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Can't see what's on the screen but, the attitude suggests he works for Microsoft... Hmmm
Pretty scary with that pink shirt
That's what happens when they pass up an ugly guy like me and choose a fellow that looks like him.
THAT ONE is NOT a programmer.....!!!!
If your having code problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a glitch ain't one!
My code is always "feature" rich ;-)
S Shum
I remember doing my homework once (Haskell class) we had to write our code that would create patterns or horses, black horse white horse and so on so forth. There was one where we had to use recursion to build it inside out, my god did I create the most fantastic pattern of horses. A bug but a fabulous one at that. 
Printed and hung. Now every time QA has a problem with my tickets, I'll refer them to the pic. Bwahahahaha!!!
Oh my god! You captured a brogrammer?! Bro, let him run free (BSD).
I bet he works in apple, every time they announce an new ios version it has 200 new features!! :)
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