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As far as I’m concerned, I met my wife a little more than 14 years ago at my first job, but what about you guys? Have you met your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband online? Care to share your story with us? :)
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Articles like this are making me reconsider joining the gaming world again. After all, it's only been forever and a decade or so since I last had a date. Just saying.
I met my fiancé online, playing a morpg 6 years ago, we used to play in the same guild and had common interests, we met in real life and fell in love. :3
Ten years ago. In the Shire. On Elendor (a MUSH). For a brief time, we were in fact, Merry and Pippin.
Met my wife on Second Life more than 4 years ago.  It's a great way to get to know someone.
I met my partner 8 years ago while playing Neverwinter Nights. I played a sorceress fighting to rid the realms of Necromancers, he played a charasmatic necromancer who made it hard to kill him. In the end the characters married and we have been together happily as a real life couple for 6 years. We were 1 of 4 couples formed on the same game server. We also made several life long friends on there and we still play games together to this day.
As I said in a comment on the O/P, I deeply suspect the actual numbers given.  Median age of online daters is 48?  What-the-frak-ever.  OKCupid has published many of its numbers in aggregate form, and its mean was around 27 or so.  Maybe other services skew higher, but this 48 number seems suspect. 
I met my wife online when I was 46.
+Drew Mills - I'm really happy that this worked out well for you, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with my concern.  The claim is that 50% of online daters are at or older than 48, and 50% are younger.  That seems implausible to me.  Not impossible, just unlikely. You being 46 and me being 40 are actually are two data points on the lower side of that median line.  
(My point is that it's a great info-graphic, but I'm not sure it's a true info-graphic.  That it feels true isn't really that helpful.)
My wife and I were discussing this last night.  Older adults are less willing to run the dating 'scene' that younger adults use.  Clubbing and running the 'meat market' gauntlet are just too exhausting.  I'm 50 now.  Were I ever to find myself unfortunately single again, I simply would not spend my time doing traditional dating.

I am well aware that I am a data point of one, but I believe my experience and perceptions are common.  So, without having further data to back it up one way or the other, I totally buy it.
+Drew Mills - whereas nearly every person I know under 30 has an online dating site account (or three) or uses social networking sites as a de-facto dating pool.  They use clubs too, but less for finding people, more for going out with friends.  For myself, I use online approaches to filter out obvious incompatibilities which you can't see in advance, in-person... but most of those I've connected to at-length I've known first in real-life. Initial conversations tend to have the same filtering function.

Your experience of younger adults and what scenes they run in doesn't match my experience of them at all.

Some statistics here show that eHarmony has this sort of mean (average, not median) age of mid-40's... but most other sites trend a lot younger, and Yahoo Personals in particular.  OKCupid isn't mentioned in these demographics, but the data they published in their now-defunct but awesome data-nerd's heaven of a blog was median of about 27.

It's worth noting that older online-daters are a growing trend... I just think the data on this infographic is misleading.  And comments like "Older adults are less willing to run the dating scene that younger adults use." feels like classic confirmation bias.  And not confirmed in the data.  Considering that participating in online community of any kind is something that an older demographic is only starting to come to in the last few years (through tech-savvy folk getting older, and online community becoming more main-stream), I think it's not surprising.
Still searching... *sigh*

Seems tough to find that "exactly right fit." Have tried OKC (matching algorithm doesn't seem as good as they think it is). Good concept, not as good implementation. Still have to really SEARCH to find anyone with the geeky/nerdy traits I'm looking for.

Tried Plenty of Fish. Not quite searchable enough and again their matching algorithm seems lacking.

Tried Nerd Passions and some of the other related passions sites (all free), but it doesn't seem like they have a very large user base? At last when I was searching I was coming up with a pretty limited list of users.

Tried a few other geek dating sites in hopes they might fit the bill. But they've all been lacking in search ability, features, matching, user base, spam prevention, etc. So I've abandoned most of them.

Have tried Craigslist, but that's just filled with spambots anymore, thus completely useless. Those that aren't bots are completely overwhelmed with responses so you never hear back from them.

I dunno, what do you do? I have some hobbies, but never seem to really "meet people" through them, at least not folks I'd think there's be chemistry / relationship potential with. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, I dunno... Still. Yeah, it's just on big pain in the @$$ trying to find a decent date that meets a few simple criteria.

Kind of like trying to find a watch that meets a few simple criteria: digital + metal wrist band, not an ugly 80's-esque Casio or Casio-knockoff. You wouldn't think it would be that hard. It is. Had to quite literally go to about 10-15 stores before I accidentally found one at Target...

Who knows, maybe I'll *accidentally* find a date too? One can hope...
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