two errors cancel each other out?
i'm reading "install Linux please" on the error message! :D
Oh come on. It's reliability in action!
Boy, that is some typical windows software right there.
+Rodney Noland I thought winblow$ features a BSOD "your working too hard" shutdown mode? I love the Hotmail crash that refers to a dialog box for more information... but its blank. Is M$ $aving that by hiring the slower folks among us at such work that it's time for Ark B too launch?
You know it's a fake: the error is clearly explained.
So they're handling any unhandled exceptions that are thrown when displaying an error by showing that there was an error, instead of changing the code in the original error details messagebox to handle what I'm guessing is a simple null value.

Wonder if this pattern made it into any of their "Best Practices" documents.
The only thing better would be if the first  error was  caused by a recursive function! :D
I saw an error on Mac OS 9.something: "An error has occurred. Cannot find the text to explain this error." Something like that. Got a screenshot of it somewhere. Hilarious.
+Bjorn...admit making this up :)
This is fake. I've seen enough Windows errors to know this isn't legit, lol.
This is not the error you're looking for.
I'd like to know WHO wright this error??
I love how every software error on Windows leads to a comment saying install Linux +Paulo Silva. It's possible to get bad software on any OS.
reminds me of the old classic "unexpected error" - in other words, "damn! I forgot to errorTrap this statement!"
Blast for the past? Consider to give up OS for the calculators.
+Adrian Marrero I agree. Today a coworker was dealing with an odd Acrive Directory issue with a new Macbook Pro, and I think that while often useless, Microsoft errors are much less pretentious than Apple's. :)
Seth T
Where is xibit when you need him. Am I right!?!? 
I've experienced instances when Task Manager does not respond while I try to close another unresponsive program.
(To be fair, it was only on the old home computer running Windows Vista)
This is a good err capture example. Not as bad as it looks. At least it captured all errors. 
No, this is still not a good error message.  If your calls are not accompanied by instructions on what to do when the unexpected happens, you as a programmer have failed.
Experienced the same message using Eclipse not so long ago, made my day.
I also love the unknown error :) Call the administrator... and the administrator is you! :D
+Paulo Silva I keep getting an error message with no text and nothing but a minimise button whenever I try to change the theme in Linux Mint 16. Linux is not magically error-proof.
+David Hill File a bug report at linux mint site.. They will probably fix it with an update..
Haha! Want to be on the safe side? Grab a Linux Distro!
The best error message I've seen was on the old Mac OS 8.
"An error has occurred because an error has occurred"
(the Typical format was "An error Type xx occurred" or "An error Type xx occurred because an error Type yy occurred")
+Todor Kolev They're supposed to give the useful debugging information (even if it's merely a checkpoint number) back to the support team. Without some useful information about what happened, that dialog box might as well say "Error: bad software purchasing decision has been made."
My Windoze 7 box at work has an interesting habit: quite often, when shutting down the computer, Explorer will crash out (...referenced memory at [hex address]. The memory could not be read.) rather than closing down gracefully...
exactly errorseption! we heard your error had an error due to an error? 
Dealing with MS Windows is like taking care of a baby trying to walk, you really never know when he or she's going to fall. You never know when the program is going to crash. 
Holy crap it failed at failing
That's kind of like the old LISA errors. "Something really bad has happened". Error messages with bad exception code are the best.
David B
oh, the idiot light.
does that mean it didn't fail in the first place?
I am a big fan of Ubuntu but, to be honest, this is more what Ubuntu's errors are like ;)
Programming is not magic. You can't feed garbage data to a system and still expect it to produce the desired result.
Ahhh, that's my old '93 computer... -_-
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