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We're giving away 4 pairs of AudioFly earbuds! 
Here's how to win: 

1.) Add us to your circles.
2.) Comment below telling us why you'd like to win!
3.) Publicly share this post!

Good luck!
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I could use some good head phones for my running. I just hope they previous guys don't look at my form.
I'm a storm chaser & photographer. As hard as I am on earbuds, I would be a great field tester.
It would only be fair to compare them to my wireless Sennheiser and my AfterShokz (as well as the three of four other brands of earbuds I have).
I just lost mine :( one of these would be perfect :)
I would like some new buds to replace my crappy Beats that I use at work :)
Been in the market for some good earbuds, hard to find something that works well in my motorcycle helmet.  I'd like to win!
Tim M.
Because winning things is FUN!
It's always fun to try out new tech toys... doing it for free would be bonus :)
I have 3 girls under 5, good headphones are key ;)
As an IT guy.  I use headphones to feign, not being able to hear people.  I recently lost my headphones, so now I have to listen to silly questions.  Save me please!
I love great audio quality and love to use them to listen to Geek Beat!
Perfect timing I've been looking for a new pair of earbuds. These would be great for when I skate at lunch
I would like to score some good quality earbuds.  I have never had a good pair and would love to try some up to date tech. 
JD Getz
I could use a good pair of earbuds to drown out some people at work.
I need to win, i wanna win, i need new earbuds also. 
Because my daughters keep losing all of mine! Thanks
I have 2 P.O.D.s Paths of destruction that have destroyed every set of earbuds I have. I love my kids.
My old earbuds are wearing out fast. Need a new pair.
Because I'm using the worst headphones ever made. The right earphone doesn't even work. 
I run through at least 3-4 earbuds a year, so I really need these. My Etymothics replacements broke after 3 days :(
So i can become number one in the hot hot sun!
They would be great for listening to Audible books.
Can none USA people enter?
Plain and simple, I just want them.  :O)
I'd like to win to listen to music in style
As an audiophile, I don't just want these headphones, I NEED them. Noise isolation, ClearTalk and custom voiced drivers should make you drool for these earbuds. If you "like" them for any other reason then you don't deserve them!!! ;)
+Paul Peet, I think it is only US/Canada. 
I get a redirect notice from that link. 
I gave my last headphones to my daughter
I would like to win because "*WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS*". You don't want me to start using drugs, do you?
I need them because my ear buds are on their last legs. And I could use an awesome pair for the gym. 

i'd love to win because I am still suffering from the trauma of using the standard Apple earbuds for so many years. : )
I would like to win because they would be awesome to listen to my skeptoid and freakonomics podcasts with!!!
Daddy had his headphones assimilated by his 1.5 & 3.5 yr old sons and needs quality buds that are easy to hide & still deliver a quality sound.
I'd like to win because my right headphones always get screwed up so i have like 6 headphones with only one side working!
Please break my dependence on these terrible iPhone earbuds!
I want to win because I never win anything, so if I won this I could at least  say, "Hey world! I got me some free audiofly earbuds and I'm not gona' take your shit no more! "
I've been needing a good set of ear buds for a while now hopefully i can win a pair of AudioFly earbuds from Geek Beat!!!!
I would like to win because i lost mine last weeknight.

because i just added you to my circle, where there are hundred of requests which I am ignoring for past 2 years.
I'd love to have these for when I am studying!
Send those earbuds to South Dakota.  We be jammin!
Had to use my last pair as an animal snare whilst lost in the alaskan wilderness.  
id like to win because i dont have any and i need some
Just started my Couch to 5k running program and would love to have a good set of headphones to rock out to while gasping for breath 3 miles into my run! :)
My old buds are kaputz & have been looking for a new pair, they look great from the reviews I've been reading...
I'd like to win because my ear buds are crap.
I just would like to have a pair of those earbuds.
Because I have a better chance of winning these headphones then lebron james has a chance of growing back his hairline
i have no good earbuds to use and they seem to be broken 
I would like to win because i don't have any earphones.
I'd love to have some swanky new ear buds, especially from Geek Beat.  This way anytime someone says, "hey, nice ear buds." I can say, "Thanks! Geek Beat hooked me up, you should check them out."
I would like to win a pair because I just lost mine.
I would love these for when im at the gym. I need a good set of buds and these look great.
I get through about 10 sets of earbuds / headphones a month at the gym - so any help here much appreciated.
