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The trailer makes it look like the human ingenuity and survival that was the focus of the book was completely disregarded in favor of yet another stale zombie movie.
Enough with the zombies already ... that got lame by 1979 for heaven's sake! The old ones are good for camp, though.
First off, this isn't World War Z.  It just isn't.  And all those who are shouting "So done with Zombies" you really should read the book or listen to the audio book cuz the zombies are more like a place marker for the amazing stories told.
I'm not touching this movie with an 11ft pole.  The whole point of World War Z was that it is a documentary of people's lives during the zombie apocalypse and it immediately after effects.  he human element are what make great zombie movies.
world War Z in name only. I'll still probably go see it though. 
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