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Run files run!

by ADHIKA "ndikol" RAHMANI
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Now you need Freddy Krueger as Shift-Delete
or the windows key as the linux penguin... or not.
+Martin Zehetmayer Freddy Kruger is supposed to be scary so surely he should be `sudo mkfs.vfat -l -F 12 /dev/sd?`. Doesn't just delete but also gives you nightmares even after death... 
you sholdent beacause they are not real drrddrrr
+Branko Vukelic I have been using Fedora since the beginning and never had anything scary done to the hdd. Not when using the defaults and not when setting up experimental file systems in strange layouts.
+Adrian Wilson As usual, it works for some, right? Anyway, I had misaligned clusters, and that was only discovered later when I was installing something else. So I ended up backing up the entire home partition and repartitioning the whole drive. FWIW, Fedora worked fine and openSUSE also had the same problem around the same period.
+Branko Vukelic I think "works for most" would be more accurate but there will always be exceptions whether it be specific hardware, odd configurations, chance usage of different code paths, odd mixtures with other distros, phase of the moon, etc. I will say that there was a known alignment issue in F16 Beta but that was fixed. So long as you got it working and are still fighting the good fight though i don't care ;-)
The Recycle Bin just bops them with a Wiffle Bat!
Yam Sam
The complete name of delete is
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