Woo Hoo, Better earbuds and excited to use these!!  Thanks so much for what you do!  Current earbuds were purchased about 5 years ago, and finally wore out.
James B
I would love to win so I could give it to my bro who doesn't have a pair and really wants one 
Need a good pair of ear buds to continue on my cross country cycling expedition
I'm an audiophile who has 3 iPods. Need I say more?
I need them cause I need a non apple pair for my android.
Awesome design, I would really like to have them throwing music!
Sarah - lovin ur style - I do the exact same thing - but break mine mainly at the gym.
I love listening to music while walking or doing household chores. I always have to buy cheapo earbuds as mine constantly break with being used too often. I would like some funky earbuds to keep me going!
Well, I'll tell you why and I won't lie.  I simply need a good set of ear buds to use.  It's nothing profound or funny, just the simple truth.
Tech flows through my blood, why not through my ears as well?
As a trail construction worker for the Arkansas State Parks, I have to occasionally share a trailer with coworkers. For their privacy, as well as my own listening pleasure, I would love a new pair of ear buds. It would make my music/movie/gaming experience that much more enjoyable!
I want some - my wife stole mine!
I'd love a set because the Shure SE115s I am currently rocking are falling apart 1 week after the warranty expired. Sigh.
I could definitely use a pair for all the long noisy subway rides I take to work everyday.
I need a good pair of ear buds so i can listen to music ( watch videos) while I'm at work...
I would love a pair of these! I just broke my favourite pair while out biking on the Test of Humanity trail in Summerland, BC. Need some new ones, and would really appreciate and give honest feedback about these! Thank you :)
These earbuds will allow my life's work to come to fruition. After receiving a pair of AudioFly earbuds, I will mount my winged pegasus and fly off into the sunset; spreading the joyful sounds of The Immigrant Song to all the lands, feeding the homeless with face melting guitar riffs and bone shattering bass. 

After my long journey, I will return home, content with my work. Rest follows shortly as I lay my head down on a cloud of pillows fit for the gods. Comfort and relaxation lulls me to sleep as my ears pulse, unencumbered by my AudioFly earbuds(which have not been removed since receiving). 

In the morning I will wake up, half choked by the wires of the earbuds. Frantically, I will search for some end to untie the knot they have formed. Eventually I will rise and continue on with my day. My ears lonely without the presence of my earbuds.
I would need them because I am a complete music lover and all I do is listen to music from my iPod. 
I'll wear them while running and on the go. I would be a source to market your product! :p
So that I can listen to more music and it would cool to have some and if you do thanks
Winning isn't everything but.. I am deaf in one ear and I am constantly looking for earbuds that I can hear at any level other than full blast..wonder if these would be any better..
My current earbuds have one ear that shorts out which is annoying so a new pair would be useful.
Broke my nice headphones a while back because I use them so often at work to escape on my lunch break. Haha. I now km stuck using cheap $5 specials from Tj Maxx. sigh
My last pair broke and I very desprate to get another pair, because when I listen to I like to listen to it with earbuds
I just bought new headphones and one ear bud stopped working within two months. Would love a new pair.
Headphones make my head a better place, that's why I'd like a new pair. 
my ears fell off and so only these free earbuds can fit
would love them to go with my samsung galaxy S3, bet they sound good!
I'd love to win because my cat ate my galaxy nexus earbuds :( 
Erik Vinson I am sorry to hear that you are deaf in one ear
Because I need a new pair of headphones for my weekly commute...:-) 
I have ugly ears and a set of sexy new earbuds would really help with my self confidence!
my headphones just bought the farm recently and need a new pair for my mp3 player
I would love to win as my only pair of headphones were recently stolen from my bag as I waited for a bus. So right now I am music-less while using public transport! sob :(
I would love to win because I believe that all these "sharing contests" are rigged.  I believe its a way of getting your stuff promoted for free under the illusion that you'll win a prize, but the winners are people associated with the company running the contest.....prove me wrong.
Mine are broken, and I have no job to buy new ones. Also, my computer has no speakers because they also broke. My only choice these days is my phone, which because of the issues with flash lately is pretty hit or miss.
I would love them because my other headphones break too quickly, and these look amazing and durable. Plus, they're probably better than overpriced Beats.
Getting a good pair of ear buds is like searching for the holy grail
I loaned out my other set of headphones. Not sure if I will get them back. I guess pay it forward. 
Because the last competition I won was for a pair of AnalFly butt-plugs.  And tbh, the sound isn't great, and they're starting to hurt my ears.
My bunnies chewed mine, lol, along with a mouse and the charging cord to my laptop.
Never won anything in my life and would like to win atleast on thing in my life plus I'm a huge tech and music feind
I would love a pair for my mom because she really needs to stop using crappy apple earbuds. She actually buys replacement apple earbuds when they break!
I need to win, because lately I have been garnering a lot of attention from the ladies, which is cool... but these chicks be saying some crazy stuff!! I would prefer to drown out my aural landscape with the soothing sounds of symphonies so that I can just smile and nod, and still give the impression that I care. :)
I'd like to win to make sure that this isn't false advertisement...
Been looking for some better earbuds - these look good.
I'm pretty hard on ear buds so the AudioFly earbuds would be a nice addition to the shure and etymotic earbuds in my collection.
I washed (and dried) my earbuds. Turns out that's bad for them!
I have 2 teenage girls....oh please help me..I need these badly!!
I am a polite and remarkably good winner.
It would be awesome to have these. They would be perfect for everything from my morning job to coffee shop hangout. 
Never had a good pair of headphones would love to see how these work!
I'm a full-time musician and recording engineer, always looking to try out a new pair of headphones. Free = good
I am a musician and currently started home recording. I could use a pair of good headphones to listen to my songs instead of listening to it through the computer speakers, because god knows how much those suck. I would much apreciate if I got the free headphones and could send you some of my first songs I record.
..because I've already taken out a second mortgage to keep my kids supplied with headphones.... and now I need a set.
I'd love to win so I can stop wearing those "white" ear buds from a certain fruit company
My dog ate my last headphones.
I have never had quality earbuds. time to change it. 
Because my kids usually take every pair I get.
I had one pair stolen from my car, one that works as headphones but no mic, and one that has a mic but only one earbud works (but you have to hold it just right, while wishing on a star, under a rainbow, while walking through a field of four leaf clovers). I could really use a pair.. Never realized how sweaty your elbow pit gets when you hold the phone up to your ear.
I think they r cool .... and I'm cool so.......birds of a feather should.flock together!!!!!
^ I don't need them just give them to the person above me. ^
Hi! I would like to win simply because i have never one anything, ill believe it when i win it! have a nice day :-)
i need because first i follow ur all steps wth my fucking slower net______ i really done very typical job so as a reward i  need them ____n i am really a winner____
My mother died last night and her dying words were, "I hope you can find a way to get a decent pair of earbuds without breaking your bank.".
Cause i have a a really nice new white ipad and i need some earphones or headphones and my mom and dad dont care!
I would like to win, because I've not won anything ever. I also find your post most amusing.
I would love to get these ear buds!! I'm a landscaper, so I use use these ear buds constantly. I love listening to my music, it makes my day go by so smoother...and I tune out all the people around me too. Lol
I need a good pair for work so I can for once be able to hear my music and movies
I Work saving strangers' lives for a living, so my exwife and the NYS court system can take all of my money.  I take home so little now, I cannot pay my bills but cannot ask for help! haha! So help a friend out who cannot afford such luxuries!
I'd like to test them and if they are good i may buy your(AudioFly) other products
I'd love a pair because my current buds are dying and I like to run with music.  Help me stay fit and not have a heart attack!
I would like a new pair but to be honest I don't need a new pair I would just like a new pair 
I have a growing collection of headphones, and I like to share the goods!
I would like a pair because I know they rock and want to make my other geek friends jealous.
I would love to have these because my other pair was taken by a one legged wookie. And, I could never afford a pair of these otherwise.
I've never really had good quality headphones :( and now with school being all hard I need some to concentrate better during study time. 
I'd like them because I miss a pair of good headphones.
lol my dad stole mine and destroyed them
Because I'm the perfect person to give free stuff to
I have The Plug by Koss and believe they are best low cost solution for my audio head rockin needs... prove me wrong!
I actually currently don't even have any headphones, so this would be great!
I need new earbuds, my old one are scratching the hell outta my ears
Buds are the way to go I have never win anything in my life but they will definitely go with my HTC 1x
Would love some quality buds, for a change. 
I want to win because i need some high quality earbuds, and they match my ear hair nicely, And i really hope these "why" statements don't weigh heavily on the decision process because frankly there are probably people with better reasons but this shouldn't be a needs based giveaway.
I'm a University teacher with so many students to share my experiences with.... :D
I'd like a pair so I can find out what Audiofly earbuds are without having to google them.
I would love to win because music is amazing, it drives me and helps me when I am down. I've been down a lot lately ever since my grandmother died in march, music has really helped me through that. Music helps me when I fell crazy or sad or angry or overly excited.📀+📱+🎧=😃
Because my cats always eat mine and I need more
Yeah or I could just buy somr Audiofly earbuds myself.....
i just cause i want it. but yeah, i want it but im not a spoiled bra. okay
Because I like the music I like and don't have to have everyone around  hear it. 
I'd like a pair of AudioFly ear buds because I've long been fascinated by the idea of having an actual insect in my ear canal.
I have the worst luck in the world and probably won't win, but if I do than I will be pretty rockin at School while I run down the halls listening to Lord of the Rings Music!

dada dadaada dadaa! >=D
I'd like to win because. I have yet no hear phones. I don't my grand parents aren't working neither. The're too old we're living from some money the state gives to my grandpa. I'd like to win becuase, I don't have a console neither to buy one. I use +OnLive and there I play games so it would be nice that I can voice chat with some of my friends. Thank you
world filled with ,liers and cheaters ,I dont trust anyone any more an i dont think i want to .......... ;(
I was running to a meeting and tossed my ear buds onto my desk as I got up and one dropped right into my coffee cup.
Because fancy headphones make me feel special and loved.
My sons are always taking my 'phones. Sometimes I just don't feel like sharing. 
Didn't know you existed.  I like to win cause I need ear buds that are different from regular ear buds out there.
I like to listen to music a lot. I have spent over $500 on various stereo Bluetooth. The Backbeat 903 had awesome sound but fragile around the ear pieces. Right now I'm using the Q11 stereo Bluetooth, it has decent sound but could be louder. This pair really hurts the conch of your ear so, you can't wear them long :-( I just want a good comfortable pair of headphones that I can hear without going broke. Even if I don't win a pair, Where can I buy some?
I definitely need a new pair of buds!!!!  I'm always looking for quality sounding earphones
i love music and i feel that those ear buds will help me enjoy it more.
My 9 year old loves listening to music and he lost his ear buds.
I could use a nice set for the office. Anything to get me through another work day.
My collection of earbuds would NOT be complete if I didn't add a pair of AudioFly earbuds to it!
well if i win i win.. .if not, guess someone else was suppose to :)
i would like them because mine have broke so  i don't have any.
I would like to win,because these regular old iphone ear-plugs doesn't cut the mustard!
I want to win because I like to listen to audio on the fly.
Because I probably listen to music for a good 7-8 hours a day. And my regular apple ear buds are hurting my ears. I would much appreciate this
I'd like to win so I could find out what they are.
I have no idea what the hell those are but that's free so I'm in! :))))
p.s.: added to my brand new 'freebies' circle
I use my phablet to act as a car stereo. With ear buds I will be able to listen to podcasts more effectively, freeing my mind to focus on solving the world energy crisis.
I only have factory earbuds so i really need some new ones 
I like winning stuff. Oh, and I listen to music lots.
If I get these ill throw them away.
Because they look allot better than the pair I got with my Hauwei Ascend G300
I'd love to win because my headphones are really uncomfortable and I listen to a lot of music an audio books as I walk at night. Trying to lose a lot of weight.
Of course, I would love to have a new pair of AudioFly earbuds!
I could use some very good headphones for my new HTC X One.
I may be young...but because of that one of the things few that I own is my music. I live with my earbuds in and my double bass at my side.
Never heard of audiofly i'm a old fart and need some new headphone for my wireless
Neat design, friend ergonomics and looks like good material (and finish).
Would love to win because I could really use a new pair.
My wife still has the stock Apple headphones and seems happy enough with them. But I would like to open her eyes (and ears) to how much difference a decent set of headphones can make. 
My headphones at work are killing me and I am either to lazy or too forgetful to replace them
I'm stuck with the ones that came with my phone
I would love to win a pair of these earbuds
I would like to win because I rock and need some good earbuds to rock out to.
I'm super broke and my earbuds are, too, and as a musician and music lover, not having a good pair is killing me. And I'm a full time student expecting a kid, so I can't afford a good pair right now because all my money's going to that.
As a IT Consultant, I am in and out of the "office" alot. I am on the phone quite a bit conversing & listening to music, videos & such, a awesome pair of headphones would be great as so I am not disturbing the "masses". Plus I have a hard time finding decent headphones that fit and work for my busy life. 
I always need new buds for riding my motorcycle. I'm a horrible singer so I kind of need something more entertaining. 
I am still looking for the perfect headphones for me.  Audio quality, weight, and price.  "Free" does a lot for the price aspect...  Until then, sticking with my Sennheisers.
Good music deserves good audio—tired of my plain-jane buds ! 
Nothing says better sound than with better headphones because cheap ones sounds like rattling tin cans. That is all! :)
I would like to win these because I would NEVER call myself an audiophile
Because I am still hunting for the perfect pair of ear buds to replace my old ear cups.
Well sadly enough my iPhone head sets came broken, so it kinda is annoying to hear speaker music everywhere, whereas I can listen to my music personally to myself.
I could really use some quality cans as some teefing r@*$3 stole my Dre Beats ones!
Because I listen to the best music on planet Earth! And only great sounding earbuds could suit my needs!
I broke my previous (other brand of course) and am looking for a new pair.
Needs some new buds for my new Evo with beats!
OK so here it goes. I have had the most hellish time trying to find a pair of headphones. Do I go with buds or over the ear. I tried both. First everyone says you gotta buy beats so I did. They ended up being knockoffs so I got ripped off. Price of doing business on Craigslist I guess. I traded a cool freaking Star Wars book plus cash for that there.....tear. OK so then I bought some from Best Buy and they broke first week. Then I bought these new top of the line Souls and wasn't impressed so took em back. Then bought some Skull candies and wasn't impressed so took em back. Then I bought some $100 ear buds that I liked and someone broke into my truck and stole them. Now I'm back to square one and all I want to do is listen to music. It shouldn't be this hard. Please +Geek Beat bless me with a pair of AudioFly Ear buds and make my puny existence worth while again! Thank you!
I bought my old ear-buds years ago.  High end ones but they are really starting to wear out.  These would be a great upgrade!
I'd love to have some new AudioFly Earbuds so I can be AudioFly guy.
I simply want to know how far has technology and sound came and can it get any greater. How close can sound and technology put me with my favorite music artist, family and friends. Wow factor???
All the other ear buds are cheaply made & break near the plug in. id love to win a pair of these for riding my bike! They are top quality!!!!
I need some decent headphones for my two galaxy nexus my tablet and computer and my ears would be very happy if i got these earbuds
I would like a pair of earphone cause sometimes I buy earphones and they always end up braking and if I win this ones they'll be the right one. Thanks and god bless
I need them because my brother is so annoying with his music
i need a pair of earbuds that are comfortable and of good audio and structure 
I do music production, mastering and performance and I go through earbuds in a hurry. These would be great for working further on my art!
I would love to try these earphones out. They look great and I'm sure they'll sound great too!
I would like them because music is a fundamental part of my soul and goes with me everywhere. Only problem? My iPhones earbuds never fit good in the ear and usually slide out causing a loss of sound. 
Because u have too much to give.....and i have too many to receive from me..
I have gone thru so many headphones trying to find one that I like and these sound perfect to listen to my music in comfort.
I would really like to win these because sadly the ones i last had broke please i would really like to win these
The buds that came with my GNex are sadly breaking and I need replacements!
Because my Apple iPod earphones just aren't cool anymore!
I love listening to music when I'm walking somewhere, exercising or just relaxing at home so I don't have to hear my kids arguing or complaining.
Could really use some great audiofly earbuds to go with my phone. Plus I'm unemployed and could really use the help
So that I can tune out annoying and obnoxious people. 
I'd like to win because I am in need of a new pair of quality 'buds!
I'm a student and have no good reasons but to appeal to your generosity and pity!
I would like to win a new pair because my last pair was eaten by my dog and now i don't have anything to listen to my music with
My daughter's birthday is coming up and her old earbuds have given up the ghost. 

And I need her to have her own set of headphones/earbuds so that I can actually hear what's being said when I'm playing SWTOR or Diable III (she keeps stealing my headphones)
I like to win because I need this earbuds for better music quality.
I woild like to experience sound in different level, the Geek Beat.
I would like to win because you all have amazing quality products and the things I use are cheap and break all the time, I could really use a brand new pair of AudioFly buds to show off to my friends!
I would like to Win a pair because I need a great present for my Geeky dad, and he would love a pair of these! :D
I want these earphones because I can get to listen music clearly and show it off to My friends and they'll be jealous :)

I need to win because my kids borrowed and broke my old ones :(
I'm totally a winner. :)
Yes that would be the slogan if they got that wow
I want to win these earbuds 'cause I think my stock Samsung earbuds sucks, and I can't watch Geek Beat vids with crappy sound now can I? So give them to me and I'll use them on your site watching cool videos all day long.
If I had some of these I would give them to my kids. This would save me from Disney
I could use a new pair of head phones. considering the pair i use right now are on their death bed.
These would be awesome for my wife . I use a hearing aids that are bluetooth and FMed but she sure could use them. Thanks
I want new buds. NONE of them seem to last long.
I'll give them to my girlfriend.  She's only really used iBuds so it will open up a new world of sound for her.
I will play your silly game. If I win I will give them to charity. Charity for me. If I don't win I will un-circle you.
I need new year buds cause mine went through the washer and I have no way to listen to music anymore
I could do with a set as my last pair fell out my ears and decided to wrap around my pedal and cause me to A, look like an idiot and B, come flying off my bike.
I have near owned a pair of ear buds and i have always wanted to buy a pair. I have checked out your ear pieces online and they look cool. I would like to check out the sound quality
I'm always traveling in a prop aircraft, and the key to not going deaf at a young age is the right head phones, and AudioFly earbuds is that key. 
I need some to go with my new phone and these earbuds would be great.
I just really want to try them out and see if I can hear a difference compared to my cheap headset.
I'd like to give them to my wife for use with her iPad. Our little ones have lost or broken most every pair of headphone or buds that we've had. We only have crummy ones now. She is a violinist and an audiophile... a new pair would be great for her to use to help relax.
Gracy M
As its a prize. Win makes me feel better!
I need those for my workouts! Yesssssss! Please!!! 
My earbuds are more like earjerks. Only 1 of them ever wants to work. Unreliable <insert profane adjective here>
Hi I don't care about the ear plugs but check out thechosenonenumber on youtube 
I need them because I love music! Plus I can use them when I watch geekbeat tv on my phone. :)
Audiofly Earbuds would be an awesome addition to my music environment as I heavily rely on ear buds while I participate in various endurance style training work outs!
I want to win and give it away to some kid. I cant collect it anyways :)
I have to wrap the cord of my ear buds in all sorts of formations for both earpieces to work :(  it's so frustrating and takes away from my musical euphoria!
I need a pair so I can listen to my music at work! It helps me to concentrate while coding :)
I borrowed my friends bike yesterday, little did I know his ear buds were attached, I took off and they were torn apart in the spokes! I need to get him new ear buds, why not try and get them for free?!
i want to win because i need a beet to do my exersize with and when i am running!!
Would love a pair of these, they'd fit perfectly into my cauliflower ears ;)
First of all I'd like to thank Geek Beats for making this incredible opportunity available. I would really enjoy to receive the free earbuds for three reasons: 1.) I am a musician and would appreciate the use of quality earphones that truly balance out the music and present the best presentation and quality of music to the listeners, 2.) I write and produce my own music and when I am using my laptop to create I want to be able to hear the truest, realest version of what I am producing; these headphones can give me that; 3.) these headphones are designed to be tailor made for professional musicians and audiophiles, according to online reviews, but they are also small enough and comfortable enough to be used anywhere - on the road, while running, going to sleep, anywhere, and that is something that I could put to use. 
On the matter of the first subject, I play drums, guitar, piano, and sing. When listening to music I do not just sit back and just passively hear the music; whether it be hip hop, rock, classical, jazz, alternative, or country, I always try to actively listen to music, to single out every instrument and part, to truly hear the music for what it  is. It is getting harder and harder to do these days with normal headphones (the brands will go unnamed :) ) and as a musician who actively listens to music, these new audiofly earbuds would be greatly appreciated. 
Secondly, when I am producing and writing my own music, I need headphones I can use that will give me the truest, purest version of what I am producing. I want to know what I truly sound like so that I can make the necessary changes or adaptations to my music and attain the best sound. AudioFly's balanced, rich, and detailed sound, according to review, would perfectly fit my needs. 
Last of all, these earbuds are small enough and comfortable enough to use anytime, anywhere. I play basketball for my high school varsity team, and I have been looking for earphones I can use for warmups before games that aren't so bulky and large that I can't truly listen to music and get pumped up without them falling off or getting in the way. These small earbuds will do the trick nicely and I would so appreciate the use of quality headphones that don't get in the way. 
In conclusion, I would be incredibly grateful for the chance to receive free audiofly's. I would be able to put them to good use and they would benefit me in many ways. I don't know when this offer ends, but if I am still eligible to win, I would be so grateful for your consideration. Thank you again for making this opportunity possible. 
- josh pineda
I would like to win because headphones make the music, film, video come to life when listening/watching.
I'd like to win because the Apple earbuds don't fit my freakish ears properly. 
I don't have a pair of earbuds? I had a pair of earphones, but my daughters confiscated them. I watch T.V. (recorded) late at night, and those would help keep the house quiet!
I want to be able to say I have "Flies" in my ears... don't touch!
It is hard to stand out after so many posts trying to win the earbuds. I can't force you, bribe you or threaten you, but I can tell you the truth. I like music... A LOT. The only earbuds came with my mobile phone. Since I would like to upgrade very much, I offer making a gif with the earbuds shown... if I win of course. ;-)
I need new earbuds b/c the pair i had from my 2007 ipod have completely fallen apart, the left speaker popped off and the cord where both sides connect has pulled out exposing the wire. I bought a pair at the Dollar Tree to replace them, but they are a piece of crap obviously.
Man I need some new buds for work so I can drown out all these fools I work with. 
I destroy earbuds. I run with them, sit on them, lose them, step on them...I want to test these things' durability, and their sound quality, 'cause I can be a bit of an audiophile.
The AudioFly earbuds look awesome! Like to hear if it sounds as great as it looks.
I want to win because I am saving up for a vehicle and I can't take the time to spend money on some decent headphones. Oh, and they're free. That too. And to watch videos on your website. Because I'm nice or something.
I like the bass.
My ears are weird.
In-ear's fall out.
To keep them in place.
Would be really nice.
Let me try these in.
Not looking like a u.f.o.
Not that I mind tho.
But it would be so sweet.
To blend in some time.
With the volume up.
But Anonymously.

Hi I need one of those the sound quality is the best 
I would love a pair because I just lost my last pair of earbuds.
Sennheiser ie8 are indestructible. I own them for 2 years now and are amazing.
I'd love to have good headphones to workout with and for my morning commute to class.
Because I REALLY need to replace my stock apple headphones.
I would love to be the lucky winner of these ear buds while improving my lip reading skills!
I would love a pair because I just lost my last pair of earbuds.
I would like to win because i want them ! LOL ! Hows that, right to the point !
I would love a pair because I just lost my last pair of earbuds.
Most earbuds hurt my ears, I would like to test these out and see if I can listen to music pain free!
Would love to win some cool schwag... Product testing is also badass
My son has sensory processing issues, these were recommended, & if I win & they work out for him, I'd like to recommend them to other parents in same situation.
I would like to win as they would make an awesome gift for my girlfriend :)
I need them cause I'm a hardcore music fan with no headphones! :0(
I would really appreciate the offer since my dog chewed up my dre beats headphones and now I don't have any sound coming from my computer. I also take care of my sisters son while she is away, ( personal , I can't share on Google plus, but she is in the hospital and has been for 3 months so far.) It would be nice to finally have someone be nice to me for once. But if not thanks for making someone happy.
I work mornings and have a newborn. The good headphones would help me get some much needed sleep.
I want it coz these look cool and surely would look good with my I-Pod
Need some decent earbuds. The current ones just don't reach!
I've been looking for some good headphones :o I've had original OEM Samsung ones but they keep breaking on me Dx I've literally had like 5 pairs ... these had good reviews so I think it would be awesome to have them :D
Just got a Galaxy TAB 2, need some more earphones so I don't have to rob the MP3 player's.
Cause, I wanna be the first in my country to have it hahaha . 
I just would like to win! Lol
I would like to win
I need a good pair of earbuds! I just lost mine!
Hey you guys should check out my YouTube channel, ReptileHelp101, it would REALLY help me
My last headphones blew out from excessively high volume.  If I win, the headphones will be put to good use!
its simple. I was told there was a free paid of earbuds. I wanted them, and now I am posting that I would like to win them. I mean would there have been any other reason? I feel like a sheep doing this. But if I don't get it I will feel like this is just a fraud for idiots.
Being a college student having a good pair of headphones would be helpful with studying.
My girlfriend gets annoyed when I'm working with my beats. A pair of ear buds would help me be more productive.
Hey you guys should check out my YouTube channel, ReptileHelp101, it would REALLY help me
Absolutely waiting for some nice earphones... Bored with Samsung's
I am 15 and love to listen to music, these headphones would get lots of use and I would be really happy to win!
+Adam Schefflan that's pretty lucky lol I went to a yardsale to look around and found two sound bars one samsung other no name the subwoofer had no wire so I risked it for $35 went home connected it it was wireless and worked! I looked up the model # and its a $500 system! That a really lucky lol
I need them to work! Everyone have their pair of earplugs or headphones at my work except me. It would be very productive if I could have these :)
I haven't found a reliable pair of earbuds and would like a pair of what you are offering.
mine stoped working becas the volume was to lowed and my roommates get mad wen I learn to music 
I am a college student and Luke the majority of college students am in debt. I run and my last pair of headphones just broke. :(
Hi I would like to win b cuz I love the Geek Beat, really and I have never won any thing online:)
I rather listen to music in my head than the negative world around me.
because i can't find a pair to fit my weird i'd like to try these.
I love music. I use ear buds all of the time at school. I can't study without them. Mine are getting old and work off and on. Need a new pair!
i want to win because i don't have earphones and i'm in college so i cant afford to splurge.
I desperately need a new pair of buds for running! These would be great!
I need a pair because my Beats earbuds that came with my Rezound quit working.  :(
I would really love to have a new pair of headphones, apparently all of my other headphones hate my music and committ suicide :( I hope to win these and finally get a genuine pair...
I am going through a really rough time in my life where there is no visible end in sight no matter which way you go about it, it is crucial to try to stay personally as positive as possible and listening to peaceful music and other uplifting media will help. Please, consider me. :)
Because I've been shopping for earbuds for a bit now, and these are better than any on my current price range?
I would love a new pair of buds !!! They dont allow us to work with music at my job so I usually wear my buds but they are kinda old and one goes in and out but hey I got music to make the night go faster
I there are alot of reasons to want to win the prize , but Geek Beat live is awesome I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you geek beat for my chance too win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep striving for the top.
I don't wanna miss the free opportunity! Because i'm just a greedy bastard!
I could use a pair for school and work. 
To go above and beyond the call of advertising duties, I'd happily wear the Buds with a AudioFly T Shirt so all would know the brand and share the message for AudioFly. You win twice, I win once!
Oh because the stock buds Samsung suuuu .. uh. .. leave something to be desired.
I'd like to win because I would like to win something once in my life.  I never win anything.  Also, I love music and a new set of earbuds would help in my audiophileness.
I listen to podcast & music all day, while commuting & at work, this would be gr8 for my listening pleasure
Josh K
I'd like to win because my last pair just died and my birthday is this week.
Dave J
I am always looking for a good set of head phones. I go through about 5 sets a year.
I would like to win them. I could never afford a pair of those headphones like these. Shakira shakira would sound even more of a goat through them.... and i sound like a sheep getting sheered!! Lmao.
I'd like to win because I've always wanted some AudioFly earbuds. I don't actually have any ears at the moment, but if I won this prize it will encourage me to get a pair.
I'm starting college soon and would truly benefit from having these earbudd in several ways. Most importantly I would be able to drown out the world and focus on my studies, fitness routines, reading, and my immense enjoyment in various forms of rock and metal. I truly want to experience my music and other media in a way ive never experienced, and I believe that these earbuds will do this and more for me.
I'm in need of some new buds....I'm a dj and can show them off at my gigs! :)
So I can show them off at work
Headphones are my monitors off choice so the more I have to reference the better!
I love music and am always listening to it everywhere I go. I am always looking for a better sounding headphone as well. I usually use Big Stereo-phones. I find that they are generally the most comfortable as well as best sounding and quite durable; but I am always looking for a comfortable, good sounding ear bud style headphone for running and other athletic activities. It is also important that they fit well in the ear and are durable. I would love a chance to win these headphones and believe that I would get a lot of use out of them!
I could use those high tech earbud leads as a back-up line for my missing floss.
I'd like to win the ear buds because indont have any! :(
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